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Learn How Using These 5 Essential Steps Can Help You Create A Profitable Online Businesses, All Within This Very In Depth (FREE!) Make Money Online Guide!

**Beginners and experts have both made $1000’s/month following the steps laid out in this guide!**

You’ve probably been directed to this page from one of the many reviews I’ve done, whether it be from a lackluster MLM opportunity, a very scammy online money making product or even a get paid to site.

In fact, you may have come from a product that I’ve found to very much be legit but were curious and really wanted to know what my #1 recommended system was.

If you really want to know what it is, it’s a system called

Wealthy Affiliate.

This is probably one course that you’ve come across a ton when researching any given product right?

Well if think about it, there’s a very good reason why.

In my opinion and probably in the opinion of many many others, Wealthy affiliate is probably the most complete Internet marketing course/tool money can buy. That’s also why so many individuals, including myself recommend you sign up to it, after all it is free to do. 

But of course you don’t want to just “sign up to the best thing online” without understanding what it is right?

I completely understand, there are a ton of low quality products out there, believe me, I’ve seen my fair share.

That’s why before you decide to sign up, I’ll tell you a bit about myself and pretty much everything that I’ve done using this pretty good make money online blueprint I’ll be going over below, to get you started in the online business space, particularly using affiliate marketing.

My Story 

Before pushing on, my names Amhil, I’m the self proclaimed “expert” behind this, which I started all the way back in 2017.

This is me at the top of the San Marino mountains!

Since I got into affiliate marketing around 3 or so years ago, I know that I’ve put in a lot work, work that has garnered me some great results.

It’s because of this work and the results I’ve generated over the years that at this current moment I do believe I’ve got enough experience to teach, at the very least, on how to start an online business.

Of course a lot of the information I’ll mention in the guide are also gathered from other successful affiliate marketers too so, to some degree I guess you could that it is somewhat “peer approved”.

But, before getting into the guide, you should really understand one key factor that a lot of beginner level online/side hustle individuals tend to have a poor understanding of.

This is the fact that finding success online will require

“A lot of upfront work, a ton of time and most importantly a lot of patience before your fruits of  labour will start bearing!” 

This was and still is the case for myself because even after a years work and a very major set-back in the middle of 2019, I didn’t really make an insane amount of money. 

My commissions

My commissions

The images above show that I struggled to even make $500 in total for 12 months of work (it’s somewhere around $460). To some this would be a major problem, a turn off and I completely understand that but, the main reason why 2019 wasn’t as successful as it could have been for me was due to a few problems I personally created. 

It’s also due to my poor understanding of converting others within this particular niche.

However, you’ve also got to keep in mind that I managed to generate well over 20k organic clicks when compared to less than a thousand the year prior because of how closely I followed the blueprint I was taught within wealth affiliate and its community. 

That’s more than a 20x traffic increase in just 12 months! 

As for 2020 there’s a good chance that these numbers will reach at least 50k if not 100k or 200k in organic clicks. That’s still a massive jump in the ranking side of things and just goes to show that at the very least I understand how to generate traffic, arguably the hardest thing to accomplish.

It goes to show that even a beginner like myself can go from knowing nothing about online marketing, from knowing nothing about websites to now be in position where I’ve got 2 websites generating organic traffic on a daily basis with currently hitting 250 organic clicks per day.

I guess that’s enough about myself and the “success I’ve had”, I’m sure you’re dying to know how and what you should do to create your own online business so, that’s what I’ll move on to but first, if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, allow me to explain it below. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing??

To put it simply, affiliate marketing occurs when you make sales for other businesses in exchange for a cut of the price ; the cut is what’s called a commission and this will vary depending on the vendor.

It’s actually a very popular method that a lot of companies, big companies such as amazon, Nike, eBay etc. use to help generate more sales and ultimately produce more profits for themselves.

Affiliate marketing is not to be confused with creating your own products and selling them in physical form (basically what most MLM’s ask you to do).

Yes you will inevitably need to make sales to generate commission but, this business model will not work if you just spam forums with links. In order to make a sale you’ve first got to establish trust and that’s when you’ll potentially make a sale.

