Attraction Marketing Formula Review – Is It A Scam Or A Legit MLM Course??

It’s likely that you have come across Attraction Marketing Formula through an email list, on social media or got it recommended by a friend or family member.

In this Affiliate Marketing Formula Review I will aim to show you if this is worth it or if you should skip it.

Affiliate Marketing Attraction claims to teach you how to improve your ability to perform well within MLM companies using the experience of an expert but, you’re here now because you’re skeptical if the course is actually worth your while right?

First and foremost I must commend you for actually doing a bit of extra research before committing to purchasing Attraction Marketing Formula. For all you could have known, Attraction Marketing Formula may very well be a scam and rob you of your money so this review could help you suss out anything peculiar about it

To be totally transparent with you I haven’t used Attraction Marketing Formula so I can assure you that I will not attempt to sell you on it unless of course it’s worth investing in.

What I will aim to do is provide you with an unbiased 3rd party review of Attraction Marketing Formula that will hopefully help you to make the correct decision in the end.

PRODUCT NAME: Attraction Marketing Formula (AMF)

OWNER/S: Ferny Ceballos

TYPE OF PRODUCT: 185 page Ebook

PRICE: $47 for original price ($27 discounted price on first visit)

SUMMARY: Affiliate Marketing Formula is a solid course and far from a scam in my opinion. It’s mostly focused on teaching you how to get leads that you can convert to join your downline as a network marketer and it does do a good job in this front. However, the strategies can also be implemented in online marketing businesses in general so its value is a lot more diverse than just for network marketers. From what I’ve learnt of AMF, it’s a solid product and definitely worth a look.




Attraction marketing formula

AMF is a 185 page ebook written by Ferny Ceballos with the intention of teaching individuals how to successfully recruit within MLM’s.

Ferny himself is a successful Multi level marketer himself so what he aims to do with this ebook is to teach others how to use the techniques and methods that he used himself, to be successful in the MLM scene.

I’m personally not a fan of MLM’s, I’ve reviewed many within this website alone, some of which include Nikken, Atomy, Waiora, Javita, Zija, Nerium, Enagic Kangen Water and so on.

I know that it is possible to make money with them but, I just don’t consider them to be the most appealing ways to run a business. Of course if you are interested in going down the route of being an MLM consultant or distributor, this ebook may be of some use to you.

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The members area will give you access to the ebook as well as a few other videos.

Firstly let’s talk about the ebook. The ebook consists of 185 pages and 10 chapters so let’s have a little look at what the chapters discuss.

  1. Chapter 1 – Introduction
  2. Chapter 2 – Teaches You How To Use The Internet to Automate Lead Generation and Downline Building
  3. Chapter 3 – Within This Chapter You Will Learn To Brand Your Business And Gain The Trust Of Thousands Of People. 
  4. Chapter 4 – This Chapter Talks About How Doing Your Laundry Can Teach You About Building Your Marketing Pipeline
  5. Chapter 5 – The Magic Slot Machine – You’ll Learn How To Profit From Your Prospects Even If They Never Buy A Product Or Join You
  6. Chapter 6 – You’ll Learn How to Do Market Research Which Will (Supposedly) Give You A Totally Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors
  7. Chapter 7 – Cyber Real Estate – You’ll Learn Of The Secrets To Staking Your Claim On A Valuable Piece Of .COM Terrain
  8. Chapter 8 – Be Guided On How To Build The Doorway To Your Online Empire And Start Generating Endless Leads.
  9. Chapter 9 – How To Use Email Automation To Grow Your List, Relationship, And Bank Account
  10. Chapter 10 – Final Thoughts

The ebook itself is definitely very long and it does appear to have a fair few chapters of value within. Of course if you did a bit of digging, I’m sure you could find a lot of the information within AMF for free nonetheless, the information does seem to be decent.

Afterall I’m sure network marketers would rather get the answers to their questions quickly as opposed to wasting time looking around. The ebook definetly does seem to answer some of the more pressing matter for MLM marketers such as :

  • Why they aren’t getting the sales?
  • Why is nobody listening to them?
  • Why has traditional marketing killed more than 95% of network marketers in the world?

The ebook aims to answer these within the first few pages. Whether or not the information is useful will be dependent on after you’ve implemented the tactics discussed but, at least AMF provides you with the starting blocks.

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As for the videos, I guess more like pre recorded webinars, they’ll aim to teach you how to build a solid MLM empire.

The videos included within AMF are :

1. 5 Step Promotion Strategy For Making A Full Time Income With AMF

AMF actually utilises the foundations development in another program called Elite Marketing Program which is a program that teaches you how to grow you network marketing business.

This webinar essentially teaches you how to grow your network marketing business by using strategies that show you how to find highly targeted leads as well as discuss how you can use the platform to create multiple income sources.

2. Cracking The Internet Recruiting Code

This webinar goes over the importance of attraction marketing in regards to MLM recruitment. Moreover, it goes over why the average networking methods are holding people back from achieving true success.

The person who hosts this webinar is a man who goes by the name Tim Erway who actually co-founded the Elite Marketing Program (which is a pretty decent course) so, the information he provides should definetly be pretty good.

