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Follow These 5 Essential Steps To Make Anywhere From $1k – $10k/month Online!

**Beginners and experts have both made $1000’s/month following the exact steps laid out in this guide!**

Welcome to my make money online guide, I’m sure you’re dying to know what these 5 steps are and don’t worry, I’ll get to them but first I want to call out a few crucial things you should know before starting an online business.

Firstly, why should you trust me?

The simple answer is because I’ve been doing this online business thing for a couple years now and have created multiple websites that have made money.

Now, I don’t want to lie to you and say that I’m living the most lavish of lifestyles, eating out every day, going out for long walks on the beach or travelling a ton, because (unfortunately) I’m not.

The truth is even after 1.5 years of giving this a go, it was only 6 months ago when this business started to make me money.

And now I just want to share with you the tips and tricks I’ve learned from other experts along with some I personally continue to use in order to help you get started and start your online biz as well.

So, keep your eyes open and take in what I’m about to explain within this guide because everything within it is proven to work!

What I’ll Be Teaching

As you can probably tell, my make money online business model entails creating websites.

Now, I’m sure you know that there are various way to make money online using a website, whether it be designing websites for business, using it as a storefront for your ecommerce business or even as a means to promote your own business.

However, what I’ll be teaching follows the more traditional website model.

This model being the creation of content with a more particular focus on affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing??

Affiliate marketing is what happens when vendors offer individuals a percentage of a sale in the form of a commission every time a sale is made.

Think of it as a referral based procedure kind of like when a realtor makes a commission on a house sale.

Instead this time everything is done online without you needing to do any kind of paperwork.

All you’d need to do is apply to the affiliate program in order to get your unique tracking code. This in turn will allow the vendor to track any sales you make.

This unique code is also known as your “affiliate ID” or “affiliate link”.

Due to how easy the whole business is, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that affiliate marketing is a very popular online money making method.

So much so that many huge vendors offer commissions in exchange for promoting their products.

Amazon for one garnered a lot of attention online because of their lucrative affiliate program in the past (it’s far from lucrative now though). Other massive brands like Nike, Adidas, Ebay and many others have affiliate programs too.

On top of this, many travel based sites, bookmakers, make money online courses and a whole plethora of other products/services tend to have affiliate programs too.

The reason for this being that an affiliate program allows for vendors to generate targeted traffic through their promoters as opposed to how the apples or Samsungs of the world tend to run their ads, essentially targeting everyone.

In short, it’s a very popular marketing strategy, which along with online shopping becoming super popular in recent times, would suggest it’s only going to become more and more lucrative as the days pass by.

Now finally, I’ll move on to the 5 steps and how you can get started with your own online affiliate marketing business.

Step 1 – Finding Your Niche

If you don’t quite understand what a niche is, it’s simply a specific subject or area that your website will be based on, for example is in the Make Money Online (MMO) niche, Smart Passive Income is also in this niche.

Other niches include websites based around the following :

  • Pets
  • fitness
  • fishing
  • golf
  • ultimate frisbee
  • ice skating and so on

In fact if you just go onto Amazon’s categories section, you’ll easily be able to find hundreds of different niches that an affiliate marketing business can be focused around.

As a beginner I personally would recommend creating a website on something that you either enjoy or really want to learn about.

I say this because if you don’t have any kind of passion for the topic you’ll be writing about, you’ll only burn yourself and quit halfway.

This is actually a mistake I made way back in 2016 when I started my first website that I honestly wasn’t very passionate about.

Another thing you worth knowing is that medical based websites probably aren’t worth pursuing either because Google doesn’t seem to be too fond of individuals who aren’t experts, writing medicine based content.

After you’ve found a niche that are passionate about or at the very least like, the next step would be to create a website for it.

This can be done for free initially on various sites but, I personally recommend using the Siterubix website builder tool found within wealthy affiliate to get your first website up and running.

I know that back in the day building a website required coding, understanding javascripts, html etc. which would definitely stump me if it was still the case but, with the use of siterubix, you’ll be able to get your website live and running within literally a minute, not including all the aesthetic tweaking of course, so get to creating your website using the site builder tool below.