Ultimately, if you want to succeed with an affiliate marketing business you’ll need to help people make an informed decision on a product, you need to have the intention of helping someone and not going all out just to have them click your links and if you’re lucky, generate you a commission.

Anyways that’s the basic idea behind the business I’ll be aiming to teach you within this guide which, mind you, is information a lot of individuals would pay for so I suggest you really pay attention!

Step 1 – Finding Your Niche


If you don’t quite understand what a niche is, it’s simply a specific subject or area that your website will be based on, for example of money is in the Make Money Online (MMO) niche, Smart Passive Income is also in this niche. 

Other niches include websites based around Pets, around fitness, fishing, golf, ultimate frisbee, ice skating and so on. In fact you could just go onto Amazon’s categories section and find hundreds of different niches to base your website around. 

As a beginner I would personally recommend creating a website on something that you either enjoy or really want to learn about otherwise, after you’ve started your website, created some content and later down the line find that you simply can’t write for that topic anymore, you’ll have wasted your time and energy. 

Another thing you should know is that medical based websites may not be the greatest of topics to pursue either because Google doesn’t seem to be too fond of individuals who aren’t experts, writing medicine based content. 

After you’ve found a niche that you’re fond of, the next step would be to create a website for it. This can be done for free initially on various sites but, I personally recommend using the Siterubix website builder tool found within wealthy affiliate to get your first website up and running. 

I know that back in the day building a website required coding and all that jazz but, with the use of siterubix, you’ll essentially be able to get your website live within literally a minute, not including all the aesthetic tweaking of course, so if you want to do that just use the free website builder tool down below. 

Step 2 – Keyword Research

This is what will determine whether or not you’ll actually generate any kind of traffic and ultimately find success. 

There are a couple different ways to go about finding content that people want to read and is also relatively easy to rank for on Google but, even If you do great keyword research and also do write the most helpful and informative content, traffic isn’t always guaranteed. 

Nevertheless, keyword research will allow you to plant much a large number of Google seeds that can potentially reach page one on Google as opposed to writing content on the broadest and most difficult to rank keywords which will take much longer to rank (we’re talking a year plus) or even never rank on the first page due to the intense competition. 

For example if you decide to go the finance route/MMO route writing a keyword based called best ways to make money online probably won’t rank, or maybe even an article on the best practices of SEO, are unlikely to rank because, well… You’ll be competing against well established authority websites, which will be pretty tough to out rank. 

That’s why when it comes to the content you create, you want to ideally find something that isn’t as competitive but still brings in a good amount of traffic. This of course is where you’ll want to look into keyword research tools or even implement an established affiliate marketers (namely Dough Cunnigtons) Keyword Golden Ratio strategy to determine the ideal keywords to write topics on. 

The above video explains how to do the keyword research side of things for free. And below is a link to the document he suggests you use. 

In terms of how you should go about keywords to rank, you can follow this technique called the alphabet soup methods where you type a phrase into Google’s search bar and get recommended keywords that may be worth pursuing. 

If you don’t really want to get into the hassle of finding high quality keywords manually, you can also use this keyword research tool called Jaxxy which comes for free with my #1 affiliate marketing training tool and will allow you to search 30 free keywords whilst allowing you to do the alphabet soup technique without needing to research as much as you would on your own. 

==>Click Here To Create Your FREE Starter Account!<== 

Step 3 – Writing Content

The next step would of course be to write content. This is equally the easiest and hardest part of an affiliate marketing business because most of is doubt our writing ability. 

But with time (trust me) it does get easier. 

I won’t go into this in too much detail because every niche will have different kinds of content and how it’s laid out will be entirely dependent on you but, as long as you’re writing high quality content that answers the question set out by your article or helps out your audience, the writing part shouldn’t be a problem. 

As for the type of content you write and how much you’d need to write before seeing growth, that’ll be dependant on your niche. 

Here’s how I see it, if you’re trying to create an affiliate site and ultimately want to profit with your site, maybe even making money in the region of $1k or even $10k+, you’d want to produce content that targets people who are willing to buy. 

