Article Genie Is A Scam!? SCAM EXPOSED!!? (Full Review)



Owner: Luan Henrique, Radu Hahaianu & Danitra Thanga

Website URL:

Product name: Article genie

Price:$15-$17 ( 30 day money back garuntee)

Final ratings: 0/5 not recommended if you want to stay in a healthy relationship with google.


– Easy to use

– produces content fast



– Black hat SEO tactics that will backfire on your website in the long term

– staright up plagiarism of other people’s content

– has horrible ramifications for googles seo

– the rewritten content isn’t usually the quality that you would want it to be


What if you could create your very own website and write articles or blogs on it within 30 seconds? What if you could sell articles to clients without needing to spend very much of your own time yet make 100’s of bucks doing it.

This is where Article genie comes in. It provides you with a tool that can exponentially decrease the amount of time spent writing articles for your website or your clients however, there’s more to the product and to be honest with you it isnt a very positive thing. Check out my article genie review to see why I’ve rated it so poorly eventhough what it seems to offers looks like the real deal.


Article genie is in essence a tool that aims to help your online businesses succeed, with minimal effort required of you. It is created by Luan and the rest and the reason why they created this product was because they realised most of the money potential online is through selling their own products, which is a fair reason to create something that can help with that.

After years of writing their own content online they realised that people were selling fully written articles on fiverr. These people were making hundreds if not thousands per article and that’s where the idea for Article genie came about.

Article genie is a tool that uses other people’s content as a base and changes it into a completely different and unique article that you can use or publish within your own website.

On the surface Article genie may seem like a cool tool and system for reducing the amount of time spent writing article however, there are many repercussiona that can and will negatively affect you if you decide to use it to grow your websites, online businesses or freelancing jobs.

So what are these cons?

allow me to explain…



I’ll give it to Luan, the Article genie software does work, when looking at it from the surface level yes, it definitely does rewrite content that is unique but, doing so can also negatively impact your SEO with google.

Negative Seo Ramifications

If you didn’t know, there are two types of SEO strategies, they are white hat and black hat SEO. A white hat SEO strategey as the name suggests are strategies that are accepted by search engines, this can be SEO techniques such as optimising your title, putting internal and external links within your links etc.

Black hat SEO techniques unlike white hat strategies can have horrible ramifications on your online business, some black hat techniques include buying backlinks or plagiarising other people’s content like article genie does.

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You may still be thinking that Google probably won’t be able to find out that I’ve ‘plagiarised‘ someone else’s content, well in truth it actually does. Google in general has not been very fond of content spinners like since for ever and they do have a way to know if content has actually been spun.

Google simply doesn’t approve of scrapped content. They will be able to find out if a piece of content is scraped or copied content if the spun content shows no extra value added to it even if it is a ‘unique’ piece of content, if you want to see everything else Google has to say about it click here

Poor Grammar On The Content That Has Been Spun

The other major con about the product is that very often the content that has been spun isn’t very easy to read. It would seem as if the majority of the time the articles have been written in broken English which generally just worth publishing on your website or selling to someone else. They will negatively affect your customer satisfaction and your audiences trust in you.

It’s Plagiarism! 

And obviously a humongous problem with the system is that the content you are having rewritten is already someone else’s, it’s plagiarism, in education it is already a very taboo thing to plagiarise another’s content so in business, it should come as no suprise that it can completely destroy you.

I know that its hard to write content, especially high quality content, I try to produce high quality content myself as often as I can yet I still believe that my content doesn’t feel up to par. Because of these setbacks you could always take the lazy route by buying Article genie and spinning the content to become something “unique”.

You could use this strategy and it could very well benefit you in the short term but, if you actually intend to own a legitimate website, you will need to make sacrifices.

These sacrifices could be your time or your money, as long as you’re willing to go about everything in the Google legal way, the business you create will actually have potential to be a full time income source as opposed to making a quick buck running or selling spun content on your website or to consumers.  I dunno about you but I’ll take a sustainable business over a quick buck 100 out 100 times.


The good!

Although I absolutely do not recommend Article genie for people trying to make a solid website online, it does have a couple of benefits to it, they’re short and negligible but they’re benefits none the less.

The 2 pros about the product are that it’s cheap and it does actually spin content on it pretty fast. So… I guess you could say it deliveres on the really fast front.

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I’m sure you saw this one coming, overall I would highly recommend against purchasing this product if you want to create a legitimate website. If you want your website to be trusted by Google and rank through white hat methods as opposed to through really shady black hat methods, stay far away from Article genie.

If you want to learn how to legitimately write content amd monetize your website, there is a training program that I believe will be an awesome starting point for you. It’s also free and doesn’t require credit card details from you to sign up to.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Article genie, feel free to write a comment down below and I’ll be happy to answer it. If you have have your own thoughts/review on Article genie, feel free to write it in the comments section below!




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