Is TS Life A Scam?(A Weight Loss Pyramid Scheme EXPOSED!?)

It’s likely that you have come across TS Life through an email list, on social media or got it recommended by a friend or family member.

Is TS Life a scam? The reasons why you’re here is because you have want answers right so, that’s what I’m going to provide for you within this TS Life review.

First and foremost I must commend you for actually doing a bit of extra research before committing to joining TS Life. For all you could have known, the product could be a major scam so the fact you’re here right now, researching whether or not that’s the case is a pretty smart move on your part.

To be fully transparent with you, I am personally not a member of TS Life so I can assure you that I will not attempt to sell you it unless of course it’s worth investing in.

What I will aim to do is provide you with an unbiased 3rd party look at TS Life that will hopefully help you to make the best decision you can in the end.


OWNER/S: Caius Hale

TYPE OF PRODUCT: weight loss MLM

PRICE: free – £27.50

SUMMARY: No, TSL is neither a pyramid scheme or a scam, it’s a legitimate MLM company however, this does not mean it’s an opportunity I would recommend you join.

Besides the really great wholesale discount, there isn’t many things that stand out.

The fact you need to be good at recruitment in order to succeed, the fact it’s also a very new company in a really competitive market and the low success rate of MLM’s are but a few reasons why I’d suggest not joining TSL.




Ts life logo


TSL is a weight loss health and wellness based MLM founded in September 2018 by a man named Caius Hale. It initially launched in the UK and Ireland before moving business over to USA. As for what the letters “TS” stand for, it means Tastefully Simple so, the full name of the company is actually tastefully simple life.

The health and wellness but more particularly the weight loss sub niche is one of the biggest industries in the world, I’m sure you’ll agree with me there, so the fact TSL is yet another opportunity that delves into this niche means it’ll be met with quite a lot of stiff competition.

This includes other MLM competitors like, now lifestyle, team beachbody, Limu etc.

So, the other fact of TSL being only a year old is quite a skeptical thing too because the majority of business tend to fail within 5 years let alone make it to 10. The reason I bring this up is because there’s a very good chance, given the competition, that TSL won’t make it in the market but, there’s also a slim chance that it will succeed.

Nevertheless, I will break down the opportunity below so that you have a rough idea on whether the system meets your standards and is something you’d want to join.

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At the moment TSL only sell 5 products which implies that they are have a reasonably focused product line. Of course this may also be due to how young the company is but, it ultimately means the products they come out with are more refined or should be more refined and finished (this doesn’t guarantee anything though).

The products TSL sell include :

  • C-Craze
  • D-Lite
  • Pura-T
  • Supanova
  • Z-Charge

Now, as for if the products will work, that’ll purely be dependent on the individual who uses it. Afterall, everyone reacts differently to these kind of products.

Also because it’s so new, there aren’t very many reviews on the products themselves so I couldn’t tell you whether they work or whether they don’t.


As is the case with pretty much all MLM businesses there are 2 ways to make money with them, TSL being no exception.

1. The first method is by directly selling the product to other individuals and in return make a commission for the sales

2. You make money through your recruits and downline, by getting residual income by following and meeting certain criteria as well as make money through bonuses and incentives due to meeting company set goals.


There are 2 ways through which you can join TSL according to their website

The first way is to enroll into TSL via the pre enrollment packages. In this manner you don’t actually need to pay anything, all you need to do is sign up and you should be eligible for partial discounts.

The second way you can join is by paying £27.50 for the full star enrollment pack. This is only a one time and after paying it you’ll get access to the following resources :

  • Replicated website
  • Training resources
  • Video templates

On top of this you’ll also be eligible for a 50% discount when purchasing products, which means you can literally make double your Income every time you make a sale.

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The compensation plan is arguably the most important document you’d need to learn if you were to join TSL, which is why I’ll briefly go over it down below.  

  • Retail Sales – You’ll be able to buy each one of TSL’s products at half price and then sell them for double whilst keeping the difference
  • Retail Boost – If other customers purchase weekly supplies, the wholesale cost will go down even lower to 70%
  • Leadership Qualification – You have to recruit 2 people in order to qualify for these commissions
  • Leadership Reward Percentage – Earn a percentage of group sales based on how highly you rank within the company.
  • Duplication Bonus – Help your downline members recruit 2 people and be eligible to earn an extra 10% on customer orders.
  • Team Support Bonus – Earn up to a 55% bonus when your recruits become Leaders
  • Team Support Bonus Level 2 – Earn up to a 50% bonus when your secondary members become Leaders.