This can be in the form of best of list, for example 10 best laptops, 11 Best bicycles etc, Review based posts and even Vs posts. 

But you also don’t just want to produce content like that, Ideally you’d also need to write some how to articles, answering questions and generally keeping the content more balanced in order to not get penalised by Google for only writing affiliate based content scattered with affiliate links. 

In terms of how you should split up your content, if you’re going the niche route, I would suggest that it be 33% answering questions and how to’s that don’t have affiliate links within them, 33% review based and vs posts and the other 33% be best of lists (i.e your money pages). 

You can experiment with this number but, I’d recommend you stay within these barriers. 

As for how long each piece of content should ideally be, the keyword rich how to, answer based, reviews and vs posts should generally be 1000+ although if you are able to write quality content that’s highly relevant which reaches the 2000 word mark, that’d be ideal. 

Best of posts will mostly need to be 3000+ if not 5000+ words for the best results but, once again this won’t absolutely guarantee your article will rank, it will however increase the chances in the content eventually ranking on the first page. 

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Step 4 – Finding Affiliate Programs 

Finding affiliate programs are generally quite easy to do, all you need to do is type in your niche name and then affiliate program afterwards.

For example basketball shoe affiliate program or golf affiliate program etc. 

However, some affiliate do have a higher barrier to entry and generally won’t accept newer websites. 

Alternatively you can also choose to join some of the more famous affiliate programs such as Amazon or eBay if you’re planning to recommend physical products or clickbank and shareasale for digital products. 


Amazon associates
Amazon’s affiliate program
Ebay's partner network
Ebay’s affiliate program

These are of course some of the more popular affiliate sites therefore people will be more inclined to trust them but, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test out other programs because they can be a lot more lucrative than amazon or eBay, both of which have pretty low commission rates between 2% – 10% per item sold. 

Finding affiliate programs is also another feature offered by Wealthy affiliate, meaning if you sign up and go premium with the platform, you’ll be able to do some research on affiliate programs through the tool provided. 

Step 5 – Search Engine Optimisation

Now this is the part of the guide that most would actually charge for but, I thought what the hell, why not help a stranger out and who knows, they might help me in the future if ever I need some help. 

Just so you know, I don’t know absolutely everything when it comes to Google’s ranking features and I definitely can’t guarantee you’re articles will rank however, I have been following these practices for well over a year now and have probably managed to rank on page one for probably over a thousand related and unrelated keywords . 

You probably arrived on this page from one of my many page one ranked articles so it goes to show this strategy does work. 

As for how you rank pages and ultimately optimise your website, you basically need to follow the following steps :

  • Try to place your target keyword into the first few paragraphs of your post 
  • Add at least 1 internal link within your post (this is simply hyperlinking text on one of your articles to another, basically what I did to get you here) 
  • Add at least 1 external link on your article (this does not include affiliate links, it’s simply where hyperlink text a to an external source like Wikipedia or any other authority sites within your niche) 
  • Fill in the “Metal title” and “Meta description” with the main keyword present in both 
  • Try to write a post that’s 1k words or above (ideally the content should be relevant and if it’s possible, longer than competing websites) 
  • Optimise the images to be smaller in size and fill in the “alt text” with words that are relevant for the image. 

So, that’s pretty much it when comes to SEO, at least when it comes to on page SEO. 

Of course there are other ranking factors such as sharing your content to social media, trying to create a Google compliant (aka white hat) backlink profile and of course, creating content on a very regular basis if possible. 

Furthermore, in order to index you content a little quicker on Google, you will also need to create both a Google and Bing Webmaster account but, that’s a little more advanced and something I’ll give you access to if you decide to join my community, even as a free member, you’ll just need to message me when you’re ready. 

I Dunno… It Seems Like A Lot Of Work…

I can tell what you’re probably thinking… 

This seems like a lot of work, or this Internet marketing thing way oversaturated so there’s no way it’ll work for me… 

To some extent you’re right, although I won’t say it completely over saturated, it definitely is a lot harder or more so, takes longer now than ever to create a successful affiliate marketing website. 

