25 Dollar 1Up Review – Is It Another MLM Scam?



Owner: Tj Holloway 

Website URL: https://25dollar1up.com/landingpage1.php?user=affro

Product name: 25 dollar 1 up

Price: $10+$25,$100,$250,$500 ( no refunds) 

Final ratings: 2/5



– 98% of everything is done for you

– 100% commission from every referral except the 2nd referral 


– Not a sustainable business model

– You need to pay for all 4 levels to receive maximum potential commissions

– Cash gifting system similar to digital altitude and MOBE both of which have been shut down by Ftc

What is 25 dollar 1up? Is it another multlevel marketing scam that promises more than it can offer, if you’ve somehow managed to stumble across this post, fair play to you, when investing in something it’s always the wise decision to check if something is legitimate or not. Hopefully by the end of my 25 dollar 1up review you will have some kind of idea on how the system works and if its possible to actually make money through it.



25 dollar 1up is a system that aims to help you make more money to pay bills or book holidays. Essentially it wants to give the ability to create another income stream to help you out.

This product is created by Tj Holloway and was actually made due to some previous difficulties with his other website. The problems he was having with his other website occured when he was attempting to migrate the previous website over to another url.

Due to this fault with Tj’s previous endeavour he was forced to re-launch and rebrand it into the website we now know as 25 dollar 1up.

As it’s a relaunch of an older service, members had already paid for the system. In order to satisfy these customers Tj promised to give them back their memberships once the new site was ready.

After a few months of testing to make sure the website was smooth in its function, Tj launched the product and as promised allowed the older members migrate to the new website without paying again. A pretty cool thing to do on Tj’s part although it’s probably the least he could’ve done for his customers.

Anyways how does the system used in 25 dollar 1up actually work? How do you actually make money through it?

I’ll get to all of that but I think it’s best that I explain what you will actually receive if you were to actually purchase this system



25 dollar 1up has a certain structure to it, it requires you to purchase one of these plans in order to actually start using what it offers to you i.e commissions.

There are four levels to the 25 dollar 1up system. All these levels will provide you with certain tools and helpful videos to help you in creating your own seperate website if you chose to do so. All the levels and what they bring to you going to be outlined nowm

The Gold level ($25): this is the initial level that you will need to purchase in order to promote 25 dollar 1 up. It’s a one time fee so no monthly cost, so what do you get if you buy this level

– Receive $25 personal and pass up commissions

– Residual income option with the company MyEcon

–  Personal development audio

– 4 capture pages with lead capture forms

– Facebook support groups

– Pre-written ads

– Marketing system to track any visitor and leads that come to your website

The Platinum level ($100): this is the second level you can purchase within the product, it will give acces to the following material

– Able to receive $100 and $25 personal and pass Up Commissions

– Will also have access to all features within the gold membership

– Able to email any personal leads through the system

– 60+ training and personal development videos

– Postcard template mailers and access to a mailing list provider

– Done for you postcard service

– You can add a 3rd party autoresponder like Aweber

– You have access to your own personal branding page

– Have the ability to add up to 12 banner ads to market your other businesses.


There other 2 systems which are significantly more expensive and have only recently be added, they are called the Diamond ($250) and enterprise level ($500).

These 2 packages probably aren’t something you’ll get into anytime soon but what they do offer to you are more training videos on personal development and squeeze pages that will help you in capturing email addresses to build up your email list.

Looking at all that 25 dollar 1up has to offer, you can see that it is definitely very deep in the knowledge it provides. With everything provided you will have the ability to even create your own online business if you want to use the information.

If you actually do decide to purcahse anyone of these levels, you can pay through an online or offline payment method. This is good news for people who don’t have access to paypal and struggle paying via online methods.

Now on to the pressing question in mind, Tj himself states that you will be able to make money through this system but how exactly do you go about doing that?

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25 dollar 1up helps you make money through a commission system similar to an affiliate program system. Once you’ve paid for the one time hosting fee of 10 bucks you will then need to purhase one of the 4 packages. By doing this you will gain access to the affiliate scheme for each level.

25 dollar 1up use a 1 up type of commission structure. How this type of system works is as so:

– The first person that you refer to 25 dollar 1up will allow you to make commissions up to $875

– The second personal referrals commissions will be given to the individual who referred you, they will be capable of making up to $875 dollars

– From the third person onwards you will be able to make upto $875 from every person you refer

I guess you could say it resembles a Multi level Marketing structure (MLM) which you is true however, it does seem to function much more like an affiliate program due to the commission structure.

Notice how I’ve said that you can make upto $875 from every referral, this can only happen if your referal buys all the levels upto the enterprise but will primarily be dependent on whether you purchase all of the levels.

If you only purchase the gold level package, for every referral who you’ve personally signed also purchases the gold level, will accumulate a $25 commissions for you however, if they purcahse the platinum level,  you personally will not receive the commission from that sale.

Instead that specific 100 bucks will be payed to the next person above you who has also purchased the platinum system i.e a pass up commission. This means that if you wish to maximise the amount of money you make, it will be necessary for you to purchase all 4 of the levels which I honestly don’t personally like but I can see how it works

What is this pass up commission structure? 


