What Is The Best Web Hosting Service?

What is the best web hosting service? That’s a question that a lot of people who have website seem to ask themselves especially the further down the website rabbit hole they go. We all want to give our audience the best experience on our website. So this entails that your website run near enough perfect at all times.

Moreover, a great Web hosting service should run soo smoothly that you never really notice a hiccup in the system. That is why in this post I will let you know of what I deem to be the best option for web hosting and why you should look into using this particular service too.


A web hosting service is a service that provides space to allow your websites to stay within Google. It manages the information that is stored within your website and domain and allows for people to visit your site amd view any content that may be on it when they are online.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that a hosting service is an absolutely essential component for any website that wants to be viewed as without it, no website would be accessible for anyone.


This factor is purely based on your needs and what you are aiming to do with your website. If you’re just making a website for fun with no intention to monetize it in the future, cheap options such as host gator may be a viable option for you.

If on the other hand you are  looking to make a business through your website, possibly multiple website businesses, it will definitely be in your best interest to invest a little more to get a quality server to host your domains.

in short the kind of hosting you should go for is purely dependant on what your goals are so, for those of you who are more interested in getting a high quality web hosting service keep reading, if that’s not the case host gator should be a decent alternative.


Now onto the meat of this post, what do I believe to be the best web hosting service on the Internet? I’ll just like to point out there that this has literally been the only service I’ve actively been using, I believe for a little over a year now so my opinion will obviously be a little biased but, I feel that the bias is attested for

The hosting service that I’m talking about is Wealthy affiliate. For those of you that have never heard of this company, you may be a little confused. Especially after doing your research (if you have that is) you will l have come across more mainstream hosting options such as bluehost or the aforementioned host gator but wealthy affiliate, it’s unlikely that it would’ve evet crossed your mind

The reason why I believe wealthy affiliate provides the best experience is obviously because it has provided a great service for me however, in contrast to the other two hosting services I’ve mentioned, wealthy affiliate brings a lot more value to the table.

In terms of price wealthy affiliate provides its hosting services for a somewhat steep amount at $49 a month or $350 a year. Although it’s pricey it makes up for it by allowing premium member to host upto 50 domains running simultaneously with half of the domain’s being paid domains and the other half free.

It has other numbers that are cool too such as a bandwidth of 500k visitors a month on WordPress which is an enormous range for any website holder or the Internet. Companies such as wp engine hosting charge 5 times the amount of money for hosting per month for a smaller bandwidth. So in terms of wealthy affiliates hosting value, I feel that it offers a fair bit.

You could decide to go with any one of the services I’ve mentioned so you can save couple bucks but, unlike the other hosting services I’ve mentioned, wealthy affiliate offers more that just a hosting service within it package.


Although wealthy affiliate does provide a very good hosting experience, that’s actually not the core foundation of what the website stands for. As you’ve probably assumed, wealthy affiliate actually teaches you how to monetize your websites through the use of money making strategies for the online space with main thing taught being affiliate marketing.

Think about it for a sec, if you’re thinking about blogging, it is likely that you’ll also be looking for ways to make money through it. Along with a great Web hosting service they can also offer you help by teaching you:

-To promote your posts effectively through social media and paid ads,

-To make money online through affiliate marketing

-To do on site SEO

– How to create value rich content

and many many other things.

It has a great team running it who are timely in helping you out if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation although, in my time using the service, it hasn’t let me down. Wealthy affiliate is pretty much the complete package for anyone looking to delve into the online scene,  a jack of all trades and a master of quite a few to boot.

==>To Sign Up To Wealthy Affiliate And It’s Web Hosting Service Click Here<==

I actually have a review discussing all the features that are provided in wealthy affiliate so, if you want a more in depth look on what it has to offer click here.


Web hosting is undoubtedly the most important component for every website on the Internet as it it helps websites to run so it comes as no surprise that getting a good server should be a the top of priority list. The experience that wealthy affiliate provides through its web hosting services is awesome and it also has other cool features too that can help you improve website/s,  that’s why in my eyes it’s one of the best if not the best overall package out there.

As I’ve said previously bluehost and host gator are also decent options but, if you’re looking for the complete package and don’t mind paying that extra little bit a month (you could go yearly too and save about $200) wealthy affiliate should definitely be at the top of your list.

If you want to ask me question on something that you are curious about, feel free ask it down below and I will look to get back to you as soon as I can!

Otherwise, whatever option you go for, I hope it serves you well 😉

All the best




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