Profit With Our Sites Is A Scam? – Can You Really Make $1k/day??



Owner: Jake

Product Name: Profit with our sites

Website URL:

Price: $37 (60 day money back guarantee…) 

Final ratings: 0/5  AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!! 


– 60 Day money back guarantee 


– Crazy promises

– A suspiciously empty sales page 

– Clear use of fake testimonials 

– Video is quite the contradiction to what he’s actually doing (claiming that the product is not a scam even though iy clearly is) 

The video sales page is a copy of another scam that I’ve reviewed (one click payday) 


When a product claims to be able to make $1000 dollars a day with just the use of one trick, you have reason to be skeptical. At this point you’ve seen my rating so you know how I feel about it but, if you want to check out my full profit with our sites review to see exactly why it’s rated a zero and is in turn a scam, keep reading.


An immediate red flag about this product is that another scam that I reviewed (one click payday) actually redirects you to profit with our sites after being purchased so keep that in mind if for some crazy reason you’re looking to purchase this product.

Profit with ours sites is a product that uses “tricks” to generate money, no need to spend any time, no need to learn the tricks that help you make money, all you need to do is purchase the product and you’ll start making money without needing to do anything.

By using profit with our sites in this manner you will start generating $1000 a day. I don’t know about you but these whole concept comes off as very fishy.

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I mean come on,  Profit with our sites doesn’t even provide you with any knowledge about what it does, it doesn’t explain to you how it’s possible for you to get “rich” using thier system. Undoubtedly it seems like there is all kinds of red flag action occurring within this product…all kinds….

On top of that, all the sales page does is attempt to connect with the average joe with relatable topics such stating , the chore of the 9-5, freedom to travel blah blah blah.

Don’t get more wrong in the right context and with the right product these general tactics will be some what beneficial but, this product simply doesn’t give you anything to go off of, at all!

Okay maybe it’s just the sales page that is lackluster , maybe… Just maybe there is something to salvage from the sales video.



In the video Jake constantly states that everything is set up for you and with just the click of a button you will begin to earn money. Clearly a very scam like thing to say, a major red flag.

This promise of immediate income, an income that anyone would happily work their arse off for, without any upfront work is absolutely ludicrous, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this approach in a scammy product, it appears like this structure is kind of like the basic structure for any product with a scam like feel to it

Literally in the beginning of the video Jake states we’ve already got your website /money making machine ready for you, all you have to do is buy the product and click a button (I’ve paraphrased the wording, if you want to listen to the word for word for some reason, go on the website and check it out)

This is a major red flag. If you know anything about money, getting to a level where you’re earning, even if you’re just clicking a button, is a level that is inexplicably high, certainly not something that can be achieved immediately after buying a product for just 37 bucks.

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So um… Yeah… I really don’t think Jakes words have much credibility.

Jakes words may not have much credibility but, does the same apply for the testimonials


The testimonials are totally not legit, if the product has the appearance of a scam then what reason do you have to believe anything within the slaes pitch is legit.

Of course the testimonials are fake, all these paid actors state a supposed dollar amount they’ve made within the video, nothing more nothing less. That doesn’t really help the viewers to understand what the product has done for these folks, it’s just feels as if these people are shouting random numbers with no context behind the numbers.

The only way that I feel anyone can fall for snakey sales pitch’s like Jakes is if they’re down in the dumps, beat down by life and have no other options. To them, a product like profit with our sites seems like something that could work for them, something that could save them.

Unfortunately people like that are out there and do exist. They do buy products like this one, even if they are intelligent people. If people were always on the top of their game, scams like this wouldn’t really exist in the present would they?

That’s why people like myself are out here on the Internet, to help the general public to stay away from scams and make educated purchasing decisions instead.



Boy do I hate scams, it seems as if since the popularity of the internet these scams seem to pop up everywhere, almost as if a scam machine is creating a new ponzi scheme everyday.

Yeah um… Just avoid this product like the bully in the hall, just hope that it dissappear from your reality as soon as possible.

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Just as there are horrible scams on the Internet, on the other side of the net, there are amazing product that genuinely work. The making money online sector has its fair share of scams or insanely overpriced products.

A lot of them also promise fast results too (not on the level of Profit with our sites). Although fast results are possible, they are more so the exception and not the rule.

The product I recommend doesn’t really promote a time period that most would consider fast atleast in the Internet space.

Infact to achieve a full time income in this field requires you to work persistently and consistently. And over time with your continued effort you’ll be able to achieve success.

It puts down more realistic targets for the average person as opposed to 1k in one day, that in and of itself seperates itself from other companies as it does not sell you a get rich scheme, it shows you the correct way to create a sustainable business online.

Moreover it is FREE TO SIGN UP TO!

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me, feel free to leave it down below in the comments section and I will be happy to answer it as soon as possible! If you have any other feedback, please feel free to state it in the comment section too.




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