Profit Accumulator Review 2020 – Is Profit Accumulator Legit?

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In this post I will be discussing my thoughts and experience on using the Profit Accumulator service. I’ve used the service for roughly a year now therefore,  I feel that through my Profit Accumulator review 2017 I will be able to answer the question on whether Profit Accumulator is Legit or just another cash grab.


Owner: Sam Stoffel

Website URL:

Site layout:4.2/5



Ease of use:4/5

Number of offers:5/5

Matched betting tools:4.5/5

Price: Platinum price £17.99/mo or £150/yr

Final ratings:4.5/5

Mild Matters of Money’s #1 recommendation


– A lot of tools for assisting in matched betting

– Solid video tutorials in teaching matched betting

– Easy to use site layout

– Great support on the forum

– A community of people to learn from


– If you don’t look after your accounts then you’ll be unlikely to continue matched betting for more than 2 years

– Most offers are UK based so if you live else where there are fewer offers for you

– The occasional technical issue with a tool can hinder some profits you could accumulate


Profit accumulator is a service designed to help any newbie and even advanced matched betters in achieving an organised and streamlined experience within matched betting.

It is currently the largest matched betting service in the UK and has over 100k members of which the member on the site.

What Is Matched Betting? 


Matched betting is a method in which you,  the player,  place double bets (back and lay bets)  to get a free bet with which, if done correctly, you make instant profit through. The great thing is that through matched betting you should be able to make money with NO RISK attached to you and your money at al!

That’s what Profit accumulator aims to do, it looks to teach it’s user’s, through the use of video training, to replicate a matched bet and make risk free money.


The training provided on Profit Accumulator is very easy to follow.

All the videos produced on the site are hosted by Sam (the owner of the service). Sam goes through all the steps necessary to actually complete an offer.


If you follow the steps correctly and don’t make any horrible errors, you should be looking at making a decent profit everytime.

Over a decent period of time,  if you’re consistent, the ability to complete a risk free bet will become second nature to you just like it did with me.

Overall the training provided in Profit Accumulator is very easy to follow and understand. In my experience the training really managed to speed up the process for me to a stage where now I am able to place a matched bets in well under 3 minutes.


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The forum is a great place to ask questions and to learn about offers that you may be attempting.

The forum looks to make the members of Profit Accumulator a community, a community whom share pieces of information between each other.

For every offer that you partake in,  there will be a corresponding forum post about it. In the forum you’ll get to see members either asking for help on how to do a specific offer or teaching other less capable members on how to do them.

This just shows the Profit accumulator’s community is very helpful and kind (as far as I know) to newbie members.

The search bar in the forum makes it easy to navigate the site and makes it very easy for you, if you are searching for a particular forum post. There are also dedicated sections to Reload-offers, Signup offers,  Casino offers etc. These areas make it easier for you to find posts or sections within the forum.

There are actually even a few posts that are really great to look at in the beginning. These are the posts titled “how to make £300 a month”  and the “how to make £1000 a month”.


The purposes for both posts is to guide members on how to make that kind of many every month. If you’re a busy person you’d probably look into the lower amount but if you have a fair bit of free time,  the £1000 a month forum should be a very helpful guide for you.

Overall Thoughts On The Support

I personally feel that the forum provides more than enough adequate support for it’s members. Moreover,  it provides a community feel for everyone involved.  This community is great as it supports and assists all its members and provides experiences where the support is just a natural habit for the profit accumulator members to provide to each other.



The layout of the site is pretty easy to follow. To actually get to any of the offers you would want to click on the menu button. Once that has been pulled down, you should be directed to the offers page which consists of all the offers.

I personally think that the initial frame work of the site lay out is clean and professional. It makes the site friendly and approachable from a users perspective.


I’ve found that now I don’t even pay the layout any mind meaning that I guess subconsciously, I find the site to be very easy to maneuver around as well as user friendly.

The layout of the forum is a very old school forum look but, for what it’s worth, it gets the job done.


Profit accumulator has a multitude of tools to help you with matched betting.

The one that is most likely to be used being the oddsmatching tool. this tool is the most used as it is very useful for newbie members whilst the other tools are for when you become little bit more advanced.

Oddsmatching Tool


This is a very handy tool in Profit accumulator. The purpose of it is to speed up the process in finding a good qualifying bet.

