My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is It Legit or a Scam?



Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL:

Training: 4.7/5


Website Builder:4.5/5

WordPress Hosting:4.3/5

Research Tools:4.5/5

Success Stories:4.5/5

Price: Starter Member(free) /Premium Member ($49/mo -$359/yr)

Mild Matters of Money’s Rating: 4.75/5


– easy to follow training guide

-24 hour support through live chat

-weekly webinars that provide a lot of value

– great website building tool

– great hosting

– ability to create and host a large number of websites at once

– awesome community of like minded people who offer support


– the amount of information can be a little overwhelming to handle

– search bar doesn’t function when on mobile (*update – this has been fixed and it functions very well now) 

– not a fully functioning Mobile friendly site

Wealthy Affiliate

If you’ve come across this post then I’m guessing you want to learn about affiliate marketing. Moreover, it’s likely you’ve thought about investing in a service that can help ‘you’ implement affiliate marketing into a business in hopes of gaining another revenue stream or, possibly even make a full time living online.

If that’s the case, I hope that through my Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review I will be able to answer any doubts that you have  and whether or not it’s a legit opportunity or merely another scam.



Wealthy affiliate is a service dedicated to helping and supporting both new and existing members in the practice of affiliate marketing.

It looks to guide people by teaching them how to build their very own website from scratch. The purpose of this website is to use the website to promote products that they believe in by using affiliate links to direct traffic who are interested, to the product. a

Affiliate links are unique links provided by affiliate programs. Essentially what happens is whenever you redirect traffic from your website to the recommended product through an affiliate link, the redirected traffic will of course be sent to the page the product ia being sold. If said traffic actually purchases the product, you will make a commission from the sale.

This is the bare bones of the service provided and hopefully by the end of my review, your understanding on whether wealthy affiliate is actually worth it will be answered

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The training in wealthy affiliate is very easy to follow, so beginners shouldn’t be left too confused (I can guarantee that i definitely wasn’t). It provide two routes you can go for in regards to the training. the first option is to start your own unique niche website whilsy the second option is to promote wealthy affiliate’s affiliate program through its bootcamp courses. The bootcamp is only recommended if you’re unsure on what niche to start with.

These can be found on the left side of the website in the form of the get started here and the affiliate boot camp buttons.

The awesome thing about this site is that it allows you to watch and learn from phase one of the starter training as a FREE member. This shows that the owners are more than willing to provide value to new customers without any upfront cost, proving that they aren’t looking to scam people.

Rather,  it’s to prove that wealthy affiliate is a service designed to assist it’s consumers WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN! That’s a pretty cool gesture from Kyle and Carson if you ask me.

First Course/Phase Of Training



In the first phase of the get started here training, wealthy affiliate will show you how to research for a niche market, this cam be a little difficult but honestly anything can do. After you’ve done your research and know your niche, you’ll be taught how to build and then optimize your WordPress website to match Google’s algorithm.

In essence, once the first phase of the training is completed, you should have a couple of pieces of content on your site and have a basic understanding on how to continue creating content. I found this training to be easy to understand and follow.  This is because Kyle(the owner) provides EASY to follow videos lessons in every section of the course,  meaning that it isn’t too arduous a task to complete each lesson.

In fact, the first phase can be completed within a a few hours, if you decide to do it that quickly, that’s what I did personally and to be honest with you the training was definitely really easy to follow and complete.  If it’s easy for me and the other 500k+ members to complete the first phase of training, I’m certain that it’ll also be as easy for you or anyone for that matter, to do the same!

After the end of the first phase you’ll likely be prompted to sign up to the premium membership IF you believe that it’s worth the admission price.

Of course if you don’t want to that’s completely fine too.

The free site that you have already built won’t just shut down after a few weeks, the site will actually continue to be accessible to you so long as you want to keep working on it.

Premium Sign Up Extras


However, if you decide to leap on to the premium membership, all the boot camp training as well as hundreds and hundreds of hours worth of past and upcoming webinars will be opened up to you. This can be used to continue  enhancing your knowledge in affiliate marketing and other money making ventures online.

These extra phases of training will help you in creating content  that Google will be more willing to index on the first page as well as how to use ppc and social media to improve traffic sent to your article.  This in turn will ultimately result in your niche website becoming an authority on google.