If you want a more in depth look at the compensation plan, I’d suggest watching the video below because for some reason it’s hard to locate the official compensation plan document.


You Need To Recruit To Succeed

This is par for the course when it comes to MLM’s so it’s not all that surprising when it comes to TSL either.

In the end of the day the primary method to succeed with TSL will be via face to face or online recruitment. Retail sales can make you a decent amount of money too but, the amount of work you’d need to do and the returns for that work definitely will not eclipse simply recruiting more people into your team and earning a percentage of their sales.

Besides, the compensation plan is more focused on recruitment too considering 5 of the 7 methods you can earn with TSL is via growing your rank, a referrals rank or earning from the sales that your referrals generate.

So, if you’re not willing to learn how to get good at recruitment, TSL or any other MLM for that matter is not a business opportunity you should pursue.

It’s In A Very Competitive Niche

The health and wellness as well as the weight loss market is super competitive so getting involved with it probably will mean it’ll hard to break through.

Moreover, when you also take into that TSL is still so young, there’s a good chance that it may collapse in the not to distant future, essentially getting eaten up by the competition.

Of course I can’t really say anything for certain regarding the company’s future but, the fact it’s in the very competitive weight loss industry does make you question why people would pay money for an unknown brand with little to no authority over something that’s been proven to work.

Most Individuals Will Fail

This is simply the reality of MLM companies, a vast majority of the time distributors will not succeed. I’ve seen many income disclosure statements in my time, from the likes of kyani, worldventures, xyngular, zilis and many more and what I can tell you from seeing them is that the chances of success are going to be very low.

In fact, if we’re talking numbers, only the top 5% will make anything half decent at around $1K/month and only the top 1% will make a full time income.

Of course the numbers may be slightly higher or lower for TSL affiliates but, I doubt it’d be much different to what I’ve stated.


The Wholesale Discount Is Pretty Solid

The discounts for actually purchasing a single product from TSL starting at 50% (provided you sign up via the £27.50 option) and going as high as a 70% discount is actually really nice.

This means if you’re able to make a single sale you’ll literally be able to double your money. Of course selling isn’t going to be easy and there’s a chance you may even need to sell the products at a lower price but, the discounts are one of the company’s best features.

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No, TSL is neither a pyramid scheme or a scam, it’s a legitimate MLM company however, this does not mean it’s an opportunity I would recommend you join.

Besides the really great wholesale discount, there isn’t many things that stand out.

The fact you need to be good at recruitment in order to succeed, the fact it’s also a very new company in a really competitive market and the low success rate of MLM’s are but a few reasons why I’d suggest not joining TSL.


I personally will always recommend against using a MLM business model to make money, not because you can’t make money through it (you totally can) but, the system has always seemed shady to myself and is kinda synonymous with the likes of a pyramid scheme or scams (MOBE and Digital altitude).

Instead I prefer working with something created through ones own means and is ultimately dependent on yourself and your work ethic alone.

This method I’m talking about is affiliate marketing.

The reasons as to why I recommend it over MLM based structures are because

– there is no need to recruit constantly

– it is a legitimate method that has been working consistently and continues to grow as more businesses want individuals to promote products

– and because it is free to start up, no unnecessarily large start up funds needed.

The service I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to sign up to and will get you set up and ready to start your affiliate marketing journey within minutes, as it did for me when I begun my journey.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me regarding TSL, feel free to do so in the comments section below And I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have your own thoughts about TSL and would like to talk about it, again feel free to do so in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Is TS Life A Scam?(A Weight Loss Pyramid Scheme EXPOSED!?)”

    • Affiliate is better than mlm’s. After all a good portion of them do follow a pyramid scheme like structure.

      Nevertheless, if you want to still go ahead and buy into an mlm I’m not going to vforce anyone not to, even though I do heavily advise against it.

  1. When you say TS Life is not a pyramid scheme, how are you defining it as “not a pyramid scheme”? If a scheme has an emphasis on recruitment over product sales it is a pyramid scheme regardless of there being a product or service present. If the sales are to “customers” who are also sign-up to the scheme then that is also a red flag. If uplines’ earn on downlines’ product purchases (not downlines’ sales), then that is another red flag.

    • Honestly speaking I do agree with your input there, I’m personally not a big fan of the mlm business structure so I wouldn’t really get involved with myself. The emphasis pyramid like recruiting is certainly a re flag but that’s also most MLM are nowadays.


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