It provides the odds in both the bookmaker and exchange, the rate of a matche out of 100 and the amount available in liability in the exchange site.

The ratings basically show how much money you will retain after you have completed your normal bet. The closer it is to 100,  the lower the qualifying loss will be.

If the rating is above 100 then what you will be doing is something I wouldn’t recommend if you want to keep your bookmaker accounts healthy. if the rates are over 100 you’ll be placing an arbitrage bet. If you complete an arbitrage bet you will make some extra money but,  if you continue doing it, your account will probably get banned in the future as generally betting on odds that are higher than its exchange counterparts isn’t very beneficial for the online bookmakers afterall…

so if you stay below the 100 rate, for the most part your bookmaker accounts should be fine.

Acca Catcher


This is a tool that makes it easier to manage your accumulator bets. Accumulator bets are a little advanced but it will, if you continue with matched betting,  start to become one of your primary matched betting income sources in the future.

An accumulator is a bet where more than one bets are placed in succession. For example say you placed a bet on arsenal to win and on the same bet slip you placed a bet on Liverpool to win.


In order for the bookie to actually pay out in this case, you will need both wins to come through meaning if arsenal won and Liverpool scraped out a draw, you’d lose the initial stake you’d put in ultimately making a loss.

A lot of bookmakers offer acca offers, primarily the offer where you would receive your money back if one leg is to lose. Through these offers, if you can find good odds for your acca legs and if you use the bonus lock in feature, you should make a decent amount of profit per acca.

If you forget to lay a bet and it loses you could also lose a fair bit of your own money therefore, I only recommend that you do accas when you are little bit more advanced at matched betting.

Match Catcher 


Matched catcher is a great tool for when you start doing the horse racing offers.

It’s purpose is to keep up to date with all the horse racing odds so that when you place the bets you get the best possible odds.

The horse racing offers in general aren’t really risk free therefore,  I wouldn’t recommend delving into this tool as a beginner.

However, if you’re already an advanced match better and are willing to take the risk then match catcher will be a great way to place your horse racing bets to reduce losses when trying for a money back free bet.

Over All Thoughts On The Matched Betting Tools

The service has a ton of value in regards to the tools it provides you for matched betting and for the most part,  they all seem to function well.  There have been moments in my membership where the oddsmatching software wasn’t working properly or where the acca catcher was down for a couple weeks but overall I’ll have to say that my usage of the tool has been generally a great experience.



Before attempting any offer, I would recommend that you first get yourself a new email address with which you will use as your primary matched betting account to sign up to the bookmarkers.

This is purely so you don’t have to deal with a ton of spam on your main email account and also so that it’s easier to manage your matched betting accounts.

Below I will be discussing the different types of offers Profit Accumulator showcases.

Offer’s Star Ratings

All offers on Profit accumulator have a star rating attached to them.

These are there to show the amount of risk you’d be taking if you went through with the offer.

A 4 to 5 star rating means that you’ll be taking no risk at all when attempting the offer (unless of course you make a bad error or don’t follow the rules of the offer properly).


A 3 star rating means that the offer is low risk meaning you could lose some money doing it, these are offers that are worth doing if you don’t mind losing a small sum of money in exchange for a bonus.


1-2 star ratings are high to very high risk offers, I would suggest you stay away from these offers as it very possible that you could lose a lot of money attempting them.


Sign Up Offers


The Sign up offers are the initial offers you will be doing. In fact if you just signup for free to Profit accumulator, you will be taught how to make around £45 through a couple of written and video guides.

Sign up offers are by far the most lucrative matched betting offers on the site and also the easiest to do.

If you sign up to profit accumulator, you’ll be given the option to look at and do 2 easy offers. If you feel that after you’ve done those two offers you’d like to do more, you will need to sign up to their platinum membership service.

Sign up button

The great thing about the 2 free offers is that if you opt to do them, you’ll make enough money to cover the platinum membership meaning you’ll essentially be getting the first months membership for FREE!

How awesome is that!

On top of that most of the sign up offers have a video tutorial on how to do the offers so, if you’re struggling you could use that or you can ask the support forums.

I’ve personally made £661.86 through the sign up offers currently. That’s money I’ve made with a fair few more offers still do.

Once all the sign up offers are done you should be looking at making around £1000-£1500 just through them.

Reload Offers 


A Reload offer is an offer that bookmarkers use to entice customers to come back and use their services again. Most of the time these offers aren’t worth doing but when they are, it should be as easy to make money as it is when doing the sign up offers.