#Sign Up To Wealthy Affiliate Premium To Learn These Methods 

An authority website is a website that Google has accepted as one of the big boys in their particular niche, like the pocketnow or a techradar of a niche.  Becomeing one will drive more traffic to your content as Google believes you provide quality content. This goal is one  that all affiliate marketers (including myself) wish to achieve and when you’ve achieved it, it’s also likely that you’ll be on the verge of earning a full time income from your website if you aren’t already.

Overall Thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate Training

Overall in my experience, the training provided on wealthy affiliate is very detailed and comprehensive, although a little daunting due to the crazy amounts of information it provides to its users. The training is very solid and easy to follow making it more than sufficient in helping one build a solid niche affiliate marketing website.

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The support provided through wealthy affiliate in my opinion, is one of the best features the site has. The little live chat feature on the site is pretty damn awesome because, if you’re unsure about something regarding a certain training element or other things regarding affiliate marketing, we will all have the option to ask the live chat for its perspective on a matter.

The coolest thing about the live chat is  that it’s up 24/7 365 meaning that the support through the live chat NEVER STOPS!

Live Chat

As a starter member I believe that you’ll only have 7 days to try out the live chat function which, if you do sign up to wealthy affiliate,  I recommend you definitely do! This is purely if you’re adamant in not purchasing the premium yet still want to gain some knowledge on affiliate marketing from some of the more experienced members.

As wealthy affiliate is very large with many successful active, you’ll find that a lot of the time, these members can answer your question and problems on certain areas of affiliate marketing with complete confidence and authority and generally very quickly so, no need to wait long periods of time just to have a simple question answered.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Community

You can also, if you would like that is, reach out to some of the more successful active wealthy affiliate members in the community.  Most of these members will be happy to reply to any queries about topics that you may have.

As the community of wealthy affiliate is strong and helpful to each other, there seems to be mostly very positive vibes going around of togetherness between the active members in wealthy affiliate.  This makes me believe that the community and the support provided through the community is very sincere therefore,  I feel that being a part of the community can turn out to be a very fun and rewarding experience as you’ll be surrounded by like minded people who also want to achieve sucess.

Overall Thoughts On Wealthy Affiliate’s Support

Overall the support is solid and easily one of the best and most beloved features for a ton of active members within this service, including myself.


Wealthy affiliate is partnered up with siterubix to provide you a way to build your own website. I’ve personally found to be pretty easy to navigate once you’ve had a little play with it however,  the begining still requires that you try and and learn how it works to utilise the tool.

Siterubix Sitebuilder 

The main function of the siterubix website builder tool is in the name, it’s a tool used to build your website. It looks to make it easy to manage your site.  Building any website,  whether it be a free website domain or a paid for domin, is done through this site builder section within siterubix.

It’s actually very easy to create a website as I found that it literally took less than a minute to have my website legitimately functioning and ready for content to be posted on it.

All that you need to do to build the website is type in the domain name (free domain if you’re a starter member) and the title of your website and just like that you’ll be good to go.

Siterubix Sitemanager

The site manager function within siterubix will look to keep tabs on the health of your website as well as be the space in which you’ll be able to easily login to any of the websites that you have created on wealthy affiliate . It’s possible to have two free websites on wealthy affiliate if you sign up as a starter member or up to 40 sites if you’re a premium member,  with 20 free sites and 20 paid for domain websites respectively.

Sitemanger will look to manage and provide checks on your website/s

Theses checks include the websites content, the interactions within your posts, the consistency of posting etc. It looks to do this in order to judge the health of your website overall and in turn rate the health of your website out of a percentage of 100 with a site health of 100 meaning your website is the best health it can be.

Siterubix Sitecontent

Siterubix site content

The site content section within the siterubix is a new added addition to wealthy affiliate.  Through using the tool, I have found that it makes the process of creating content a fair bit easier. It provides the ability to write content and have it be automatically saved at all times.

This means that if for some reason your Internet were to lose connection or computer/mobile device were to shut down, you would lose little to no progress on your writing,  which honestly is an awesome function.

Furthermore, site content also provides you with a grammar checker tool and duplicate content tool which looks to help make the content you create grammatically correct and Google friendly as Google isn’t really fond of duplicate content.