But, generally the main reason people fail is not because affiliate via a website doesn’t work, it’s mostly because they either don’t understand the process or simply don’t give it enough time. 

A lot of people still believe that making money online is easy, that it’ll only take 3 months $1k+ per month. I’m not saying it’s impossible to grow that quickly but it sure as hell ain’t the norm.

In fact it can take upwards of 6 – 8 months to see your posts rank on google and probably a year, as long as you produce the right content, aren’t in an insanely competitive niche like the MMO or fitness niche and do all the keyword research and SEO stuff, to start generating decent income of maybe $500 or more. 

Some of the more experienced members within Wealthy Affiliate were able to go from $0 to $2k multiple times within 6 months with niche websites whilst a fair were able to make $1k a month within a year of following the right on page SEO practices taught within Wealthy affiliate (basically everything I just stated above). 

Wealthy affiliate success story

So yeah, If you decide to go the affiliate marketing route for your online business, expect to take anywhere from 1 – 2 years before you’ll start seeing some amazing results, then again results aren’t guaranteed but, they sure are a lot more likely with the right training. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s Membership Levels

Wealthy Affiliate logo

There are 2 different membership levels any individual can Sign up as.

The first is the Free Membership.

As it’s free you shouldn’t expect too much from it however, the tools and over the shoulder video training that it does give to you is genuinely very solid and along with the information provided within this, guide result in your producing a free website that genuinely can make you money…

Literally without spending a dime!

Click Here To Create A Free Account

The features you’ll get access to in the Free Membership include:

  • No Credit Card Needed At Signup
  • You Can Stay Free As Long As You Want
  • Try Out Premium Features For The First 7 Days
  • 2 Free Websites
  • Easy Website Builder
  • Highly Secured Web Hosting
  • 2 Classrooms To Learn From
  • First 10 Lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp courses
  • Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches/Mo.

And I will personally you help you out for the first 7 days if you get stuck with something or don’t understand some of the free training or even the steps I’ve laid out in this guide.

The second Membership Level is the Premium Membership level which will simply put, give you access to every resource available on the platform.

The features you’ll get access to in the Premium Membership are the following:

  • 25 Free Websites
  • Hosting for 25 Custom Domain Sites
  • Easy Website Builder
  • SSL Certificates
  • Site Speed
  • Private Domain Registration
  • Highly Secured Web Hosting
  • Full Technical Support
  • 13 Classrooms To Learn From
  • FULL Access to Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp courses
  • Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches
  • Live Chat
  • Weekly Live Training Webinars
  • Private Messaging
  • Access to Owners
  • Personal Wealthy Affiliate Blogs
  • More Ways To Earn Money Online and On The Platform

As for how much it costs, if you decide to convert within the first 7 days, you’ll only need to pay $19 whilst the subsequent months will set you back $49/month.

You can also choose to pay for a 6 month subscription that’ll set you back $234 or invest in the yearly subscription which will cost $359.

In terms of monthly value, that’s $39/month for the 6 month subscription and $29/month with yearly option.

I won’t say that Wealthy affiliate is the cheapest option in the market when it comes to affiliate marketing but, if we’re talking a complete package, it definitely comes out as one of if not the best affiliate/online marketing platform in the biz.

Click Here To Create An Account

The Benefits Of Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve told you how wealthy affiliate is an all in one affiliate marketing tool but I’ve yet to explain so that what I’m going to do

The Training

The training is some of the best in the market in my opinion and there’s good reason for that. As I have already mentioned you will be given the chance to create a free account with wealthy affiliate and in turn will be given access to the first 10 lessons within their bootcamp and online entrepreneur certification.

Level 1 wealthy affiliate certificate


Within these free modules you’ll be taught how to create a website, how to write content for the website, how to do keyword research and your expectations for success.

Sign Up Now To Learn From The 10 Lessons For Free!

All of these lessons are broken down into tasks too so that you don’t get lost on what to do as well as keep you in check with what you need to do to succeed.

Tasks wealthy affiliate

Website Tool And Webhosting

Along with the training you’ll also be given access to a tool through which you can build your websites from, called siterubix and the awesome hosting services that wealthy affiliate provide for you within the package.

