Is Matched Betting A Scam? Is Risk Free Money Possible?

Ahhh, betting, the bane to your batman, the goliath to your david. It has broken many a family, tormented millions of lives yet for the small percentage of people out there, it has changed their lives and led to countless riches.

The reason I mention this is because… I actually don’t know but, what I do know is that there is a way to avoid all of this heartache and torment and that is through matched betting.

Is matched betting a scam? Is it another lie that the Internet’s fed you? Whether or not any of that is the case will be made apparent to you by the end of this post… I hope…


Matched betting is a risk free betting method you and I can use, to gain actual money (if youre 18 and older) from bookmakers and essentially beat the bookmakers.

I know, that sounds too good to be true, we all know that all in all the house is designed to always come out on top so, actually making risk free money from them must be illegal or a scam right?


Well… What I can tell you for sure about this risk free method of betting is that it is in fact 100% LEGAL! This is some crazy and ludicrous stuff, moreover matched betting is something that the bookmakers actually acknowledg and know about, it’s something that they know is being done by hundreds of thousands of people across the nation.

Bookmakers may not like it and may eventually ban you from their online accounts but, as long as your account is not gubbed, you will definetly be able to make risk free money from these online bookmaking websites.



Now that you know that matched betting is a “thing”, is everything it’s cut out to be, do these claims of being able to make upwards of £1000 every month, hold any weight? Are you sure that matched betting isn’t some kind of scam?

Because this article seeks to answer the question on whether or not matched actually is a scam, I think it’s best that I answer it first…. So, is it really a scam?


It just isn’t. I know for a fact that matched betting is not a scam, this is because I’ve done it myself for a little over a year and have definetly made a fair bit of cash from it, upwards of £4.5k to be exact. 

The claims of even making £1000 every month isn’t even that far fetched too, it just requires a bit more capital and work to be done on your side.


There’s actually two ways you can go about doing this. The first way is through your own means. This basically means that you choose do everything on your own, no resources for assistance. Of course you will need to find a matched betting calculator but, that should be easy enough to do by just searching for one in google.

By doing everything manually you will need be on an active lookout for matched betting offers everyday or you may miss something worthwhile, this in turn will take a lot longer for you to find and do offers in a quick and easy way. However, if you’re willing to invest a little bit of cash into a very useful resource, then the second method should be the way to go.

The second method is paying a monthly or yearly subscription to utilise a very useful matched betting resource called Profit Accumulator. This is the method that I personally use as it saves me a lot of time digging for appropriate offers and is obviously the route recommend you take too.

Profit Accumulator logo

If you value your time then this is pobably best value for money resource for matched betting without a doubt. What Profit Accumulator offers is regular and updated matched betting offers, whether it be sign up offers or reload offers (these are basically offers that bookmakers provide after you’ve signed up).

It offers its users tools that aim to simplify the entire process behind matched betting as well as video guides to help you understand exactly how an offer should be done in order to make profit. It offers this and much much more so if you’re interested in checking out exactly what else it has to offer, click here.

Although profit accumulator only offers a large majority of the things mentioned if you buy the monthly service, as a free member, it will actually give you the tools necessary to complete 2 matched betting offers free of charge if you simply sign up to them.

The 2 sign up offers can generate around £30 in profit with which you can either cash out or pay for one months worth of subscription. This in turn makes the service free to actually use if you consider that 30 extra quid free money.



So who is matched betting targeting? To put it simply anyone and everyone (who are 18+ of course, gotta keep it legal yaknow). Matched betting doesnt really have a specific audience, whether you are a stay at home mum or a business owner matched betting WILL WORK FOR YOU! 

It’s just a matter of doing it because it isn’t a passive source of income. If you actually want to learn how you can start making your very own source of passive income, click here! 

Matched betting is a skill that you’ve got to learn (Granted a very easy skill) and implement to make cash so, if you’re up for that I’ll definitely recommend you do it!


In my eyes, I see matched betting as the easiest and quickest way to generate income online. You don’t need to spend countless hours working on projects, you aren’t required to have qualifications or specialised skills, all that you need is a bit of extra cash and a basic knowledge on how to do the offers.

As I’ve stated before, it isn’t even that hard to pick up matched betting, learn it and execute. It’s definitely been the easiest bit of money that I’ve ever made, I can whole heartedly say that matched betting is 100% legitimate and not a “scam”.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me, feel free to leave it down below and I will definitely get back to you as soon as possible! If you have any feedback to offer, don’t be afraid to leave it down below too!







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