Other Siterubix Functions

The other four functions include: the site domains section which helps you purchase your own domains if you’d like to do so, site comments which looks to monitor comments and also used to ask the wealthy affiliate community for comments on your posts ( THIS IS A MUST USE! ), site feedback which is a service that allows you to have members within wealthy affiliate give some advice and feedback on your website and the site support section which is there to give technical support if something were to happen to your website.

The latter three functions i.e site comments, site feedback and site support functions are only available to premium members.

Overall Thoughts on the Siterubix Website Builder

Overall I find that the siterubix website builder tool gets the job done. In reality all that’s needed is the ability to build the website but, siterubix seems to go above and beyond to give the users, a very AWESOME user experience when building the website.


Wealthy affiliate,  in addition to having its website builder tool, also has a website hosting feature.

Website hosting is a self explanatory thing, it’s essentially a function that allows you to keep your website up and running as well as functioning when online.

Having owned wealthy affiliate for a year or so now I haven’t really experienced any negative aspects to the website hosting so for me personally the hosting is great, granted I haven’t created the maximum 40 websites that can be created on siterubix to test it’s limits.

Then again, you could say that as there are around a million wealthy affiliate users and around a million websites already hosted on this hosting feature, it’s highly likely that it’ll still function pretty well under the workload of an extra 39 websites.

The hosting service on wealthy affiliate is also arguably the best value for money as it has the ability to support 100k visitors (boy that’s a LOT of visitors) without crashing, there are a fair few hosting services that also provide this kind of support however, they also cost a fair bit more.

Overall the website hosting works well and is very good value for money.  I’ve personally not encountered any glitches with it and therefore I believe that it should work as well for any new member too.

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To further enhance the value of the wealthy affiliate service, a keyword research tool is also available to be used for when doing keyword research in preparation for the content on your site.

Wealthy Affiliates Keyword Research Tool


In general the tool works really well and is more than capable of providing a solid platform to research on however, I would personally recommend, if you want a easier and more fluid experience in regard to keyword research, that you check out a service called jaaxy.

The keywords research tool on wealthy affiliate is reasonably comprehensive as it does show the competition on the respective keyword as well as the articles power if it were to be written.

In terms of functionality and design however, it can be a little clunky and time consuming to navigate. This is more apparent when you consider that for every keyword that you search, you have to click on the view results button to check out the competition for the respective word.If you’re alright with this though, then the tool is more than capable of getting it’s job done.

One think I can say for sure is that it’s a lot better than most if not all free keyword research tools out there so Id still say it’s a nice addition to wealthy affiliate.

if however you want a keywords research tool that looks and functions better than the one provided by wealthy affiliate, I would recommend Jaaxy. If you sign up, you’ll get 30 free searches which you could try out click here if you would like to sign up.


update: the jaaxy keyword research tool has now been implemented into wealthy affiliate as their new primary keyword research tool.

However, as a starter member you will only have the option to research 30 keywords before having to go premium meaning, you’ll probably have to use the alphabet soup method or any other free keyword research tool on Google to find your own keywords.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Search Bar


Other then the keyword research tool, there is also a search bar at the top of the site.

This gives you the ability to search the archives of wealthy affiliate.

The search bar helps to filter out information to find out success stories or to search for specific webinars or training videos that you may want to see.

Generally,  the search bar makes it easier to navigate the site so you can filter and narrow down the blogs you’d want to check out.

Overall Thoughts on Wealthy Affiliates Research Tools

I find that theses two research elements make the navigation and ideas for content, a lot easier to do and find.

However, personally for me, when using wealthy affiliate on my mobile device the search bar function doesn’t seem to work. The keyword research tool seems to work decent so I’m assuming that the search bar error is a minor glitch and will probably be fixed when a mobile version of wealthy affiliate comes out. Overall, the research tools get the job done and I don’t have too many complaints about them.


The short answer is YES, YES THE HAVE!

Many a people have in fact found great success through this affiliate marketing  service,  whether it be through wealthy affiliates lucrative affiliate program or through affiliate sales on other programs or products. Instead of me writing, I think it’d be best if I just show you a few success stories.

