The Megabook Of Affiliate Marketing Programs Review


Owner: Phillip Lord

Product name: The megabook of affiliate marketing programs

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Price: $47 ( Money back guarantee up to 30 days)

Final ratings: 3.5/5


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– A solid resource for affiliate programs 

– Over 500 affiliate programs to choose from within 90 different niches

– A 30 day money back guarantee 


– Does not teach you how you should promote the programs. 

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Phillips video promotion of the megabook of affiliate marketing programs


Affiliate marketing, it comprises of selling other people things in exchange for a commission, I guess you could say that it is akin to a car saleman or a realtor making commission for every car or property they sell. There is infact a difference between affiliate marketing and the othet 2 professions, the difference being that affiliate marketing can genuinely become a passive source of income in the future! In my the megabook of affiliate marketing programs review, I will try to provide you with a thorough look at this proposal and whether or not this book is worth your hard earned money or not.


The megabook is an affiliate marketing course created by Phillip Lord with the purpose of showing you how to promote affiliate products that have high conversions and commissions.

Philip lord started off just like the average newbie in the affiliate marketing field, he scowered the Internet in search of affiliate programs. The goal being to find programs that not only pay commissions upwards of $100 for every sale but, programs that convert well and ultimately become sources of passive and reoccurring income for him.

After doing his research, Phillip found over 90 niches that include over 500 affiliate programs with high paying commissions and conversions.

This book isn’t something that will help you or even teach you how to make sales and commissions through the affiliate programs, it is actually just a one stop book for every affiliate program that Phillip has found that offer high commissions and in general good conversions rates.

A few programs from these 500 affiliate program found within the megabook include real estate, exotic car hires, luxury car hire, health and fitness and of course plenty of other programs.


So from the looks of it, the megabook of affiliate marketing programs is merely a resource with links and guidance on how you can sign up and attempt to make commissions through one of the many programs recommended within.

At it’s asking price and the way that the book is marketed doesn’t seem like a scam at all. If you’re struggling with finding a niche, the megabook just makes it easier on its consumers to solidify your choice and as I have learnt from studying from my #1 recommended coursre, it’s entirely possible to make 5 or even 6 figures with affiliate marketing.

What I do believe should be stated is that the megabook is merely a resource and not a training course. It doesn’t offer you a course or aim to teach you the methods needed to actually make money through affiliate marketing.

The mega book just guides you towards a solid niche through which you could choose to focus and base your around within it once you’ve build your own website.



The megabook is for anyone who wants to locate awesome affiliate offers that pay out high commissions.

Everything provided within the book can definetly be  found for free but, if you value your time or simply don’t want to spend bucket loads of time searching for quality affiliate programs, the megabook is a solid option to look into as it will save you a bunch of time.

Ideally it’s something you should look into once you understand how to monetize through affiliate marketing or at the very least understand how to affiliate market. If you buy the product, a basic guide on how to generate traffic will be provided to you however, in the end of the day it’s likely it’ll only provide you with a very basic understanding.

If you actually want to learn how to do affiliate marketing and create a solid website that focuses on generating traffic for your affiliate marketing program, I definitely recommend that you check out this training course that I’ve personally studied and gained my knowledge from regarding affiliate marketing.


This affiliate marketing service is my #1 recommendation and for good reason. The reaosn as to why it is as great as it is, is because it is very real with you. The service doesn’t sell you a dream, at least not one that can be achieved lightly.

What it offers is a tried and tested service that will both teach you how to research for a niche and find a way to make income through it. And for the most part it says that a fair bit of upfront work will be necessary especially if you want to pursue a highly competitive niche (e.g. Health and fitness/make money money online etc.)

The service that I am talking about is wealthy affiliate! 


Even with the more pessimistic approach to selling they’re service, they still have 500k+ members of which members who have put in the work are living the laptop lifestyle or can do if they want to.

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Yeah… I’d ay say it’s definitely worth checking out but, if you’re just starting out and have absolutely no idea how you wohld implement and turn the affiliate programs shown in the megabook into a profitable income stream I would say hold off for a bit.

Gain some experience in the field and study the basics of how to first build up your own traffic sources that will be able to generate you leads that can lead conversions.

Phillip himself says that it takes about the same amount of effort to sell something expensive as it is to sell something cheap.

I 100% agree with these opinions and see why it could be worth purchasing the program because of the resources it provides. So to reiterate, if you understand how to generate traffic, it’s worth the asking price (which honestly isn’t too bad) but, if you are a beginner, I’d first recommend you learn how to walk before you run, work on the basics before thinking thinking about purchasing this book.

==>Try The Megabook For Your Self<==

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4 thoughts on “The Megabook Of Affiliate Marketing Programs Review”

  1. Thanks for this review. I can definitely see how the MegaBook could be useful for someone who is established in affiliate marketing. I am just getting started in the business and so far am only promoting inexpensive products with mostly low commissions. It’s too soon to say if it will be profitable. A statement that really stood out to me is “it takes about the same amount of effort to sell something expensive as it is to sell something cheap.” That gives me hope and encourages me to keep this resource in mind for when I am ready.

    • Yeah thats exactly right selling is equally hard or easy for every price range you deal with. The megabook is awesome resource for finding some more expensive programs with better commissions

  2. I think the book has some good information to offer, promoting high ticked products can definitely be the solution to make a full time passive income online. I mean, after you have already made one sale of a high ticket product, it means that you have found the way to make it work and you are going to get repeated sales.
    I am currently working on selling high ticked products like some software on my site. If the reader has a goal and that product is going to achieve that goal, they would be ready to buy it. The price justifies the product.

    • Yeah i think the megabook definitely has its value and is worth the investment if you know how to Affiliate market in the first place. Im glad this review helped you out with your decision!


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