Step 2 – Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important as it will make or break your affiliate marketing business in the sense that it will determine the amount of organic traffic you’ll receive.

There are a couple different ways to go about finding the right keywords that will both rank and get you clicks (trust me you don’t wanna be wasting your time writing something that no one’s searching for).

Of course even if you’ve done amazing keyword research, you’ll never actually be guaranteed a spot on the first page of Google however, the right research definitely increases your chances of making it on the first page of the SERPS.

The core premise behind great keyword research is that it will allow you to plant much a large number of seeds on Google that can potentially reach page one as opposed to writing content on the broadest and most difficult to rank keywords.

For example if you decide to go the finance route/MMO route and attempt to write a article focused on the word ‘best ways to make money online”, it probably won’t rank. Let’s say afterwards you create an article on the best practices of SEO or how to make $1k/month online…

The thing is that all of these keywords are unlikely to rank because, well… you’ll be competing against the big dogs, the well established authority websites and they’ll be pretty tough to outrank.

That’s why when it comes to the content you create, you ideally want to find Keywords that aren’t as competitive but still bring in a good amount of traffic.

I know, you’d think that every topic under the sun has been written about however, that’s far from the truth.

As long as you go for low hanging fruits (keywords with lower traffic that are easier to rank) and are willing to write a ton, I’m certain you’ll be able to grow a website from no traffic to hundreds if not thousands per day eventually.

Now how exactly will you do your keyword research?

This of course is through the use of keyword research tools or even implementing an established affiliate marketers (namely Dough Cunnigtons) Keyword Golden Ratio strategy to determine the ideal keywords to write topics on.

The above video explains how to do the keyword research side of things for free.

In terms of how you should go about finding keywords to rank, you can follow this technique called the alphabet soup method where you type a phrase into Google’s search bar and get recommended keywords worth pursuing.

If you don’t really want to get into the hassle of finding high quality keywords manually, you can also use this keyword research tool called Jaxxy which comes Included within my #1 affiliate marketing training tool and will allow you to search 30 free keywords whilst allowing you to do the alphabet soup technique without needing to research as much as you would have to on your own.

Step 3 – Writing Content

The next step would of course be to write content. This is equally the easiest and hardest part of an affiliate marketing business because most of us doubt our writing ability.

But with time (trust me) it does get easier.

I won’t go into this in too much detail because every niche will require that you write different kinds of content but, as long as you  write high quality content that truly answers the question set out by your article and ultimately helps out your audience, the writing part shouldn’t be a problem.

As for the type of content I suggest you write and how much you’d need to write before seeing growth, that’ll depend on the niche you pursue.

Here’s how I see it, if you’re trying to create an affiliate site and ultimately want to profit with your site, maybe even make in the region of $1k – $10k+ on a monthly basis, you’d ideally want to produce content that targets consumers that are willing to buy.

In order to target these individuals you’d want to write best of list (for example 10 best laptops, 11 Best bicycles etc) Review based posts and even Vs posts (item A vs item B).

However, producing only buyer targeted keywords is not what I’d suggest you do. Instead you’d also need to write some “how to” articles, articles that answer questions and generally keep the content more balanced between blog/content based articles and buyer articles.

This is so Google doesn’t penalise you for only writing affiliate based content all scattered with affiliate links.

In terms of how you should split up your content, I would suggest you do so in the following manner :

  • 33% answering questions and how to’s that don’t have affiliate links within them
  • 33% review based and vs posts
  • 33% best of lists (i.e your money pages).

As for how long each piece of content should be, the keyword rich how to articles, answer based articles, reviews and vs posts should generally be 1000 – 2000 words.

Best of posts will mostly need to be 3000+ if not 5000+ words for the best results but, once again this won’t absolutely guarantee your article will rank, it will however increase the chances in the content eventually ranking on the first page.

Step 4 – Finding Affiliate Programs 

Finding affiliate programs are generally quite easy to do, all you need to do is type in your niche name and then affiliate program afterwards.

For example basketball shoe affiliate program or golf affiliate program etc.

