Is Internet Jetset A Scam? (Is John Crestani’s Course Worth It??)

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It’s likely that you have come across Internet Jetset through an email list, on social media or got it recommended by a friend or family member.

Is Internet Jetset a scam? If you’re here right now, you’re probably a little skeptical regarding this products quality right? That’s why you’ve found yourself on this Internet Jetset review afterall.

First and foremost I must commend you for actually doing a bit of extra research before committing to purchasing or joining Internet Jetset. For all you could have known, Internet Jetset may very well be a scam and rob you of your money so this review could help you find anything peculiar about it.

To be totally transparent with you I haven’t used Internet Jetset so I can assure you that I will not attempt to sell you on it unless of course it’s worth investing in.

What I will aim to do is provide you with an unbiased 3rd party review of Internet Jetset that will hopefully help you to make the correct decision in the end.

PRODUCT NAME: Internet Jetset

OWNER/S: John Crestani

TYPE OF PRODUCT: Affiliate Marketing Training Platform + Community

PRICE: $47 + upsells

SUMMARY: Internet Jetset is not a scam, it is actually a pretty solid affiliate marketing course but, the upsells and the basic nature of the front end package might not make it the most ideal of affiliate marketing courses to pick. If you’re willing to invest in $997 upsells, the value of the course does skyrocket exponentially but, it also means you’ve got to spend a lot more.

In the end of the day, the main issue most people will have with this program is the price that you’ll have to pay and considering how my #1 recommended affiliate program teaches more or less everything that internet Jetset’s $997 course traches but, also provides it to you for cheaper, it’s a little hard for me to recommend Internet Jetset.


RECOMMENDED: NO (it depends on your choice)



Internet Jetset logo

Internet Jetset is an affiliate marketing training platform and community created by John Crestani. This platform aims to teach you how to create a successful affiliate marketing business providing you with a 12 week step by step training so at very least, I can tell you that John isn’t trying to skimp out on the quality of his product.

If you don’t know who John Crestani is, allow me to give you a brief backstory on who he is. At this current moment John is an affiliate marketer/ content creator on YouTube and is most well known for his success story.


John crestani

In this story he states that his life changed when he got fired at the age of 28. At this point in his life he went abroad trying to figure out a way to becoming a financially successful entrepreneur and over the years, through trial and error, he managed to create his very own empire and eventually began making $500k/month. 

He is an affiliate marketer that has also been featured in multiple high level websites such as:

And many more so, he isn’t just your average nobody trying to sell you an awful product, he’s someone who’s putting his reputation on the line trying to create his very own platform for newbie and advanced Internet marketers alike.

I’m sure you’ve seen a few of his ads and some of his interviews too so, the one thing you can be certain of is that he is a real person and actually quite likeable too.

Although Internet Jetset is what I’m reviewing the actual main upsell and the main product within this system is the Super Affiliate System (SAS) which is a 12 week program aiming to teach you some of the more advanced methods that affiliate marketing advocates.

SAS is also a product created by John Crestani and will cost you $997 to purchase but, the reason why I bring it up is because if you purchase this specific system, you’ll be able to gain access to the Internet Jetset system as an added bonus whilst through Internet Jetset, it’ll merely be another upsell.

The main difference between both systems is that SAS is more advanced and teaches you about paid traffic strategies whilst Internet Jetset only focuses on teaching you how to grow an affiliate marketing business through free traffic sources.

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This is the front end package and will teach you some of the more basic elements of affiliate marketing. There are 12 different modules within this course and it’ll teach you quite a few things.

Some of the free traffic methods it teaches you include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Youtube/video marketing 
  • Facebook marketing 

These are all pretty good ways to get free traffic and can be a very useful way to make some money through affiliate marketing. He also discusses some barriers you may have with your mindset and how you should overcome them.

Mindset is definitely a very important component for whether or not you’ll fail in this business therefore, it’s important although I don’t really think it’s worth dedicating a module to it afterall, it is something you can find on YouTube for free.

You’ll also be taught how to find a niche and make money through it, which is nice little element that doesn’t limit you to only making money by promoting Internet Jetset for commissions only.

One of the more controversial elements about the course is the module that discusses getting a commission in 2 hours. This course suggests that you write a mini review of a book on your Facebook page and then place a affiliate link from amazon on there so that hopefully, one of your friends purchases the book you recommend.

The only problem here is that putting a affiliate link on your Facebook page actually goes AGAINST Amazon’s Terms and Conditions. Even if John’s intention by having people do this is just so his customers can get the taste of a sale, it’s nonetheless bad practice to have his customers break these terms.

You’ll also be given access to a weekly webinars within so, I guess that’s a nice little addition on top.

Overall it does seem that the Internet Jetset front end package is actually a solid product for a beginner and honestly at $47/month although a tad bit expensive for what it offers, it’s a solid foundational course for newbies.

