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who is amhil?

Amhil Khan

Hey I’m Amhil, just your average guy who learnt how to make money online only a few years ago and now wants to help you do the same.

Just like yourself, when I started out I didn’t understand the mechanics behind creating income online but, this didn't stop my drive in actually wanting to learn. 

Therefore, I jumped around looking to study the process, jumping from one product to the next, one training program to another and ultimately came across a couple online methods that worked and many many others that did not.

It wasn’t until I found Wealthy Affiliate when I managed to finally find the right path as there were (and still are) thousands of others who managed to find success following its training. 

It is through this platform that eventually I found success and as a result have made money online! 

**Below are a couple screenshot of affiliate commissions I’ve received**

What is wealthy affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate logo

Wealthy Affiliate is in simple terms an all in one training platform that will not only help you out in the creation of your money making machine online but, also provide you with all the tools and a community to keep you grounded whilst continuing towards this goal of escaping the rat race. 

Afterall, there is a reason why Wealthy Affiliate is as highly recommended as it is across the Web. 

It’s because the training it provides genuinely works!

Of course this isn’t to say that people can’t fail, in fact statistically speaking most people will fail however, that's only if you're not willing to graft and ultimately put in the work! 

If you are willing and are also mentally strong enough to grind through the tough periods, not only can you make money online but,

You can make a REALLY good living with it too! 

As for what the different tools and resources Wealthy Affiliate offers, It includes the following:

wealthy Affiliate's stand out features

Some of the best training around!

One of Wealthy Affiliate’s stand out feature is its top of the line over the shoulder training. The training takes you through the many necessary steps needed to create your very own money making machine, all of which are laid out in a very beginner friendly task based form. 

A community with over 1.4 million people

This means that whenever you find yourself in a bind or just want to be around individuals who can relate to you, you'll always have the 1.4+ million strong Wealthy Affiliate community to fall back on!

A Website Builder Tool

Wealthy Affiliate provides both a website builder through which you can create your very own website in less than 30 seconds (it’s actually how this website was created) and it also includes state of the art hosting (worth $100/month) for FREE!

Other advanced tools

Wealthy Affiliate are always looking to add advanced tools to their platform with some recent additions including the implementation of their own keyword research tool (called Jaaxy) and even a feature to help you find relevant affiliate programs for specific niches.

it's free to join!

It’s not often that a such a big company would be willing to offer individuals the ability to sign up and access a portion of their platform for free yet Wealthy Affiliate not only allow you to do this but, they also don't require you to sign up using your credit card details.

The reason why is because the owners, Kyle and Carson, believe in their service therefore, offering a portion of the pie and even allowing members to utilise their tools for free is a no brainer for them.

In the end of the day, the purpose of the platform is to help people like yourself and I make a difference in our lives so, offering this service to us, to possibly change our lives is a mission I know they're very passionate about following through with.

This of course is why both Kyle and Carson allow you to test run their platform for free.

what does wealthy affiliate teach?

Although as of late elements of the training offered within Wealthy Affiliate have branched out to dropshipping, creating a digital marketing agency and even a little bit into ecommerce, the core training within the platform still focuses on affiliate marketing.

This process includes creating affiliate websites where we partner up with major retailers that offer affiliate programs like Amazon or Ebay and basically get a cut of any sales generated from customers who purchase an item using your affiliate links.

There are many reasons why affiliate marketing is a great online business to pursue :

  • Super tiny start up costs (it literally costs $49/month to get started with affiliate marketing).
  • Can make money around the clock (You can make money whilst you sleep...need I say more)
  • No boss (You won’t have to worry about a sneaky abhorrent manager always breathing down your back over the smallest of tasks!).
  • No stock, no shipping, no taking customer payments, no dealing with returns (This is all dealt with by the affiliate program/company you’re working with)
  • No bothering friends or family (This business, unlike a MLM company, does not require you to go out of your way to bother friends or family just to make sales or even recruit.)
  • Can be done in a couple of hours a day 

sign up now and get access to these 4 bonuses!