Having both of these features within wealthy affiliate really does save you the trouble of looking for multiple different services to do the job, which in turn might save you from a bit of hassle.

Click Here To Create A Free Account 

Siterubix Tools

Beyond just giving you access to building a website, siterubix also comes jam packed with a multitude of other useful features

Wealthy affiliate site rubix


SiteManager : This is the area that allows you to access your website as well as to further secure your website/s and. increase the speed it loads up and runs at for your audience.

SiteComments (Premium Only) : This is something I regard as one of Wealthy Affiliates stand out features, as the name suggests it is a tool you can use to funnel comments to posts within your website. This is done by exchanging wealthy affiliate credits.

There are two ways you can get wealthy affiliate credits, you can buy them or you can leave comments on other members websites and exchange the credits you’ve made for comments on your own posts. Just recently, Wealthy Affiliate has given its users the ability to exchange the credits for money too so that’s a pretty cool touch in my opinion.

SiteContent : This is the area where you’ll be writing content for your website. It keeps track of all the posts you are writing and also provides you with some royalty free images, which will save you from a bit of unnecessary hassle in the future regarding images and your rights in using them. I do like site content and use it quite a lot, it’s definitely a nice feature.

SiteFeedback (Premium Only) : Similar to the sitecomments feature you’ll need to pay for this via wealthy affiliates currency system. Once you ask for feedback via WA credit payment, members within wealthy affiliate will hopefully provide you with some constructive feedback to improve the layout or design of your website to better accommodate traffic.

SiteDomain : This is the section you’ll be accessing in order to actually create your website, you can also purchase actual domain names through it once you’ve gone premium. But as a free member you’ll still be able to create 2 free websites so there’s no need to go premium right away if you’re just testing the waters.

SiteSupport : If you’re having any trouble with your website, the SiteSupport section will aim to help you out and resolve any issues regarding your website, I’ve personally not encountered any problems on my website but other members who have had problems found SiteSupport was very good at resolving their issues

Click Here To Create A Free Account 

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy logo

Jaaxy is the keyword research tool that you will be given access to in Wealthy Affiliate and tell you what is the best keyword you should use to focus an article on. It is among the most important tools out there to help maximise the traffic you can get to your blog organically.

What Jaaxy does is help you with researching for keywords that are low in competition yet high in traffic. It provides you with all the important figures relating to any given keyword and in turn helps you in deciding if a keyword is worth using or is too competitive or gets no traffic meaning it’s not worth using.

As you know traffic is a very importantly component to achieving success within any given blog on the Internet so what this tool does is actually going to be very important for your success too.

After all traffic is eventually going to be driven to your affiliate link which will ultimately make you commissions which is what you… what we’re all aiming for right?

As a free member I believe you will have only 30 searches available to you whilst you’ll have an unlimited number of searches as a premium member.

So when you become a free member be sure to use the searches wisely!

Click Here To Create A Free Account 

Highly Secured Web Hosting Service!

Along with all the aforementioned tools, Wealthy Affiliate also provides you with a highly secure and efficient web hosting service that is more akin to a premium hosting company. It is unlike a cheap hosting company making it so it’s very unlikely you’ll be hit by a cyber attack or anything along those lines.

Secure wealthy affiliate hosting


The hosting servers are also optimised for WordPress which is the most used back office interface on the internet and is also what your website will eventually be based on too.

You can trust Wealthy affiliate to create a backup of your website regularly so that just in case if something bad were to happen to your blog, a recent backup will be able to save the day.

If you already have a website hosted on another platform, you could always bring it onto Wealthy Affiliate as you’ll have access to 25 slots for purchased domains.

Domains bought through Wealthy Affiliate will also have the added benefit of SSL Certificates and Private Registration. These features will usually cost you extra within other hosting services so it’s nice that Wealthy Affiliates adds it in for free.

Along with that there’s also another feature that will increase the speed of your website if you choose to put it on called SiteSpeed. It really does improve a websites loading time which is definitely an essential thing to have as it’ll help with rankings and traffic retention (FYI all of this is covered within the training).