Before moving on to SAS I guess I’ll get out of the way the first upsell that’s on offer

Upsell #1 Xtreme Case Study Archives (one time fee of $187)


Internet jetset xtreme case studies

This upsell is basically a collection of case studies and interviews from individuals who’ve actually become successful by using the methods taught within Internet Jetset.

I do see the value in this package as it definitely can motivate you because you actually get to see how other successful affiliates made it using what John teaches however, at the price that’s being asked for it, I’m sure you agree with me in saying that $187 is a bit much.

Now I guess we’ll move on to the headline upsell and course , the Super Affiliate System…

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The SAS section of the training will cost you $997, which is of course a hefty sum to pay although nowhere near as much as the upsells that Six Figure Mentors or Legendary Marketer have in store for you.

Anyways, this course is quite in depth and has a lot of advanced elements for affiliate marketing to go over, such as paid advertising, copy writing, data analysis and so on.

The course also has a 12 week program (which is actually a six week program now) that consists of 50+ hours of content to learn. 

This puts into perspective how SAS actually is the headline course from John Crestani and it shows how he really does want to provide as much value as he can for his customers, which is something I do respect Internet Jetset as a whole for.

So let’s dive into what the 6 week program consists of :

Super affiliate system


  • Week 1 System Setup :The first week will simply show you to deal with the basics of your business, the likes of which may include how to set up Facebook ads, how to apply for affiliate programs, setting up, deciding on your goals and so on. 
  • Week 2 Success Skill : the second week aims to teach about how to plan to succeed. You’ll be taught about the entrepreneur mindset, how to choose a niche, how to choose a ad network, how to network as well as how you should go about choosing your affiliate offers. 
  • Week 3 Marketing Skills : This week mostly focuses on improving your copy writing skills. You’ll be taught how to write good copy, how to optimise your ads and basically how to get the best conversions through your copy. 
  • Week 4 Facebook and Google Ads : In the fourth week you’ll be taught how to use Google ads and Facebook, which will pay a major part in your success with these affiliate marketing ventures taught through SAS. You’ll basically be taught how to set up your ad networks, how to analyse the metrics and so on. 
  • Week 5 Native and YouTube Ads : This is just another week on how to use ads. It’ll basically go over how to set up all kinds of native ads such as MGID and Out brain Native ads as well as teach you about how to create campaigns on YouTube. 
  • Week 6 Scaling and Outsourcing : The final week will show you how to use survey funnels, how to scale your campaigns from $1k – $20k, how to utilise media buyers as well as provide you with 2 case studies to learn from 

The 6 week program is definitely quite intense however, it’s not the only resources that SAS provides. There are a few other tools that come with the package and they include :

  • Targeting Data – Lists of potential customers’ Email addresses organized into different niches
  • Ad Swipes – Ad copy examples organized into different niches
  • Presell Pages – Ready-made ClickFunnels sales pages
  • Affiliate Networks – John’s top affiliate networks to join
  • Ad Networks – John’s top Ad networks to join + Ad network coupons

The support available is also pretty decent with a Facebook mastermind group available as well as a help desk and an email address through which you can contact the support team if you’re ever worried or just want to learn about something.

All in all, I think that course does offer a lot of value and I can see why SAS is pushed on the buyers when they make it into the Internet Jetset system however, at $997 I do think it’s quite a steep fee to pay for most.

This is even less appealing when you consider courses like my #1 recommendation which offer similarly in depth training on affiliate marketing but, at a more considerate price tag. Nevertheless, I’m not at all displeased at the quality of the entire course itself.


The Initial Training Is Pretty Basic

The front end package, although decent, is a pretty basic package so you won’t really get the most out of it. It’s still a solid foundation to start from but, I don’t think you’ll get the most value out from it.

The Upsell Is Quite Expensive

The main package is the Super Affiliate System so if you do plan on getting the most out of John’s product and training, you will need to be willing to invest $997. The only problem here is that it’s just very expensive so you’ve got to be committed to the cause of making it with affiliate marketing.

I guess the other problem here is that you will need to also have a decent amount of money to invest in the paid traffic methods that are taught as well but, I don’t really consider that a negative because that’s just how paid traffic works after all.

The other up sell is also expensive at $187 but, I don’t think that one’s absolutely necessary to make it as an affiliate marketer so skipping it shouldn’t really hinder you at all.

John Has A Lot Of Hidden Costs And Affiliate Links In The Members Area

Inside the members area John will recommend that you purchase certain tools such as an auto responder for your email marketing or the Click funnels tools, hosting tools and so on. All of these tools will have John’s affiliate link attached to them meaning if you buy it through him, you’ll be making him affiliate commissions.

Now just to be clear, I don’t think that this is bad per say however, there have been instances where he has promoted some horrible products, mainly the recently shut down pyramid scheme called MOBE so, the choices of products John promotes don’t always tend to have the best track record.

If you’re not into his way of marketing, you don’t have to purchase these tools through his affiliate links. And of course these tools are essentially hidden fees within Internet Jetset which you probably will need to purchase to move forward with some of the training.

