What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Tool? – The All In One Tool For Affiliates!

What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Tool? – The All In One Tool For Affiliates!

Affiliate marketing, it’s a business practice that has been going on for decades with hundred of millions of programs floating on the web with new programs coming out every day. It may look like an oversaturated market to people out there but, in reality, affiliate marketing is more akin to a “gold mine”. So, to start taking advantage of this gold mine, a little bit of help will be required through tools if you know where to look. What is the best affiliate marketing tool? Keep reading to find out exactly what it is.


What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model that requires ordinary people to promote products within affiliate programs to others who may be interested in it.

Once the promoted product is purchased, the affiliate (the person promoting the product) will receive a commission.

Some of you may be thinking how does one actually get paid or even how do these businesses track every sale you make through your promotion?

That’s actually very easy to answer, an affiliate will get paid to their paypal account so, in order for that to happen, you will be required to let the businesses know what your paypal account is.

In regards to how they track if it’s you, simply put, a unique affiliate link will provided to you, if someone who is interested in the product you’re promoting buys through that link, the business will know that it was from you.

How much commission you receive and type of commission you receive will vary from program to program, some may offer a fixed sum, other programs may offer a residual monthly commission, some commission 50%+ whilst others may be as low as 5%. Just do your research on these programs so you can find the right program for you.

This is the most basic of methods through which you can generate affiliate income, selling products to consumers. There are other methods you could get paid too such as lead generation and a commission per click however, I personally recommend that you stick to this way of affiliate marketing for the time being.

Anyways the main reason you’re reading is so that you can use this all in one tool to help benefit you and start profiting on affiliate right? So what it is this tool?


What is the product, you must be dying to know…. Are you….ready?… Okay…. The tool or I guess something more akin to a service is called wealthy affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate logo

So why is it an all in one affiliate marketing tool? There’s a plethora of reasons as to why that is the case so, what I’m going to tell you are 5 core components as to why it’s the best affiliate marketing tool/service around.

Reason 1 – Detailed Training

One thing all affiliates must learn before actually pursuing affiliate marketing is the correct training to guide them on your way. Well guess what, wealthy affiliate provides this in bucket loads.

When you sign into the service you will be provided a bunch of detailed training videos from the owner of wealthy affiliate (kyle), showing how create your first website, how to research for a niche to focus your affiliate marketing on, how to write content and so on.

All of this training will be provided in a course and task based structure. This means that you can go at your own pace and not rush into every little thing in the beginning (although I’m sure you’ll probably  rush into everything head first anyways lol).

Even after the training is completed you will always be taught extra lessons on how to do SEO or email marketing or how to create click funnels etc. Through a live webinar every Friday so the amount of solid and detailed information offered to you is quite astounding and this isn’t considering the extra training offered by the super affiliates found within the service.

Reason 2 – Awesome Keyword Research Tool For SEO

SEO is a very important component on how well your blogs/affiliate articles rank in Google so it should come as no surprise that keyword research can be highly important component to your success on affiliate marketing.

There are actually keyword research tool out there that function as their own entity however, wealthy affiliate actually provides you with a keyword research tool as part of the wealthy affiliate service at no extra cost.

The name of the keyword research is Jaaxy and it’s been very helpful to me in regards to finding quality keywords to focus my content on.


Training will of course be provided on how to use the tool. This tool along with the accurate and updating knowledge on affiliate marketing and seo will undoubtedly help you achieve success with affiliate marketing.

Reason 3 – Amazing Website Builder With High Quality Hosting

Along with those two features you will also be provided with all the tools necessary to begin creating your own website through their website tool aka siterubix.

Back in the day, one needed to know how to code before even thinking about creating a website. Well to put it bluntly, creating a website that genuinely functions and actually can be found within google is as easy as making an omelette, meaning if you understand the basic process you will easily be able to replicate this skill over and over.

Wealthy affiliate actually provides you with free training on how to create your own website so, if you’re still a little skeptical of my thoughts on how easy it is, the training provided will quell your doubts.

That’s one of siterubix’s functions , some of the other features within the website include an area to access and manage your websites, an area to purchase website domains, a site content section, a site comment and site feedback section (these are features that can provide feedback and comments on your site by using wealthy affiliate currency) and a support section.

Along with the siterubix tool, a high quality hosting service is provided to you too capable of holding up to 25 websites for you. So there’s no reason in trying to find a quality hosting server, afterall it is provided to you at no extra cost

This will likely be an area you will spend a lot of time on trying to optimise and build content your website.

Reason 4 – A Community Full Of Like Minded People And Successful Affiliates

The 4th factor that contributes to this being an all in one service for affiliates is because of the community.

Having hundreds of people doing what your doing, aiming to make a full time income online can be a very difficult thing especially when you’re on your own trying to chase a dream.

However, if you have support behind you from people who actually want to see you succeed, these adversities can become easier to conquer, potentially even become your motivation.

That’s one of the beauties behind having a community full of like minded and ambitious individuals. The features such as the live chat features and training from the affiliates can also provide you with advice to guide you towards success.

Reason 5 – The Purchasing Price

With everything included and provided from the service, it should also be right to assume that they charge a helluva lot for it too. $1k or even $2k ( like Affiliate Marketing Mastery with it’s $2k price tag)a year wouldn’t really seem to hefty a price considering the amount of value wealthy affiliate provides.

You can already see where I’m going with this right… Wealthy affiliate obviously charges a lot less than that. In fact it actually has a free membership option.

This free membership is obviously limited but, it still gives you complete access to the community (7 days of the live chat), the first course of the detailed training and up to 2 free websites to start your affiliate business on. No credit card details are required to access all of this as well!

Once of you’ve tried out the product and you want to try out the premium service you can, if not you don’t lose out on anything.

If you do decide to go premium, there will be two options you can choose to pay for wealthy affiliate. The first method is monthly, this will cost a recurring payment of $49. This will add up to $588 yearly.

This is still significantly cheaper than other products in the same field of work considering this tools value but, if you think that this is still to costly, you can instead opt to pay a yearly fee of $349.

This will equate to pay 200 bucks lower than the paying monthly method and only equate to paying just under a dollar a day to run a potentially massive online business. It’s very possible to make back all the expenses in your first year but, a lot of up front work will be required to accomplish this feat.

Should I Invest In This All In One Affiliate Marketing Tool?

The answer to this is purely dependant on how you are going to approach affiliate marketing. If you’re willing to put in the work to grow a website from scratch whilst remaining consistent on your content production, go for it!

If you don’t want to put in the work and for one reason or another think creating an online business from scratch is easy and will be easy to succeed on, I’m sorry to say you will be disappointed.

I can tell you for a fact that wealthy affiliate does not sell you a get rich scheme it is not a scam, what it sells you is a proven method towards gaining success online. If you’re willing to put in the work and have the drive to remain consistent, I wholeheartedly believe it’s worth the price.

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If you have any questions that you would like to ask me, feel free to leave it in the comments section below and I will answer your questions as soon as possible! If you have any other form of feedback you want to leave below, don’t be afraid to do so.





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