Although I cannot quite match the sheer value of resources Wealthy Affiliate provides, in order to make the deal all the more sweeter I’ll still offer you the following bonuses if you decide to become a premium member

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    You’ll be given access to a 61% discount on the premium services if you decide to sign up within the month (This means the membership will only cost you $19!).
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    Access to weekly live webinars and its back catalogue spanning well over 5+ years.
  3. 3
    You’ll have me as your personal mentor so if you have any questions or issues on the other side, I’ll do my best to help you resolve them and move past it!
  4. 4
    I’ll give you access to 2 bonus guide within that will supplement the wealthy affiliate core training, both of which have really helped me take that extra step in achieving success within the internet and affiliate marketing business.

wealthy affiliate success Stories

The methods taught within the training and the golden nuggets that the community occasionally throws out there have, I guess to no one’s surprise, helped people find true success within the online business world and within the affiliate marketing sector.

So just to give you a bit of an insight into some other successful wealthy affiliate members I’ve complied a small list below. 


Wealthy affiliate success story

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Success story wealthy affiliate

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Wealthy affiliate success story

Click here to read Zarina’s success story

Most of these successes definitely didn’t come without hard work being put in, in fact a lot of work had to go into their website, a ton of research, countless hours of learning and implementing the training and remaining consistent in their work.

So if you decide Wealthy Affiliate is for you, the first thing you'd need to come to terms with is the fact that work and a lot of it at that will be required for your to achieve any kind of success with this affiliate marketing business. 

frequently asked questions

Q1 - How Long Does It Take To Make Money?

Well it depends, you could make a sale within your first month of starting out or it could be multiple months if not 6 months to get your first sale.

On the other hand there are members who were able to make a full time income online in just 6 months. 

Generally I found that within a year or 2 most members are at least making a decent income with their website provided they haven't slacked off too much. 

In short, there are a lot factors that come into play within the affiliate marketing business that may make or break your success which is why wealthy affiliate is a great place for you to go as it'll show you what to do in order to hopefully make it in this biz. 

Q2 – How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

First of all it is totally free to join and within it you do get a bunch of great video tutorials and even lifetime access however, as it is free, it also does have its limitations.

That’s why there’s also the option to go premium which is $19 your first month and $49/month thereafter.

You also have the option for a yearly package that adds up to only $495/year (only $1.40 per day when broken down) but unlike the other premium packages, it comes with a free website and $50 in community credits which can then be used to buy comments within. 

On the surface this may come across as expensive for some however, in comparison to an offline brick and mortar biz or even the more modern Amazon FBA business, both of which require thousands of dollars simply to start, Wealthy Affiliate’s all in one training program genuinely makes it one of if not the best internet marketing tool I’ve seen in the market and trust me I’ve seen quite a few.

Q3 – Can I Make Money With It?

Yes, of course you can, I actually know many many individuals who’ve made money online because of affiliate marketing.

However, the kicker here is that the affiliate marketing biz or any other online business model for that aren’t get rich schemes as most gurus on the web would lead you to believe.

Just like any other business in the real world it will require that you put in the time and effort. If you’re willing to do that, through the use of Wealthy Affiliate and my personal mentorship I can almost guarantee that you'll make money online, even if it’s not an insane amount initially.

Q4 – Is It Easy To Make Money Online? 

Once you’ve figured out the process and follow through with it, I’d say that it is.

Wealthy Affiliate’s step by step training aims to make it easy which is why those who decide to stick with the process and persevere through the slow initial months eventually do succeed!

Q5 – Will I Need To Bother My Family Or Friends? 

No you won’t need to at all!

Unlike Multi Level Marketing where you’re constantly asked to recruit others into your team to essentially make money off of their recurring autoship purchases, with affiliate marketing all you’d need to do is recommend a product or service online and if someone clicks on your affiliate link then buys your recommended product, you’ll make a percentage of the sale.

This can be anywhere in the region of 10 – 50%+ of the products sale price. 

In essence someone will only buy something if they want to and not out of pity, like most people tend to do with MLM’s.

**If you want some more questions answered,  just reach out to me within Wealthy Affiliate and I'll gladly answer them!**