OneAdPack Review (An Acredit Scam Or Worth Checking Out?!)

It’s likely that you have come across OneAdPack through an email list, on social media or got it recommended by a friend or family member.

Is OneAdPack a scam? The reasons why you’re here is because you have want answers right so, that’s what I’m going to provide for you within this OneAdPack review.

First and foremost I must commend you for actually doing a bit of extra research before committing to joining OneAdPack. For all you could have known, the product could be a major scam so the fact you’re here right now, researching whether or not that’s the case is a pretty smart move on your part.

To be fully transparent with you, I am personally not a member of OneAdPack so I can assure you that I will not attempt to sell you it unless of course it’s worth investing in.

What I will aim to do is provide you with an unbiased 3rd party look at OneAdPack that will hopefully help you to make the best decision you can in the end.


OWNER/S: Mark Dosier


PRICE: minimum $1

SUMMARY: It’s hard to say if OneAdPack is a pyramid scheme or a scam because it is simply too early to tell but, I do think that there is a possibility that it may very well be. In fact there’s a chance that the whole business is an acredit ponzi scheme so, I would recommend you stay away from it.




OneAdPack logo

OneAdPack is a paid to click (PTC) advertising platform that appears to officially have had its domain registered in November 22 2019 making it a fairly new company.

Besides that very small amount of information and claims of them being able to make you a 130% ROI on your investment ad, through a bit of digging I did find out that a  Mark Dosier is likely to be the face beind the company however, there is literally nothing about the team behind the OneAdPack or even a section within the website discussing a little about the owner.

Often when an MLM company isn’t willing discuss who or what runs it, there’s always reason to be suspicious of the company and I can tell you now that if I were you I’d definitely be super suspicious in regards to the opportunity OneAdPack offers.

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The only product that OneAdPack offers is the option to purchase their ad packs. There is nothing else they offer that is retailable or even tangible so that definitely deserves an element of suspicion.

Instead of offering tangible products, OneAdPack asks you to invest in an unproven PTC site which doesn’t really give you any kind of structure or plan to follow in order to succeed as an affiliate.

Instead you’re more so pushed to buy into the ad packs in the “hopes” that you’ll maybe profit, which could happen but likely only after you’ve invested a good amount of money.

As for how much the PTC packs are, they start at $1 minimum and will allow you to invest $500 daily until you’ve reached the PTC cap at $5k.

Of course if you buy into the ad packs you won’t be eligible for a refund, then again this is pretty self explanatory considering it is an online ad that you’re buying.


There are actually 2 different membership levels according to their website, one being a free level and another one that’ll cost you.

It’s only through paying, which requires a minimum investment of $1, when you’ll be eligible to earn from the compensation plan, which is what I’ll be covering below.

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On the website we’re given a few figures regarding how much investors will be able to make when they’ve bought into the ad packs.

There’s a claim made that within a 30 Day period the PTC investment will result in a 130% ROI through a daily profit of 4.33%. Of course I can’t tell you whether this will work or not as I haven’t tried it but I am learning more towards it not delivering such results.

Besides even if you did achieve the 130% ROI, 20% of the profits will need to be reinvested so in reality it’s a 110% profit, which is still ridiculous return over a 30 day period anyways.

OneAdPack also pays referral commissions on invested funds which are paid down two levels, using a unilevel structure, in the following percentage values :

  • 7% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • 3% on level 2

Referral commissions are also paid out on reinvestments whilst also following the unlevel structure with two levels :

  • 3% on level 1
  • 1% on level 2


Not Much Information Is Presented On The Website

Normally when a MLM company that is new to the scene they will atleast provide potential investors with some information about its team or the CEO of the company but, when it comes to OneAdPack, there is little to no info about the people behind it.

Of course through a bit of digging the name Mark Dosier, who does appear to have an online track record, appears but yeah this is a little concerning in my books especially for investors who aren’t aware of the many fraudulent ponzi schemes that generally aren’t upfront.

The Chances Of Making Money Probably Aren’t Going To Be Great

Firstly, OneAdPack do have a disclaimer saying that whatever they state on their website regarding results is not guaranteed so you shouldn’t expect anything after buying in but, even with that the only people who’ll truly win and be able to withdraw money will be the early investors because the lack of tangible products and the promise of high returns just don’t seem to make sense anyways.

Think about it, what’s the purpose of the PTC ads? What exactly will they do for you or your websites? What advertising companies are OneAdPack working with? How are they going to reach out to others on other platforms to deliver you results?

All I know is that the business model probably relies on having others simply recommend OneAdPack to others, continuing the cycle until they get to a position where the top dogs are able to withdraw funds from the investment newer members are making.

I personally don’t see OneAdPack as a cash flowing business but more so a business that relies on the investment of new recruits to pay the more established members.

I could be wrong but this is how I see it.


There isn’t very much going for OneAdPack because it doesn’t seem to offer any tangible products. Normally when an MLM doesn’t do so, the product in question tends not to be very legitimate.

Besides why would you invest in an untested and unproven PTC advertising company when there are more reliable and trustworthy institutes out there anyways.

For me, the only positive I can concretely point out about OneAdPack is that it technically is free to sign up to the membership.

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It’s hard to say if OneAdPack is a pyramid scheme or a scam because it is simply too early to tell but, I do think that there is a possibility that it may very well be. In fact there’s a chance that the whole business is an acredit ponzi scheme so, I would recommend you stay away from it.

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I personally will always recommend against using a MLM business model to make money, not because you can’t make money through it (you totally can) but, the system has always seemed shady to myself and is kinda synonymous with the likes of a pyramid scheme or scams (MOBE and Digital altitude).

Instead I prefer working with something created through ones own means and is ultimately dependent on yourself and your work ethic alone.

This method I’m talking about is affiliate marketing. 

The reasons as to why I recommend it over MLM based structures are because

– there is no need to recruit constantly

– it is a legitimate method that has been working consistently and continues to grow as more businesses want individuals to promote products

– and because it is free to start up, no unnecessarily large start up funds needed.

The service I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to sign up to and will get you set up and ready to start your affiliate marketing journey within minutes, as it did for me when I begun my journey.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me regarding OneAdPack, feel free to do so in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have your own thoughts about OneAdPack and would like to talk about it, again feel free to do so in the comments below!



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