Piggyback Payday Review – Is It A Scam Or Is The Training Legit



Owners: Tom E, Jay Slomba and Chad Rego

Website URL: https://piggybackpayday.com/live/

Product Name: Piggyback Payday

Price: $9.97 (7 day money back guarantee) + upsells

Final ratings: 3/5


– Solid video training on how to use the automated software and on how to contact your ideal instgram influencer 

– only $9.97 so it’s pretty darn cheap for a full course 


– Some purchasers of the product experienced poor support and communication with the authorities of the website

– Login details did not work for some customers, examples will be provided below 

– Not really beginner friendly, it doesn’t teach you how to research products or open up a shopify store 

–  You could argue that this is a part of this model but, the price of $5-$100 can really eat up at your income and you may possibly be in the negative even after the training. 


What is piggback payday? What kind of service is it trying to sell you? You know how it is with a lot of these making money online products, they attempt to sell you an unachievable dream or, even when it is something achievable they ‘sales talk’ you into believing that you wil make 100’s of bucks a day within a few weeks of purchasing the product.

Does Piggyback payday go about doing it’s business like this?

Well hopefully by the end of this Piggyback payday review, I will aim to provide you with a solid outlook on the product and help you decide whether or not it’s worth your investment.


Piggyback payday is an automated system that “marries instagram and shopify together”. The basic concept of this product is to teach people, through video guides how they can improve their sales on shopify by using Instagram influencers.

This is a concept that has certainly proven to actually work and has been discussed within the shopify section of YouTube quite a bit so I can see how this system probably isn’t attempting to scam you.

So, in summary not including any upsells, piggyback payday aims to help you find high quality instagram influencers who you can use to help promote and in turn scale any shopify stores that you may be running.



Once you’ve committed to that $10 price tag and are lucky enough to get all the correct login details to access the product, you will be introduced to the method that piggyback payday promotes.

You will be provided with an ‘over the shoulder’ look from Jay. Jay will teach you how to find the right influencers for you, he will go over how you should go about contacting theses influencers and how then you can begin generating traffic that will go to your shopify stores.

In order to make contacting the influencers instagram easier for you, Jay and the crew will provide you with a template that you can follow too so ifnyou hage no idea oj how to structure your messages, these will be quite helpful as well save sime time.

These over the shoulder vidoes are around 1.5 hours long and in turn will be fairly in depth… Or at the very least, as in depth as an Instagram marketing course can be for 10 bucks.

Besides this, you will also be taught how to use their automated software too. What you will be taught is how to take the information provided to check if they have the right following and engagement to help promote your store.

Everything they provide within this course is definitely of solid value but, in terms of being completely beginner friendly as Piggyback payday claim on its sales page…

It’s pretty hard to agree with that…



This first issue isn’t necessarily a bash at the product but the marketing of it. Piggyback payday claim that the course is beginner friendly, I disagree with that

In my opinion, to have actually been beginner friendly the product would’ve needed a solid guide on how to setup up a shopify store, an decent idea on how to research a niche before teaching about influencer marketing.

By doing that they will have genuinely become beginner friendly. To be fair to Jay tho, he does cover a fair bit on how shopify works by including an overview of how the dashboard functions.

He mentions how to :

–  Set up a theme for the store

–  Set up every component within the dashboard

–  Imtegrate Google analytics for the store

–  Install Facebook pixel

–  Ceeate all the legal pages needed

I guess you could say that it does have a fairly thorough overview on shopify but, teaching a newbie how to research a niche for a shopify story is VERY IMPORTANT FOR A BEGINNER! Yeah its probably a nitpick but, you can’t really argue that learning about niche research isn’t important.


The second thing wrong with this program is something one would consider to be something very detrimental for many businesses out there.



There have been instances where Piggyback payday has failed in providing adequate support and communication for its customers. A fellow blogger who goes by the name of Vitaliy has gone through a rough patch with piggyback’s service.

He purchased the product which told him that he would receive his log in details through email. He didn’t receive it so he messaged Piggyback to inform them of the problems he was facing, he waited 2 business days (it was a couple more days of waiting if you include the weekend) yet still received no response.

This experience isn’t a nice thing especially when good support is a major pillar for any kind of success in any business. If you want to check out Vitaliy’s full experience with Piggyback Payday, Click here



For what it offers, Piggyback Payday doesn’t strike me as a scam. It provides customers with solid actionable techniques that will likely benefit you on expanding your shopify store.

Although it’s legitimate I really dont see why you should invest in it even if it is only 10 bucks. The hour and a halfs worth of training is something I’m sure you could find on youtube with a little effort. Then again if you don’t really mind spending that 10 bucks to speed up your learning process, go for it because I definitely can’t say that it’s worthelss, it’s more so average.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Piggyback Payday , feel free to write a comment down below and I’ll be happy to answer it!

If you also have your own thoughts/review on Piggyback Payday, feel free to write it in the comments section below.



2 thoughts on “Piggyback Payday Review – Is It A Scam Or Is The Training Legit”

  1. These guys are complete scam artists in general.. Slomba is a thief and my business is being forced to to take him to court for the work he and his business partners never completed. I was conned and given the run around for work never done! The business suffered with the lack of support, did I mention that we where charged more than a thousand dollars for the same information in this video training for 10 dollars being told by Slomba, he normally charges 5000$ and that is was something I was not capable of doing, and had to be done by them personally. I realized … It is Kindergarten work that a 10 year old can do! Shopify is friendly and their support team can help with all these basics too. These people also took a iPad from me to load info in etc. They would not give it back when they where forced to return it by authorities, it arrived broken 🙁 Jay Slomba and his partner are complete cons and scams, with no success story of their own, do either have a Shopify store of their own and if so is it successful? No and NO I am sure, because I am aware Slomba works at a call center for 12 hours daily, making cold calls all day trying to sell supplemental heath insurance.. he is poor and a con, we want to learn from successful people .. Glad I found this, the run around these people gave us and overall it proves to me how bad I was taken advantage of! and will use this in court…

    • Damn… I’m really sorry about your experience with piggyback payday, hopefully what you find here was worth your time.

      If you actually want training, my #1 Recommendation is definitely, I think, the best kind of training to make money online if that’s what you’re looking for


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