However, some affiliate do have a higher barrier to entry and tend not to accept forms from completely new sites.

Alternatively you can choose to join some of the more famous affiliate programs such as Amazon or eBay if you’re planning to recommend physical products or clickbank and shareasale for digital products.


Amazon associates
Amazon’s affiliate program
Ebay's partner network
Ebay’s affiliate program

These are of course some of the more popular affiliate sites therefore people will be more inclined to trust them.

But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test out other programs because they can more lucrative than amazon or eBay, both of which have pretty low commission rates between 2% – 10% per item sold.

Finding affiliate programs is also another feature offered within Wealthy affiliate, meaning if you sign up and go premium with the platform, you’ll be able to do some research on affiliate programs through the built in tool provided.

Step 5 – Search Engine Optimisation

Now this is the part of the guide that most “gurus” would actually charge for but, I thought what the hell, why not help a stranger out.

Just so you know, I don’t know absolutely everything when it comes to Google’s ranking features and I definitely can’t guarantee you’re articles will rank however, I have been following these practices for well over a year now and have probably managed to rank on page one for over a thousand related and unrelated keywords .

You probably arrived on this page from one of my many page one ranked articles so it goes to show this strategy does work.

As for how you rank pages and ultimately optimise your website, you basically need to follow the following steps :

  • Try to place your target keyword into the first few paragraphs of your post
  • Add at least 1 internal link within your post (this is simply hyperlinking text on one of your articles to another, basically what I did to get you here)
  • Add at least 1 external link on your article (this does not include affiliate links, it’s simply when you hyperlink text to an external source like Wikipedia or any other authority sites within your niche)
  • Fill in the “Metal title” and “Meta description” with the main keyword present in both
  • Try to write a post that’s 1k words or above (ideally the content should be relevant and if it’s possible, longer than competing websites)
  • Optimise the images to be smaller in size and fill in the “alt text” with words that are relevant for the image.

So, that’s pretty much it when comes to SEO, at least when it comes to on page SEO.

Of course there are other ranking factors such as sharing your content to social media, trying to create a Google compliant (aka white hat) backlink profile and of course, creating content on a very regular basis if possible.

Furthermore, in order to index your content a little quicker on Google, you will also need to create both a Google and Bing Webmaster account but, that’s a little more advanced and something I’ll show you how to do if decide to join my community, even as a free member, you’ll just need to message me when you’re ready.

I Dunno… It Seems Like A Lot Of Work…

I know what you’re thinking…

This seems like a lot of work, or this Internet marketing thing is way too oversaturated so there’s no way it’ll work for me…

I’m not gonna lie to you, I do agree that it is saturated.

I can say without a doubt that 10 years ago your chances on making it as an affiliate marketer was far easier however, although it is harder now it is still very much possible to make it online.

Generally the main reason people fail is not because affiliate marketing doesn’t work, it’s mostly because they either don’t understand the process or simply don’t give it enough time.

A lot of people still believe that making money online is easy, that it’ll only take 3 months to make $1k+ per month.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to grow that quickly but it sure as hell ain’t the norm.

In fact it can take upwards of 6 – 8 months to just start seeing your posts rank on google and probably a year to start generating decent income of around maybe $500 or more as long as you produce the right content, aren’t in an insanely competitive niche like the MMO or fitness niche and do all the keyword research and SEO stuff.

Some of the more experienced members within Wealthy Affiliate were able to go from $0 to $2k multiple times within 6 months with niche websites whilst a fair few were able to make $1k a month within a year of following the right on page SEO practices taught within Wealthy affiliate (basically everything I just stated above).

Wealthy affiliate success story

So yeah, If you decide to go the affiliate marketing route for your online business, expect to take anywhere from 1 – 2 years before you’ll start seeing some amazing results, then again results aren’t guaranteed but, they are way more likely with the right training.

Hopefully this guide has been somewhat helpful and if you truly want to get started, with the right tools and of course have access to me as your mentor if you’re stuck, click on the link below and head over to Wealthy Affiliate.

I want you to mentor me!

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