To me, it’s not the worst thing in the world that the tools aren’t disclosed as being affiliate links because in the end of the day, as an affiliate marketer, they will be essential to get better results further down the road nevertheless, I still think this point is worth mentioning.

The Training On The 2 Hour Commissions Breaks Amazon’s Terms & Conditions 

This one can be regarded as major or minor, just depends on how you look at it but, the fact he suggests that customers use this tactic is a cause for concern.

Okay I get it, if you’re a newbie in the affiliate world, seeing results quickly will motivate you and help you to keep your mindset in a positive limelight however, breaking the rules set by Amazon could also prove problamtic for you in the future.

I understand why John uses this strategy but, it also may not be the best way to go about it. In the end of the day, doing it once isn’t the end of the world but as a new affiliate, if it worked once, wouldn’t you do it again and again?

Then again this is only for amazon’s associates program, I’m sure most other affiliate programs don’t all follow this rule.


The SAS Training Is In Depth 

The step by step guide is very thorough and it will be a very useful tool for you if you do decide to get into the training. The fact it doesn’t just focus on promoting it’s own affiliate program is already a win in my book.

You’re actually taught how to make money through other niches which is, in my opinion, the very least that affiliate marketing training course should do.

John is obviously quite the successful affiliate marketing person especially in the paid ads department and the copy writing area so, I do believe his training here should be quite useful.

All in all the training is very good and the mindset stuff should also be very helpful for some of you if you’re struggling in that department.

John Crestani Is Likeable And Willing To Improve When Criticised 

John himself is a big brand and his character from the interviews he has done as well as his enthusiasm to improve his system, is a very good attribute for a leader and for a community like Internet Jetset.

In my opinion, it’s not the leading affiliate marketing course out there because it is missing a couple of important tools but, if John is serious about this project (form the looks of it he is) then the system should get better over time.

There’s a reason why he’s made soo much money through affiliate marketing and other things so he should definitely have some value to provide just due to his successes alone.

Useful Tools And Resources

The program also has quite a few useful resources and tools such as the adswipe, targeting data, presell pages all of which should be useful when put into practice.

He also has a list of his top affiliate programs which might be helpful for the few who are struggling to find a niche to pursue. So yeah, there are a fair few useful tools and resources at your disposal once you’ve purchases the system.

Can Build An Affiliate Business In Any Niche

The training actually teaches you to create multiple affiliate websites or campaigns within different niches to boot.

The reason why I consider this to be a good thing is because if you were promoting Internet Jetset and it were to go out of business or shut down, you’d lose your main source of income however, the training in John’s program teaches you about how you can leverage other niches like the dog niche, bicycle niche and so on to make a sustainable affiliate income from.

This just shows how you’re able to make use of the training in any affiliate marketing venture which is definitely a nice position to be in.

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No, Internet Jetset is not a scam, in fact I’d it’s a solid affiliate marketing program that does have a lot of value to offer to it’s customers.

The training is solid albeit very simple, there are quite a lot of resources available and John himself is a pretty commendable fellow who’s willing to take criticism to try and improve where it’s needed.

The only area that may be a little annoying for most people is the price that you’ll need to pay and a lot of the hidden upsells. Internet Jetset’s front end package definitely has it’s value but SAS, the headline package is a lot more comprehensive and will also set you back $997.

If you’re willing to spend more for the advanced training within SAS and are willing to put in the work, the system might just be worth it although, considering my #1 recommendation is arguably a better affiliate marketing platform, with a couple more features and cheaper as a whole, it’s pretty hard for me to completely recommend this program.

Nevertheless, I still do think Internet Jetset is a solid course and possibly worth checking out if your really want to see what’s inside.

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Internet Jetset has its perks and appears to be a solid course on teaching you how to do affiliate marketing through paid methods but, it’s not the best affiliate marketing course out there in my opinion unlike my #1 recommendation.

The reason why I say this is because the course that I recommend is an all inclusive affiliate marketing course which means it pretty much provides all the training and tools (besides a couple exceptions like autorepsonders and premium themes) to do well in the affiliate marketing stratosphere.

The tools and training you’ll receive include

  • Free hosting 
  • A Free Membership Option 
  • Live Chat
  • Hundreds of Training Lessons Created By The Creators And The Successful Affiliates In The Community 
  • Weekly Webinars 
  • And a Pretty Great Affiliate Program 

The base method taught in here actually revolves around using free traffic methods to eventually create successful affiliate marketing business although, in the future you could also use their training of paid methods to generate leads too.

Internet Jetset is great for what it offers but, if you want to get involved in something that is significantly better in training that it offers as well as the support of a highly active community all at $49/month or $359/year, my #1 Recommendation is definitely the way to go.

Don’t forget that you’ll actually be given access to 20 free lesson if you sign up and there’s no requirement to put in your credit card details either.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me regarding Internet Jetset, feel free to do so in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have your own thoughts about Internet Jetset and would like to talk about it, again feel free to do so in the comments.



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