Copy Paste Commissions Review – A Scam To Make $4.5 Million!?

It’s likely that you have come across Copy Paste Commisions through an email list, on social media or got it recommended by a friend or family member.

Welcome to my Copy Paste Commissions review!

Are its claims of helping you make $4,77,167.62 ( I know this is a ludicrously large sum of money) simply by copy and pasting their stratergies legitimate or an overselling farce?

First and foremost I must commend you for actually doing a bit of extra research before committing to purchasing Copy Paste Commissions. For all you could have known, the product could be a major scam so the fact you’re here right now, researching whether or not that’s the case is a pretty smart move on your part.

To be fully transparent with you, I don’t personally own Copy Paste Commisions so I can assure you that I will not attempt to sell you it unless of course it’s worth investing in.

What I will aim to do is provide you with an unbiased 3rd party look at Copy Paste Commisions that will hopefully help you to make the best decision you can in the end.

PRODUCT NAME: Copy Paste Commisions

OWNER/S: Omar Martin and Michael Cheney

TYPE OF PRODUCT: Affiliate Marketing Course

PRICE: $19.95 + upsells

SUMMARY: Copy Paste Commissions has a solid ebook on their hands, it has some genuinely good information on affiliate marketing and is available in multiple formats to help you digest the information better. I think that it is a good product and possibly worth buying if you’re interested however, if you want the best value affiliate marketing course out there, I’d more prominently suggest my #1 Recommendation instead.


RECOMMENDED: NO (Better options out there)



Copy Paste Commisions is a course created by Omar Martin and Michael Cheney with the intention of teaching people out there how to make money using affilaite marketing as their core for building their income.

It is stated within their sales page in fairly bold letters and numbers that they will teach you how to generate over $4.5 million in commissions using the strategy’s that they have been using for the last 23 years. That’s a very bold statement on their part don’t you think?

So in basic terms, Copy Paste Commisions is an affiliate marketing course, this is a good thing as I’m familiar with affiliate marketing and know for a fact that it is a legitimate online business model that has worked and continues to works.

It’s also why I don’t necessarily doubt their $4.5 million in combined profits at all, I know making that much looks crazy through the perspective of an outsider but it’s is definietly possible although very slim.

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If you don’t know what affiliate marekting is, I’ll give you a breif explanation on how it works.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model that requires ordinary people to promote products within affiliate programs to others who may be interested in it.

Once the promoted product is purchased, the affiliate (the person promoting the product) will receive a commission.

In regards to how they track if it’s you, simply put, a unique affiliate link will be provided to you, if someone who is interetsed in the product you’re promoting buys through that link, the business will know that it was from you.

How much commission you receive and type of commission you receive will vary from program to program, some may offer a fixed sum, other programs may offer a residual monthly commission, some commission 50%+ whilst others may be as low as 5%. Just do your research on these programs so you can find the right program for you.

That’s a fairly basic overview of how affiliate marketing works, if you’re stilll unsure of this buisness models premise, just ask me to clarify in the comments.

Anyways I know that more importantly you are wondering what Copy Paste Commissions has within its memebers area so let’s dive into that.


The upfront package that Omar and Micheal provide will only provide you with some of the knowledge required to implement their stratergies, the rest of the info can be found in the upsells (I’ll get back to that in a moment).

So what do you receive inside the upfront package for $19.95:

The Copy Paste Commissions Course:

within this section of the system you will be redirected to a video tellling you to read their 77 page ebook. The intention behind this course is to give an indepth anlaysis on the methods and strategies they use and have been using for many years to get to the financial situation they’re in right now.

The ebook is fairly indepth and covers a few valid methods and stratergies.

1.The Crush It Campaign: This section of the ebook covers the exact stratergy Omar and Micheal used a few years ago in order to achieve the results that they have. It empasis the importance of mailing frequently or providing bonuses to improve the bottom line of a marketer.

2. Traffic: This chapter within the ebook teaches you how to increase traffic to your affiliate program using paid sources or free sources such as Facebook.

3. Email Stratergy: This section goes fairly indepth into the process of list building and the time periods that you should look to send emails. within. For example in the ebook it suggested that you should send an email out at around 8:30am just as commutters are making their journey to work.

This is because around this period supposedly more people are likely to view their emails meaning there is a higher chance to make commissions. Of course they also teach you how to write emails in a manner they believe is more likely to convert too.

There is a lot more information provided within the ebook but these are justa few pieces of info regarding Omar and Micheals course.

The course will also come in an audio format as well as in video format if your more inclined to learning in these two manners.

Promote Copy Paste Commissions

This section just gives you acces to promote Copy Paste Commissions, there’s nothing really wrong with this section, it gives people that truly believe in the training provided an oppurtuinity to make money by reccomending the course.