The Community And The Amazing Resources It Provides

In my humble opinion besides the training from the bosses themselves, the community is filled with a lot of members with a lot of golden nuggets of their own to share with us, whether it be their successes, the methods they’ve discovered to improve certain aspects of their business or just motivational stuff, it’s all there within Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate


The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that there are 100’s to 1000’s of real experts from who you can learn how to succeed, you can choose to follow the path they took to find success with affiliate marketing just like they did by following the path set down by the owners Kyle and Carson.

I’m not going to lie, there are days when it will be tough to keep going, times when you feel that you should just give up. Maybe the progress is slow or you just can’t take the influx of information hitting your mind. I’ve been in this scenario many a time…

In times such as those, that’s where the community really comes in handy, they’re always available to answer questions whether it be through the live chat feature or through direct PM’s. They’ll ultimately keep you grounded and ready to conquer the following days to come.

Building a business takes time, it probably takes a lot longer to build a profitable brick and mortar business over an online business but because of all the fake and scammy products that promise us immediate results we suddenly start believing that an online business should only take a few months at most to be profitable.

Although there are the odd few that find immediate success, most need to take a year to start seeing any notable results. This is what I’ve learnt within Wealthy Affiliate and is also what is stated within their training and constantly reinstated within the community too.

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Success Stories

The methods taught within the training and the golden nuggets that the community occasionally throws out there have, I guess to no one’s surprise, helped people find true success within the online business world and within the affiliate marketing sector.

Here are just a few such success that the community has produced over the years


Wealthy affiliate success story

Click here if you want to read Littlemama’s success story 

Success story wealthy affiliate

Click here to read Jerry’s success story


Wealthy affiliate success story

Click here to read Zarina’s success story



Most of these successes definitely didn’t come without hard work being put in, in fact a lot of work had to go into their website, a ton of research, countless hours of learning and implementing the training and remaining consistent in their work.

Only by doing all the above things were they able to achieve a breakthrough in their endeavours. Quite a few took 1 year to actually achieve the 4 digit mark whilst others finally broke 5 digits a month by their third year.

Of course results will vary but, the results are bound to come in as long as you follow the training and work like you have no choice. Do you want results to come in sooner rather than later? If so you gotta be willing to be in the hours and treat your website like you would treat work, like how you would treat a brick and mortar business.

You can be slower with your progress too if that’s just how you want to go about it but, I’d still advise to go all in as soon as you can so that you can achieve YOUR goals sooner.


Create A Free Account And Start Today! 


Now You See Why I Call It An All In One Tool!

Everything you’ve seen here is what you will be given access to as a premium member. The Free Membership is limited in the resources it provides such as with the training, some of the siterubix features and the inability to host purchased domains but, for beginners within the affiliate marketing sector, it is a very valuable resource.

The fact that it is available without the requirements of any credit card details should really make signing up a no brainier. 

You literally have all the basic training you need to get ready, be set and start making your way towards the goal that you’re after.

The biggest problem before starting anything, whether it be going to the gym or learning how to cook or learning how to play an instrument is the lack of good coherent training.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate really does excel, the training is bar none the best in the industry and it continues to evolve to fit the modern perspectives on affiliate marketing and Google’s regular updates.

And to put the cherry on top, you also get hosting, many many successful affiliate marketers for help, a keyword research tool and weekly webinars.

And all that for just $49 a month or $349 for a year, at the prices that most products are launching at, I’d say that $49 is a steal (it’s actually $19 for your first month!)

Success doesn’t come to those who just simply wait, it shoots itself at those who take action on their dreams!

Now tell me are you just going to wait and let this dream of the laptop lifestyle be just that… A dream… Or are you going to take action and see it become a reality…I’m sure you know which path to take.

Click Here To Create An Account

*If you do sign up through one of these links, as they are affiliate links I will be compensated for them. Just an FYI! 

When you decide to join don’t be afraid to shoot me a text if you’re confused in some areas.

I’ll be more than happy to help you out if it comes to it.

See you on the other side future super affiliate!

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