New reload offers are uploaded onto its respective page on profit accumulator everyday meaning if there’s an offer worth doing Profit accumulator will have it up on the site by morning.

You could chose to manually search for these offers but generally it’ll be a very time consuming, thankfully the service provided through Profit Accumulator makes it very simple to find any decent offers.

There are a multitude offers on this section, some risk free and others with actual risk. If you’d like to take no risks and make risk free profit, I’d recommend you only stick with the 4 to 5 star rated offers.

Casino Offers And Bingo Offers


Casino and Bingo offers are offers in which you could only really make money if you’re lucky, there are a lot of risk free casino and Bingo Sign up offers.

It is actually possible to make a lot of money through the free spins and cash bonus offers but in the end of the day that’s all left to chance.

The most I’ve personally won through a free spins Sign up offer is a little over £200, which I must say isn’t too bad a win but then again that was purely down to luck so I can’t guarantee if you’ll reach the same outcome.

Another thing to mention, although these offers are free, in order to actually withdraw any winnings you will more or less, always be required to wager the casino money.

This means that completing these offers can be time consuming, so if your not willing to spend an hour or so finishing up the offer,  stay away from them.

You also gotta bear in mind that most of the time, the casino offer will bust very quickly but,  on the off chance it looks like you have a chance of winning, you’ll likely be spending more time on it then you probably would like to.

Overall Thoughts About The Offers

Through being on the site as a platinum for a year now, I can safely say that Profit Accumulator has a LOT of offers available everyday for its members. This means that as long as you keep your bookie accounts safe, matched betting shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever.


Platinum Members Sucess

There are lot of success stories found on Profit accumulator. There are actually posts dedicated to showing you how much someone has made within a specific month.

Here’s a screenshot from the forum showing the monthly post


Besides those sucess stories I have my own sucess story.

My Tiny Bit Of Sucess

It might not seem like a huge amount but I’ve managed accumulate a profit of £3400 through the help of Profit accumulator and that figure continues to grow weekly.

Matched betting  is easily the quickest way to turnover profits online period.  if that’s what you want, why not try finding your own success on matched betting whether it be through you own efforts or through the service provided by Profit Accumulator.


I’ve owned Profit accumulator for a little under a year now and have manged to make exactly £3422.82 give or take a few quid and that is just with a little bit of work so imagine how much you could make If you actually put in a lot more time and effort

I’m not saying that you need to sign up or even buy the premium membership but if your on the fence, I would definitely suggest you atleast try the 2 free tutorial provided by Sam as free member.

The results I’ve achieved speak for themselves and if you’d like to replicate or even improve upon

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If you have questions that you’d like for me to answer on the Profit Accumulator service then put them down below in the comments and I will be happy to answer. If have your own say or review/thoughts then feel free put that in the comments too.

Happy matched betting!


8 thoughts on “Profit Accumulator Review 2020 – Is Profit Accumulator Legit?”

  1. I’ve heard about Profit accumulator on a few forums and most people say that it is legit. Your Profit accumulator review is the best one I read so far so I decided to finally give the Profit accumulator a try. Based on your testimony and many others that I’ve read it seems like a no brainer to go ahead and buy it. Thanks for a great review.


    • Yeah,  risk free Profit should be no brainer afterall right? I appreciate the feedback back jack and hope that you do well in your profit accumulator ventures. 

      All the best ma man! 

  2. There are so very few legit sites like this one out there and I am glad to know about this one.
    So I understand this a method to help teach you about making matched betting.
    However, I am little lost on what type of things you are betting on.
    So is this a site for placing bets on things like casinos and horse races? Or is it a little different type of betting?
    Thank you I would love to learn more about this.

    • Yeah that is very, there really aren’t to many legit sites out there. 

      Now to answer your question it covers how to do both risk free casino offers and placing bets i.e matched betting offers. 

      The casino offers I would say is a little more confusing so I wouldn’t recommend doing them in the beggining, as for as offers that require placing bets, Profit accumulator actually teaches you do do that through the free offers so if you wanna see exactly how that aspect of matched betting works, I’d defo recommend just signing up and watching the 2 free video guides on offer. 

    • It’s actually just a free theme from WordPress called hestia, of course you’ve gotta have a premium domain to access but it’s free otherwise


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