Make Money By Affiliate Marketing – Is It Possible To Make Income This Way

Make Money By Affiliate Marketing – Is It Possible To Make Income This Way

Have you ever wanted to make money by affiliate marketing? If so, do you even believe that it’s possible for you to actually make money through it?

If for some reason you have doubts about the affiliate field, in this post I will be looking to answer them.

I’ll be showing you that it is very possible to make money with the affiliate marketing model but more so then that  I will explain how it is even possible to make a full time income through it.



If you have clicked on this post without the slightest idea what affiliate marketing is, let me get to explaining it.

Affiliate marketing is a process through which you promote products for a third party company in exchange for a commission. The way you actually earn the commission is by redirecting customers or traffic from your page to the area where the product is being sold through an ‘affiliate link‘ that is unique to you.

This unique affiliate link is what will allow a company know when traffic actually purchass a product came through your link. This in turn let’s the company know for sure that the sale came through you and pay you the commission accordingly.

The commission that you receive from any item you manage to sell is different for every affiliate program. Some offer you a large commission percentage for every sale that you make, around 40-50% in commission per sale whilst others may give you barely 5%, commission rates have a large variance from one program to another.

Most times you make a sale, you’ll only receive a one time commission per person however, there are also affiliate programs out there that offer recurring affiliate schemes.

Recurring affiliate commissions are commissions that continue being paid to you so long as the person who’d bought a service through you continues to pay for the service. If they continue paying you’ll continue to receive commission every month.

These type of affiliate programs are great because if everyone who bought a service through your link continues to remain subscribed month to month, you will be making the same amount of affiliate commission for following months even if you mange to get any new sales in certain months.

Of course it’s more likely that people will drop out but the fact you don’t need to sell to another person or try to sign someone new up really can make things easier. It’ll basically be as if you’re actually making a passive income.


There are a lot off affiliate programs out there, they include a multitude of niches such fragrances, football, cricket, fishing, hamster clothing etc etc.


Any niche that you can think of will more often then not have some affiliate program based around it.  Affiliate programs are more or less a free way to have other people promote your products making it a good way to get exposure for new products in the market.

This is why a lot of new launching products have affiliate schemes associated with them. Even though technically the company with the affiliate program is losing money, the affiliate program also allows the company to gain new customers that they may not have gotten without the program. Therefore, affiliate marketing is a win win situation for a business and the promoter in the long run.

Although there are a lot of affiliate programs out  there, there is one specific program that is extremely beginner friendly. What is this beginner friendly affiliate program you might ask. Well it’s an affiliate program for the world’s largest online retailer and a program used by a large number of YouTube tech giants. It’s none other amazon’s amazon associates affiliate program.

Amazon is a great place to redirect people to if you are promoting physical products because it’s a retailer trusted by large majority of people who shop online. One downside to amazon associates is that it has a very  low commission rates for each product starting at 4% and going up 7-8%.

These rates are pretty bad when compared to many other programs such as the likes of wealthy affiliate and jaaxy which actually provide 45% commission per sale as well as a recurring commission every month.

But, a positive to the Amazon program is that when someone is redirected to amazon through your affiliate link, as long as they buy a product (even if it isn’t the product you’re recommending)  within 24 hours,  you’ll receive a commission for any product sold, literally ANYTHING sold within 24 hours!


Now that you understand what affiliate marketing is and an affiliate program that is ideal for beginners, you’re probably asking yourself what is the best method I can use to promote a product as an affiliate?

You may think that spamming your affiliate links everywhere in hopes of getting some clicks as possible may be one course of action as you’ve seen others do that.

Firstly let me tell you, spamming your affiliate links on forums, YouTube and any other social media is definitely something you don’t want to be doing, maybe from pure luck you might make a sale doing this but, do you think it’ll be possible to generate a full time income doing this?

No… Of course not!

Make money

A lot of the time, people who do affiliate marketing in this manner are either lazy and only looking for a way to some how make a quick buck or are misguided and not very educated in the ways of affiliate marketing.

That’s why I’m gonna tell right now, that if you do want to do affiliate marketing that you refrain from spamming pages with affiliate links.

The best way, in my opinion, to get any conversions and clicks through your link is by providing value to your audience. This way you will build trust and gain more credibility for the opinion you have of a product, this value proposition where you aren’t spamming but instead aiming to give your audience knowledge to make their own educated decision is the better way to go, without a doubt.

Your audience will generally prefer a genuine and honest opinion of a product over something that provides nothing except an affiliate link. By giving them your honest opinion, they begin to trust you and if you’re honest and don’t spam them to buy the product through constant nagging,  your audience will be more inclined to buy the product through your link.

The best way you can provide value for your audience is through video and or articles online.  You do this by simply making a video and or writing and an article on the product or service you wish to promote, aiming to provide them with as much value as you can so that if they do purchase anything, it was through a decision that they personally made.

I would recommend that you make a website that is only relevant to a specific niche in the beginning. This is because it is easier to create a website based around one particular niche and start getting traffic as opposed to branching out to multiple niches.

This way you will also be focused on one project and not be overwhelmed by too many niches. Once you have written a good amount of content on your page that is when you can start looking into making videos to go along with your product reviews and other general posts.

Video marketing is arguably the best way to get conversions. This is because audiences actually like to see the ins and outs of a product or service before they buy so if you do that, you’re more likely to find success in your affiliate program conversions. The best video marketing tools out there include all social medias such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter with the most robust and arguably the best option being Youtube.



Creating a website for affiliate marketing can be a little bothersome in the beginning that’s why I recommend that you check out Wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate provides you with all the necessary tools to start your affiliate website for free when you sign up. In the free service they will provide you with 1 free course that’ll teach you the basics about affiliate marketing as well as teach you how to set up your very first website.

Once you’ve done the free course you should at least have a basic understanding on how to use your website for affiliate marketing

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Another tool I recommend is jaaxy. This is a tool that’ll l work great for your keyword research which will translate into your primary organic traffic source in the future. Jaaxy provides you with 30 free searches when you sign up with each keyword/s search provided with analytics that show how good a keyword/s they would be if you used it.

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All I’ve done is show a basic idea on how affiliate marketing makes you money but one thing of note that I need to address I is that making a full time income or even a $500 a month through affiliate marketing is no easy feat.

Although, there are cases where individuals have made a little bit of money within a couple of months or sometimes even within their first month, it definitely is not possible to make even a penny without putting the work and hours in. Generally speaking it’ll take around a year to start making some money through affiliate marketing but that’s only if you put the work in.

If you’re willing to dive into the affiliate marketing world without the intention of stopping, with the knowledge that you’ll only find success with good and effective work, I salute you and wish you all the best.

However, if you don’t feel like your ready to commit to this business model and journey, and don’t have the grit to try it out, I recommend you look elsewhere because this business requires a lot of patience and hardwork.


For anyone that is willing to take this leap of faith into the world of affiliate marketing, remember you have been warned, it isn’t smooth sailing, from now and onwards, it’s a grind, but a grind well worth committing to.

If you have any questions you’d like me to answer, comment them down below and I’ll try my best to answer, if you have any other comments that you’ll like to say then also feel free to comment them down below., I’ll be happy to read them too.






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