As long as a company has a legitmatley good product, I’m personally fine promoting it so, if Copy Paste Commissions is good I don’t see why they shouldn’t allow others to do the same.

Everything that’s been discussed up till now is the product/s you’ll have acess to if you pay the $19.95 fee. Considering the fairly low purchase fee, it doesn’t come as a suprise that Omar and Micheal have a couple upsells too.

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Top Commissions Toolkit Lite ($17)/Premium ($27): Copy Paste Commissions first upsell/s is thier top commssions toolkit. It comes in 2 different packages and essentially provides you with certain helpful to improve your conversions and the lite versions a fewer amountgs of tools.

The Done For You Commissions Services ($37): As the name suggests. this upsell will have all the ground work sorted for you like maybe a website and so on but, it should be noted that just becuase you purchase this system does not mean that you will be making money anywhere near the amount that Omar or Micheal are making.



Well this depends on whether or not you apply the information taught to you within the ebook. Through my reserach I have found that the information is pretty good but, as the ebook is a fixed product, in some instances the information may be out of date or maybe the stratergies simply aren’t valid anymore.

The internet moves pretty fast so the ebook’s teachings may not necessarily be any good however, what I can say for sure is that affiliate marketing does work and will continue to be a legit way to make money as long as businesses continue creating and pumping out new products and services.

In the end of the day the ultimate reason for success within affiliate marketing will rely on your work ethic and ambition to create content that will eventually start profiting for you.

So what I’m saying is that it is quite possible the information provided within Copy Paste Commissions probably has a lot of valid points and works well enough, whether or not it’s your best option is debateable.


Upsells In Your Face

This isn’t the biggest of problems but from my research I found out that once you purchase the product, Copy Paste Commissions hit you right in the face with their upsells.

I understand that they are trying to maximise their profits but hitting you with an instant left jab and then right hook just as you start is a little forward don’t you think.

If they were to wait a little before letting you know of their upsells that would have been cool on their part ; of course they choose not to do that.

again I can’t class this as a major set back but it is still a little annoying when all you’re trying to do is just check out the course.

Possibly Outdated Content

I can’t be completley certain on this but there’s a chance that the content written down in the ebook may be invalid or just out of date.


As we know information regarding internet marketing evolves pretty quickly so in certain areas within the ebook you may be reading something that may have only applied a few years ago as opposed to now.

of course I can’t say for sure that the content is all out of date but what I do believe is that there most likley are a few pages within the book that simply dont cut it in 2018 and onwards for affiliate marketing.


The Ebook Course Is Genuinely Good

This is obviously a very important box to tick for a content and educational product and to put it bluntly Copy Paste Commissions by Omar and Micheal have done a pretty good job.

They have quite a bit of insightful pages due to their grafting within the affilate marketing scene for over 20 years I mean it’d be pretty crazy if they didin’t manage to have any knowledge on affilate marketing after working on it for so long.

So if you are still interested in Copy Paste Commissions, I’d say it’s a decent thing to learn from.

Multiple Formats To Check Out The Course

Besides an ebook format, the Copy Paste Commissions course comes in a few different ways to learn from. These other formats are the audiobook and video formats.

So if you prefer to listen or listen and watch the subject matter you’re trying to learn, the options are there for you.

30 Day Money Back Guarentee

It’s always a nice touch when companies include a money back guarentee that’s why its nice to see that Copy Paste Commissions has opted to do the same.

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No Copy Paste Commissions is not a scam, it is a legitimate affiliate marketing course that has its fair bit of valuable information.

At just under 20 bucks I also don’t feel that they are charging you an extortionate amount of money to learn money from a couple of really succesful affiliate marketers so if your up for learning from Omar and Micheal I can’t say it’s a bad choice but…

Whether I believe it’s the best course of its kind out there is a different matter. Okay I understand why a course for $19.95 isn’t the best out there but if you’re truly willing to invest in an affiliate marketing course, wouldn’t you rather it be arguably the best in the market.

That’s where my recommendation comes in…


If you want to check out the best affiliate markerting course/tool in the market, I’d strongly suggest you check out my #1 recommendation. It’s an affiliate marketing course that costs $49 a month but provides you with upto date knowledge on affilate marketing, continually updating and expanding their library of knowledge.

The training is organised in a step by step program that’ll help you tread easily and consistently on this business model. Moreover you’re also be provided with a keyword research tool and hosting tools to actually assist in your business, These tools aren’t even upsells, they all fall within $49 pricetag.

But to me the best part about the program for any newbie is that you don’t need to pay that $49 to test it out, if you’re curious about the product I’m talking about and want to check it out, the owners of the program will allow you to go through their first module for free, no credit card details required.

If you are interested….

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me regarding Copy Paste Commissions , feel free to do so in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have your own thoughts about Copy Paste Commissions and would like to talk about it, again feel free to do so in the comments below!




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