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Matched betting is a great way to make money  especially with online bookmakers being oh so generous with their bonuses and free bet offers as of late. It’s arguably one of the easiest ways to make money online quickly however, it’s very tough to do it with just a pen and paper. That’s where the need of a service comes in, to assist you to stay away from all the major complications. That’s why in this post I will let you know of what I deem to be the best matched betting service in the market and why you should probably look into investing in it for your own benefit too. 


Matched betting is a method through which people have been able to profit from bookmakers for over a decade now. It’s provided people the ability to generate cold hard cash without the normal risks associated with betting being applied. 

If you’re not familiar with matched betting, you are probably very confused right now, afterall we’ve all been led to believe that bookmakers/casinos always win (although there are definetly some outliers out there who seem to defy all the odds) but, as wierd as it may sound there is actually a way to win, a way to beat the bookmakers and that is possible through this strategy called matched betting. 

If you for some reason think that matched betting isn’t legal, there’s no need to be worried, that is because bookmakers acknowledge that it exists, they know that some people out there will use these bonuses to profit from them without getting involved with all normal risks associated with such betting. 

To the people who are aware of this opportunity, it appears to be an untapped goldmine but, to the bookmakers, these promotional offers bring more punters to their establishment meaning even thoough there are customers out there profiting from promotional offers, in the long run bookmakers are still the ones coming out on top. 

Besides, if they really feel like your abusing their promotions, they can very easily just cut you out from recieving any promotional offers and restrict your accounts (the service that I’m going to reccomend is going to teach you how to avoid this situation the best way you can) 


The core concept for matched betting is very simple, the aim is to place bets so that you can qualify and receive free bets via a promotion.  These offers include sign up offers from the likes of Coral, Betfred and more or less every single bookmaker out there. 

In order to unlock these free bets from the sign up offers, you will usually need to place an initial bet, an example of sign up offer could be bet £10 and get £30 in free bets. 

An offer like that would require you to place the tenner on a match first and allow it to settle before the bookmaker unlocks the free bet but, unlike a normal bet where you would have the possibility of losing the initial stake as well as possibly not making anything form the free bet, by using the matched betting strategy you can 100% guarantee a profit if you follow everything correctly. 

In order to cancel any loss acquired from the initial tenner, you will need to place one bet on the bookmaker site offering the free bet and lay that bet on an exchange site. 

By laying a bet you will bet against an outcome to come through, for example say you placed a bet on Chelsea to win their football match, by placing a lay bet on this Chelsea outcome, you will be staking money on Chelsea not to win, meaning if they lose or draw your stake will win on the exchange site. By doing this you can guarantee little to no loss from the qualifying bet. 

Yeah… I know it’s a little confusing but trust me, the math works out. 

So by implementing this method for every bet you make including the free bet, you should be able to profit fairly easily. 

Although it can be done manually,  That’s not the reason why you clicked on this post, the reason why is so you can use something that makes matched betting very easy to do so what is actually the best matched betting service online? 


The service is called Profit Accumulator. 

Profit accumulator is a matched betting service that really makes doing matched betting offers easy! It does this by providing its users video instructions on how to do an offer whilst also providing some of the best tools in the industry, at least as far as I know to compliment your matched betting practices. 

As a beginner the tool that will be most helpful to you is the oddsmatching tool (this tool is pretty much a matched betting calculator) . What this tool does is provide goods bets for you to place within a particular bookie.  By providing you with good bets, the time spent searching for the best bets will shorten allowing you to complete more offers (which can be a pain in the ass doing if you ask me). 

The oddsmatching tool will definitely come in handy when dealing with the sign up offers. Explaining how it works through text is, understandably a little confusing but, once you sign up, you’ll be shown how to use the tool properly through video guides so don’t worry too much if you don’t understand how it works for the moment. 

Besides that tool there are a few other tools too such as the match catcher and acca catcher calculators.  These can all be used to make a lot of money in the future when you’re a lot more knowledgeable about matched betting but, as a beginner the oddsmatching tool will be more than  enough to get you earning. 

Where do you find offers so that you can use the oddsmatching calculator. That’s where the other core feature from profit accumulator comes in, it has a very large catalogue of offers you can start completing beggining with the sign up offers and moving onto reload offers,casino,bingo offers and so on. 

There’s no doubt that’s it’s plainly obvious, the sign up offers will only last for so long, I believe it’s possible to generate  around £1k-£1.5k from the sign up offers alone which is pretty limited amount to be made. 

That is why  in order to continue earning,  the reload offers should keep you going afterwards for a good while. I’ve made around £3k from reload offers alone since I’ve started doing them which shows how matched betting doesn’t just stop after the initial sign up offers as is popularly assumed by a lot of newbies. 

If you’ve read up till now, I’m pretty sure that you are at least a little intrigued by matched betting. If you’re serious about trying it out, the profit accumulator service actually offers complete video guides for two sign up offers when you sign up as a free member. 

With the two offers you can make up to £45 quid. There is no obligation put upon you to go any further if you’re not feeling up to it (although after seeing the results you may very well go platinum) so it’s definitely worth giving it a punt to make some of the easiest cash you’ll ever make. 

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I’ve been a premium member for a little over a year now and I’ve gotta say that it’s defo been worth the money I’ve spent. I believe I’ve made 10x my initial investment which is a pretty good turnover if you ask me, other more experienced members can make tens of thousands of pounds but, as a beginner let’s not worry too much about these some what monstrous success stories.  

If you’re curious about how much I’ve made, I’ve made a little under £4.5k since I’ve started, which I feel is a pretty decent amount considering that I haven’t invested very much time on it in a weekly basis.  Moreover, even till today I continue to make £50-£100 every week with very minimal effort,  probably around 2-3 hours max a week so this kind of shows that matched betting definetly has some longevity in it. 

Of course if you want to make the big bucks, you will have to spend a lot more time doing offers but, that’s a decision that you should make on your own when you’ve purchased the service. 

I’ve actually written a more in depth review on all the features that Profit accumulator has on display. If you’re interested in checking that post out click here. 



If for some reason you’re still highly skeptical about matched betting, do the free sign up offers provided in the free profit accumulator membership, I’m certain that as long as you follow the examples correctly I can guarantee you will make money. 

If for some reason even after seeing the result, you still don’t feel that matched betting is for you, that’s cool (although a very wierd decision if you ask me) 

In the end of the day, I’m just here to make you aware of the knowledge that I’ve garnered in this specific field, whether or not you take this information on board is purely up to you. 

If you have any questions that you’d like to ask me, feel free to leave it down below and I will look to answer you queries as soon as I get the chance to do so, otherwise I hope that this  post has helped you in some way shape or form! 

All the best 


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