Success Stories

December 2016-$8968


Click here if you want to read more of Bthiel’s story

$500 month – 12 month case study as an Amazon affiliate


Click here if you would like to read more of Josh from Oz’s case study

Over 2k a month in 6 months


Click here if you want to get the full scoop on how Dylanrieger made 2k in 6 months

As you can see there are a lot of success’ that people have achieved, some success in terms of income being beyond any thing these members would’ve ever believed possible.

Although the site shows that success is possible, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll achieve it unless you put in a large amount of time and a LOT OF EFFORT in building your niche affiliate site, essentially you must treat your website like you would treat a business.

To achieve any kind of result could take at least a year (or sooner if your lucky) and a large majority of the time, even longer. So unless you have the drive, the passion and the patience to chase this dream of escaping the nine to five cycle, I would honestly suggest you look elsewhere as this site isn’t a get rich quick scam.

There is another success story that I feel is worth mentioning is someone whom you could mimic yourself if you find yourself delving in making money online niche. Click here to read his story

My Small Bit of Success 

I’ve been on the journey a while now and have actually managed to rake in just over £220 or around $235 in around a year in affiliate sales. I know that this isn’t a huge amount but it’s a start. Here is a couple of screenshots for proof.


You see if I can do it then anyone can.


Now coming back to the initial question of the review, is wealthy affiliate legit or a Scam?

If you’ve come this far into the review then I’m sure that you may have been able to piece together the puzzle by now. Wealthy affiliate is without doubt 100 percent a legit affiliate marketing service.

Although it may seem that I’ve been praising it a fair bit, it isn’t without reason.

It is a great service for newbies and even advanced affiliate marketers alike.

Honestly the slight negative for me regarding the website is that it’s near enough impossible to take in all the information on the site due to the sheer abundance of it. Also the site can look a little clunky and plain in my opinion but,  these are but a few minor issues as it definitely does more right than wrong.

On top of that Kyle and Carson allow for any user to try out there website for free meaning that if you’re not feeling the affiliate marketing premise then you don’t even need to bother signing up for the premium. But,  if you are serious about this online venture and do have goals that you’d like to achieve in the affiliate business scheme,  then I would highly recommend that you sign up to the premium.

I would also suggest that you stick to the training provided as it’s a proven method and has actually managed to make quite a few successful affiliate marketers.

If you just go about doing your own thing then I’m sorry to say this but you’ll have spent your money for the nothing and likely won’t see any success. That’s why I urge you to stick to the training, STEP BY STEP!

Overall this receives a rating of 4.75/5 and a Mild Matters of Money’s seal of approval.


If you have any questions regarding wealthy affiliate or if you have your own review/thoughts about wealthy affiliate, I would be happy to answer your questions down below and would love to hear the feedback you guys have to offer.




4 thoughts on “My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is It Legit or a Scam?”

  1. I joined the Wealthy Affiliate try before you buy starter package simply because it was free to be honest however this does provide a full insight into what’s involved in affiliate marketing and how genuine Wealthy Affiliate are.

    I agree with your summary regarding how the starter course is nicely split up into bite-size learning modules which I personally covered in a week, it’s surprising how much your website evolves through this weeks worth of work.

    I have since joined premium in order to complete the course which is going very well so far. Have you completed all Wealthy Affiliate’s courses and how’s your progression?
    Thanks for your detailed review, legit for me,

  2. I have to agree that this platform sounds like it will work for anybody. Before I began my journey, I actually thought building websites was only for people who went to school and studied for four years.

    As with anything, I now see that practical experience trumps the classroom nearly every time.

    What made you stick around for several months? I see you have a lot of post created. Also, do they update the Site Content feature regularly?

    • Yeah the actual experience in field trumps just learning the theory behind everything, without a doubt. I’ve actually been a member for a over a year now and what keep me coming back to the site is the abundance Knowledge it provides, to further help me better my website (clearly is still a work in progress tho lol). 

      Regarding the matter with site content feature, I’m not actually about how often they update if at all but the feature in and of itself is just a tool to keep track of how much you write and a tool that also gives you the option to get implement royalty free images into your posts. I know for a fact that they do update their websites fairly regularly but I’m not really sure about how often the site content feature is updated. 


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