What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO?

If you’ve been exploring the online money making niche for a while, it is highly likely that you’ve come across the term SEO or affiliate marketing. The core component for any marketing strategy online is to get traffic to what you are trying to promote, whether it be a product you’ve reviewed or a course you’re trying to sell. That is where a keyword tool comes into play. What is the best keyword research tool for SEO? By the end of this post I’m certain that at the very least you will know about the best if not one of best keyword tools out there.


Keyword research is a form of research that online marketers conduct in order to produce content that ranks on search engines and generates traffic for your website or YouTube channel.

By doing keyword research you will learn about words that people are actually searching for and by learning of these words, you can begin to produce content for people who are actually searching for a particular topic.

By conducting research via the alphabet soup technique on Google, you will find that the search bar recommends certain keywords down below to fill in the blanks. Say for example you were to type in how to lose fat, Google will reccomend other options to you in the search bar such as ‘how to lose 10lb of fat in 1 month and so on. This specfic phrases are regarded as keywords

Through showing these words in your drop down bar, google is suggesting that other people are searching for these specific keywords. Ultimately this means that if you were to write content with one of the options being the exact phrase/title of your article,  in the future you should start gaining traffic for your website and if you write more and more content with other keywords, theoretically you should also begin to get more and more traffic.

However, although conducting keyword research through just the alphabet soup method could produce result, you won’t have an idea of how favourable the word may be for you so it isn’t the most ideal method to find quality keywords through.

It might be a very competitive word so ranking on Google could take a while. On the other hand the keyword might not be competitive but instead be so uncompetitive that it doesn’t get searched on Google at all. We all no traffic means that it’s highly unlikely that you could make any money ( if your website is brand new) even if the content you’ve  produced is quality.

That’s where a keyword research tool can come in handy.

A keyword research tool can help you find the right balance in regards to the competition of a keyword and the amount of traffic you receive.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is a process that is done for posts to best optimise it for Google or any other search engine. To optimise a post you’ll need to do a few basic things for every post, such as writing 1000 words plus or writing the posts title within the first paragraph.

In essence SEO aims to make content the most suitable for Google with the necessary inclusion of a few tweaks for every post you write to help them rank better on Google.


In my experience so far I will undoubtedly have to state that the best keyword research tool out there has to be a service that goes by the name Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is an awesome keyword research to help you out for as long as you continue to create content. As it’s a keyword research tool, it’s key fnction is to obviously aid you in researching for keywords.

There is an ideal way to use this keyword tool, at least to me. If you just look at the keyword research component that is offered to you, the numbers and columns might seem confusing to you, understandably. Of course all of these columns have their uses however, in my experience there are only two essential columns to keep your eye on when researching.

These columns are the traffic column and competition column also know as the QSR column. The traffic column shows how much traffic you could receive (on a monthly basis) if any one of your posts were to rank on the first page of Google.

The other important column, obviously tells you how competitive the keyword is if it were to be searched. This basically means there are *insert number* posts and articles on the Internet with this exact same keyword as thier title.

Another small but crucial thing you should also take note of is the grammar of a keyword, if it’s grammatically incorrect, you should refrain from using it.

In terms of numbers for the traffic I would reccomend you stick with 10+ whilst for the competition you stick below 100 and preferably below 50.

The reason why I suggest such low numbers is because in beginning your site won’t have much authority with Google so going with keywords that have high traffic and are highly competitive keywords, will take a very long time to rank and garner results.

In contrast, the lower hanging friuits that have low competition will be easier to rank and traffic should start to add up the further you go down this line. Of course, consistentency as well as producing high quality content will greatly benefit your website and within a year or two your website may become an authority too giving you free reign to dabble in the more competitive keywords.

Along with the Jaaxy premium membership, they also provide new members 30 free searches to try out the service with. If you don’t want to spend any cash. With the free searches,  you will at the very least have 30 opportunities to stack up on keywords for your website. With these keywords you can finally start building your website if you haven’t started already.

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Besides the keyword research tool, Jaaxy also provides a few other cool features such as the site rank tool which let’s you examine how well your keyword is ranking, the alphabet soup tool that makes searching for a large number of keywords as well as other tools that can be helpful if you decide to grow premium with Jaaxy

If you are curios about all the features included within Jaaxy, Click here to read my full review.


A keyword research tool can be become a very favourable asset for anyone who’s really deeply invested in the online content and marketing space. If you’ve read this far and feel that the methods that you’re already trying to help with your research is working well, it’s alright to stick with that method that’s and completely disregard Jaaxy.

On the other hand, if you’re struggling with your research or are struggling to find keywords that actually will generate traffic for your website, I’d definitely say it’s worth at least trying the free searches and see how the results turn out for you….

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me regarding this post or about Jaaxy, comment it down below and I will look to answer your questions as soon as I can!

Otherwise, I wish everyone who’s read up till now glory on the internet space 🙂






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