The Milk It Method is A Scam? – Exposed!? (REVIEW)



Owners: Bill Hugall, Tim Verdouw, & SimpleSpencer

Website URL:

Product name: The milk it method

Price: $12.95 (30 day momeu back guarantee) +upsells

Final ratings: 3.5/5


– Detailed instructions on setting up a WordPress website

– Accurate information that actually work and are proven to do so

– It’s only $12.95!


– Training is somewhat fragmented, you will need to fill in the Blanks yourself or learn it by buying their upsells.


Training programs are very important in helping you discover a solid path to follow especially when you’re delving into a slightly complicated online business models such as affiliate marketing. The milk it method aims to provide you with training on how to monetize making money online affiliate programs within your own WordPress website. This is my the milk it method review.



The milk it method is a course designed to help beginners create an income source that is supposedly quick and easy to do.

The sales page gives us a few things that you will be able to achieve if you decide to purchase the product. The claims are the following:

– You will be able to set Up A ‘Milk It’ Campaign in just 20 minutes

– It will be able to get you results within 24 hours

– Provide you with a case study proving that the milk it method works

– Provide you with some “hot unique traffic sources”

– The ability to continue making money whilst you sleep

– And that it is 100% newbie friendly

Along with the upfront course, 3 more bonuses will be given to you as long as you decide to purchase the milk it method. Weirdly enough, Tim rates the prices of the bonuses to be 10 times the value of the actual course but, okay it’s not something worth complaining about.

Anyways, the three bonuses inluced the “secret strategies to rank easily on youtube”, “how to get floods of targeted traffic” and “how to grab attention with simple images”.

Including the price of the bonuses, the supposed value of the milk it method stands at $223.95. That’s pretty crazy considering that to actually purchase all of this value really only stands at just under 13 bucks but, clearly this is a sales tactic to make it seem as if the course provides a significantly higher value than its price tag.

That’s everything it claims to offer on its landing page but now the question remains, does it actually live up to its own claims and hype?


What does the milk it method actually teach if you decide to buy the product?

In the course 4 training modules will be provided to you that will teach exactly what Tim does to generate a few hundred dollars daily, I’ll quickly breakdown what they have to offer.

Module 1

Module 1 will cover the set up process behind creating a profitable passive income source. Tim will show you how to set up your very own WordPress website and start profiting from it through affiliate marketing.

He will show you how to set up your website, how to pick a theme and finally some design choices that will help you with your conversions. The videos are roughly 25 minutes of over the shoulder training so if you are a complete beginner, they will be fairly beneficial to you.

Module 2

Module 2 covers the process of finding affiliate programs and how to apply for their affiliate schemes. Essentially Tim will teach you what websites you can use to find solid affiliate programs/products i.e click bank, amazon, muncheye etc.

He’ll teach you how to honestly contact vendors to build a relationship with them, in hopes of it becoming a very beneficial resource for you in the long term.

I wouldn’t class this training as anything necessarily ground breaking but, it does serve its purpose and will definitely to some good for people out there.

Module 3

Module 3 will show you how to write reviews, this will include how to write reviews on products that you own and also on products you don’t own. This training is probably going to benefit you a lot especially if you are actually trying to profit through your website.

Tim basically explains how to structure your reviews so you can benefit and hopefully start making commissions. Along with this, you will also be taught how to install and use Facebook pixel to retarget ads and potentially gain more traffic.

You’ll be taught how to build a landing page to which you will retarget traffic to, to make commissions through. Facebook pixel will be used to see what your traffic searches and clicks on your landing pages. This module seems interesting although I do have to say that promoting your review through ads could prove costly if you’re not careful.

Module 4

The final module, module 4 will cover an overview over the previous content, it will discuss the importance of all the training, why you should write product reviews that connect with your audience. The relationship between the product review, your landing pages, your opt in page and your email sequences.

It will teach you how to drive traffic to your website using Facebook, Tim will teach you how to add value to the people following you on Facebook. He will also show you 7 money making posts that will be able to assist you greatly if applied.

Your also taught how to create your own fanpage for your website whilst leveraging the benefits of Facebook pixel to find the right targeted traffic for it.

These are the main benefits of the product however, it definitely isn’t perfect and does have some issues. So… What ate these issues?

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the first issue with the product isn’t necessarily the fact that there’s anything wrong with the product but more so in the amount of value it provides to you as a consumer. I feel like there are significantly better programs out there that add a lot more to the table than the milk it method and I would advise you check one of those out if you want better quality information.

The second issue ia regarding module 2, the finding affiliate programs section. Tim doesn’t really let you know that credibility amd trust is a very important factor in making an affiliate marketing website profitable.

He doesn’t explain that you should pick and choose products that are legit to promote as opposed to anything, that may or may not make you some quick cash.

Not really a major problem but definitely could become an issue in the future regarding your own credibility to your audience.

The last thing that could be an issue for some is that there are 3 upsells after you’ve purchased the milk it method. I guess it’s a stretch calling this an issue but, it’ll probably bother a lot of people out there.

All in all minus these small issues, there really isn’t too much wrong with the product


So… Should you buy the milk it method? Is it a Scam? Well… I think that the product in and of it self is solid, it provides genuinely good advice and training (albeit basic) that actually works and can possibly make you the 300 bucks that Tim shows us in the sales page. And I can also definitely say that the milk it method is NOT A SCAM!

The method Tim teaches seems like it could cost you some before you start making any kind of commissions but, if you follow through with it and work hard on your website on a day to day basis, I don’t see why you can’t succeed.

However, it wouldn’t be my first choice to learn about affiliate marketing from, honestly id recommend something a little bit more comprehensive.

Why don’t you look into my #1 recommendation, it’s free to sign up to and offers quite a bit of value, arguably on a higher level than the milk it method.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the milk it method, feel free to write a comment down below and I’ll be happy to answer it. If you also have your own thoughts/review on the milk it method, feel free to write it in the comments section down below too!



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