If you do not own all of the packages that a referral of yours buys, you will not get a commission. Say for example you have the gold level package and one of your referral decides to by a platinum level package, you won’t receive the $100 commission.

Instead this $100 dollars will be commissioned to another person above you in the hierarchy, only if they have purchased the platinum package themselves.

It sounds a little confusing, consider it a scheme similar to MLM but, unlike an MLM, members will only receive commissions from their referrals only if they have purchased the 4 packages and only if you have also purchased all of the higher level packages yourself.

All in all you make commissions for every package your referrals buy up unto the point of packages that you’ve personally bought from 25 dollars 1Up. If you’ve bought up to the enterprise level, you will be entitled to every commission from your referrals (except from your second referral).

The other way that you make money through this product is from the second person any one of your referrals recruit.

It seems to be a fairly legitimate strategy that is being applied however, there are definitely some negative points to the system that 25 dollar 1up uses.

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In terms of if it’s possible to make money through this, yes it absolutely is possible but, the core system structure has some major issues and difficulties within it.

The first problem I’d say that the product has is its longevity. The entire business model behind 25 dollar 1up requires other people to promote the product and get new recruits. Unlike normal models where companies also offer tangible products or use a monthly subscription fee.

Constantly trying to recruit new people isn’t the best or most effective business models out there and without a consistent income coming into the business, it will fail. Most businesses tend to fail within three years, I can’t say for sure that this’ll be the case for 25 dollar 1up but it does seem more likely than not to be the case.

The other problem, especially for newbie members is the process of actually recruiting others to join the product. Tj Holloway claims that 25 dollar 1up has 98% of everything done for you meaning you don’t have to work as hard to set things up.

That may be true but recruiting others will prove very difficult to accomplish then again  you will probably know this if you decide, to purchase the product.

The last problem I have with 25 dollar 1up is that it’s essentially cash gifting system. Systems such as this aren’t really providing any value to its customer with their products, instead they’re gaining members that sell products that dont have much value or can help you in creating your own business.

Other major programs such as digital altitude and MOBE both followed such a structure but in the end where shut by the FTC for a pyramid scam. I’m not saying that 25 dollar 1up is a pyramid scam but what I can say is that it has a very similar structure, in terms of paying referrals 1 up above you commissions if your referral buys a level you don’t own.


So is 25 dollar 1 up actually a scam? Well that depends. For people who who have actually made money through 25 dollar 1 up, they would be hard pressed to admit that its a scam.

I’ve said that there are other systems with a similar structure to this product that have been shut down. I’m not saying that this is exactly what will happen with 25 dollar 1up but, I don’t feel like it’s the most stable of networks to join.

It may very well have a solid or good information but, is it reliable, is it sustainable? Because of these reasons I personally wouldn’t recommend it, if you feel differently that’s not a problem.

If you have any questions or queries regarding 25 dollar 1up,  feel free to write a comment down below and I’ll be happy to answer it. If you have have your own thoughts/review on 25 dollar 1up, also feel free to write it in the comments section below!





9 thoughts on “25 Dollar 1Up Review – Is It Another MLM Scam?”

  1. Wow. So you have to put up more and more cash to access the higher commissions.

    The FTC is sure to shut down this 25 Dollar 1 Up thing sometime soon. The scams keep piling up.

    You may not want to call it an outright scam, but seeing the risk of being shut down by the FTC I think it is a scam.

    Thank you for a thorough and honest review.

    • I guess you could say that it has potential to be a full on scam but it’s early days, it may turn out to be decent although i still recommend staying away from it. 

  2. please let me know if your in this or not? appreciate the real honest insite , tysm are u in it, i se how its scammnis buying all of it to make good $

    • No I’m not a part of 25 dollar 1up nonetheless, I can’t really recommend joining it due to its similarities to a pyramid scheme that good shut down, digital altitude was the name of the company.

      The pay to play system and the lack of any real physical products to most would indicate that 25 dollar 1up is a pyramid scheme in disguise and I’m kind of following that notion too.

      I hope this answers your question.

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    The beauty of the system is what can be offered in the backoffice. Which you can offer many other resources as well from other products you are promoting. Coupled with a few product 25 dollar is amazing, but alone that when it is a little hazing.
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  4. Hi, I am Anup From India. and I am doing a lot with this platform 25$1up by just spending 1–2 hours. I think its the best method of making passive income and enjoy my life, its true affiliate business with high commission than any other affiliate program and if you looking to make money online you should start this business now. if you want to see my earning proof Whatsapp me +919871187093

    • It’s cool that you’re doing great with the system however, I still don’t think it’s worth joining 25 dollar 1 up due to its shady business practices and how similar it is to pyramid schemes like MOBE for example.

      So I’m gonna have to pass you up on that offer.

  5. So we have to invest more and more money for maximum earning. But still it seems interesting platform ro start earning.
    Thanks for sharing the review on 25 dollar 1 up.

    • The fact you have to pay more and more in order to unlock larger payments is actually what’s most problematic about because it’s literally the model MOBE followed before eventually shutting down.

      So personally I would be super against investing in 25 dollar 1up.


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