3. 10 Day AMF Bootcamp

This is bootcamp aims to teach you the following things in each respective day :

  1. Day 1: ‘Shotgun’ Marketing vs. ‘Sniper’ Marketing : this is an 18 minute video that discusses what shotgun marketing is.
  2. Day 2: How to Read Your Prospects’ Mind? : in the second day you’ll learn how to understand your target audience as well as how you can use social media to generate high quality leads.
  3. Day 3: I did for the Cheese : Day 3 looks at how you should build a positive relationship with your email list.
  4. Day 4: Anatomy of your ‘Mouse Trap’ : This is a 21-minute video showing you how to use opt-in pages and capture pages whilst discussing the elements needed to make the best quality opt-in/capture pages that you can. 
  5. Day 5: Marrying Your Customer – You’re taught how to effectively sell things online. 
  6. Day 6: ‘Dating’ Your Prospects – This day shows you how to go from being unknown to your prospects to eventually making them believers of what your business has to offer. 
  7. Day 7: The Magic Slot Machine – This focuses on turning a cold lead into someone who’ll be willing to buy your front-end offer or back-end promotions.
  8. Day 8: Popping the Question – This lesson focuses on the basics of running an online sales page that will be compelling to your prospects. 
  9. Day 9: The Fortune is in the Follow up – This is all about building a relationship and connecting with your list of followers and how to nurture them.
  10. Day 10: WITFM – What’s in it for me? – The tenth day just wraps up the bootcamp whilst also teaching you of a crucial skill that all marketers need to succeed online.

For the asking price of $47, it to me seems like AMF is truly a compelling and an indepth training program. From what I’ve seen of it, it does seem like it has a lot of information that can be helpful for building a successful online business.


It seems like the training provided may actually be pretty good for your network marketing ventures. However, this is just by looking at what is offered.

The training on opt-in and capture pages definetly does seem like a good way to drive you traffic towards the offers you want them to go for and purchase.

Although for the most part the training is created to help with a network marketing business, the training within AMF as a whole is actually suitable for other kind of online marketing ventures too.

The Influence of people who are actually knowledgeable about the aforementioned topics, you know MLM’s and internet marketing included within this package definetly adds to the overall value of training as a whole

Of course it’s hard to judge how well you will actually do in the end but, AMF does seem to have a lot good information that has been tested and has infact worked quite well for most people who’ve committed to implementing the tactics.

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Network Marketing Honestly Isn’t That Great

Alrhough I understand that the course isn’t necessarily only useful for network marketing, it still is the main focus of it. I’m personally not a huge fan of the network marketing model due to how often people don’t make much with them or the fact that people tend to get sucked dry because of how expensive they are.

A few expensive MLM’s that I’ve reviewed include icoinpro, Lularoe, iMarketsLive so the fact of the matter is that the MLM scene is a very expensive business model to partake in even with AMF supporting you.

A Lot Of Information To Take In

Some people might find the information a bit overwhelming so that could be a slight negative for them. I don’t personally think it’s a bad thing that a lot of information is on offer but, it’s still a minor thing worth notiing.


The Training Works

The training that’s taught is actually very good and is definitely not a set of simple things put in ebook format just so the vendors can make an extra few bucks.

A lot of what’s taught is actually genuinely good and backed up by the customers who’ve learnt from AMF.

In cases like these you’d usually expect that the product and resources provided are too good to be true however, that doesn’t seem to be the case here

Instead what you’ll find within this course is both solid value and training that’s pretty in depth as well as a very solid way to build and maintain the foundation of your network marketing business or any business you implement the knowledge from AMF to.

So yeah the training does in fact work.

Almost Guaranteed Results 

Beyond it working, the results that you’ll be able to gain are almost guaranteed if the strategies are implemented correctly.

Afterall, what you’re going to be implementing are tried and true methods for traffic generation which actually have been used by many marketers online and for the most part, everytime these techniques were implemented properly, they successfully generated leads.

Of course I can’t personally guarantee that you’ll reach the same results but, with the training provided within AMF you should definetly be a helluva lot better off over searching for the correct knowledge for free.

I’m not saying you can’t do that but you’ve got to agree that having all the information in one complete package is definetly a lot less stressful than finding free information online that may or may not be good.

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The good news is that AMF is actually not a scam. It’s genuinely a very good product with a lot of high quality value on offer. It’s pretty indepth with a 185 page ebook which attempts to answer some very important questions for network marketers.

Beyond this the step by step bootcamp guide and the multiple webinars on offer too, at the asking price of $47 is honestly a pretty good deal.

Although I don’t like the network marketing model in general, which is what AMF is trying to teach you to get good at, the methods taught within the course are nonetheless really good techniques to help in terms of retaining customers and getting new leads on the regular.

So all in all in I think AMF is a pretty good course and certainly worth checking out.


I’d suggest you check out my personal recommendation if you still want to make money online, though I’ll warn you right now, it isn’t something through which money will come easy.

It is nonetheless a great business model for the online space in my opinion

So what is this method that I’m talking about?

This method I’m talking about is affiliate marketing. 

The reasons as to why I recommend it is because:

– expectations toward success are a lot more grounded

– it is a legitimate method that has been working consistently and continues to grow as more businesses want individuals to promote products

– it is a very scalable business

– and because it is free to start up, no unnecessarily large start up funds needed.

The service I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to sign up to and will get you set up and ready to start your affiliate marketing journey within minutes, as it did for me when I begun my journey.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me regarding Attraction Marketing Formula, feel free to do so in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have your own thoughts about Attraction Marketing Formula and would like to talk about it, again feel free to do so in the comments below!




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