How To Build A Successful Affiliate Marketing Website – 5 Tips That Will Help You Succeed On Your Affiliate Marketing Website

How To Build A Successful Affiliate Marketing Website – 5 Tips That Will Help You Succeed On Your Affiliate Marketing Website

The Internet is a daunting place.  It has an almost infinite amount of resources and content within it. Now imagine putting yourself into this ginormous ecosystem.

Yeah it’s a little overwhelming.

Affiliate marketing may seem like a small blip in the grand scale of the Internet but,  it’s also a very difficult subject to master.  That’s why in this post I will show you how to build a successful affiliate marketing website with through 5 cool tips that’s helping me to better my blog




It’s a given that when you want to build a website you will need to focus on one particular niche that to base your website around.

There are multiple ways through which you can go about researching for a niche. This could be by searching on social media,  Amazon or Google for ideas.

It’s best that you create a website about something that you’re either already passionate,  which is the path that I recommend that you take,  or an idea or a product that you are confident can make you sales and can be profitable.

Although it is ideal to have some knowledge about your niche it isn’t completely necessary.

This is because in the beginning not many people tend to be actual experts in their chosen niche but, overtime, through constantly researching things about it, your knowledge on the niche continues to grow and grow and before you know it you’ll have become a pseudo expert and an authority figure within that niche.

So not having too much knowledge about a particular area you want to focus a website shouldn’t be barrier stopping you. Instead, if you can seem some potential in a niche, it should drive you to work harder.


Once you have your website up and running,  you will eventually need to start writing content for it. You may think that writing one piece of content a week will be enough but, in reality, it really isn’t.

Pumping out as much content as you can in the beginning is probably the best course of action you can take. This is because for one,  Google likes it when you produce content regularly. and two,  with more posts up, you’ll start getting more and more people browsing your site because of the organic search results generated from your multiple posts.

You should also remember to produce quality content too because if you don’t have quality content, the traffic you drive to your site won’t stick around long enough to read your post and at that point you can forget about making any sales through your affiliate links.

I would suggest after you’ve gotten to grips with writing quality content that you continue to write atleast 2-3 posts a week so Google can see that your website is consistent in its production of content.

So basically, what you need to do is WRITE, WRITE and WRITE until you can’t WRITE anymore (even then I suggest you continue writing #thegrinddontstop)



When you’ve just started your website, it’s unlikely that you will actually get some traffic coming in. Unfortunately for new websites it’s highly unlikely you’ll get much traffic if any in the first couple of months.

That’s because the content you produce will not be on the first page of Google. In order to get any of your content on the first page you’d want to use keywords, that when searched,  will have a high probability of being listed on the first page ultimately resulting in organic traffic.

You may be wondering so… Amhil… how do I go about actually finding key words with low competition?

One method you could use is the alphabet soup technique. The alphabet soup technique is a method that uses the Google search engine to see what people are searching for by typing in certain key phrases and and allowing Google to fill in the blanks to produce the whole keyword that is being searched.

Through that, you’ll be able to find a lot of keywords that are relevant to your niche and help you to find new ideas to write about.

The great thing about this is that it’s free but,  the problem is that you don’t actually get statistics on the relevant keyword such as the competition, the number of searches and expected traffic etc.If you want to use other methods to generate traffic besides through googlw click here

One site that will be useful for this is jaaxy. Jaaxy provides a keyword research service that can and will help you find good low competition key words for your niche. It’s a paid for service however, if you sign up now they’ll actually let you have 30 free searches.


Recently, a service known as wealthy affiliate has merged with the services provided by jaaxy. If you would like to get the best training in affiliate marketing as well as the best keyword research in the one complete package , click here


What I mean by this is that when ever you write something with in one of your pieces of content that is relevant to another post that you have written, you should look to link that relevant element to the post that the element pertains to.

The reason why you should look to do this as much as possible is because when you link back to your own content, you’ll gain a back link and it also shows to Google that you believe in your own content.

If you are promoting a product that you believe in, you should look to centralise that product through backlinking it in other posts on your site. Centeralising a post means that you should always link to the review of the product you’re suggesting so people can check out your review before making a purchasing decision.

That way you reduce the over abundance of affiliate links on your website (which Google isn’t fond of) and in turn hopefully gain more affiliate sales.



A call to action link is a link you put somewhere within your content to entice your reader to click on, with the intention to either redirect them to the product you’re trying to sell or link to another piece of content on your site.

e.g  ==>Click This To Try Out The Best Keyword Research Tool In The Market Bar None<==

These call to action links will help you in two ways.

Firstly, as they are large and visible it will almost click bait a reader into clicking the link.

Secondly, if your content is really long or in depth, a lot of the time the reader may feel the urge to leave early on.

That’s why if you put a call to action link every 500-750 words, there is a better chance that people will click on your affiliate link and possibly convert.

It’s definitely better than just having one link at the end of your post, multiple call to action links will probably benefit you quite a bit in the long run.

Therefore, the ultimate reason for a call to action link is to covert people in to purchasing the service you’re promoting and, if you redirect the traffic to a different post, decrease the bounce rate and increase engagement.



If you aren’t already implementing these tips within your affiliate marketing strategy, I recommend that you start doing so as soon as you can, maybe you should look into editing some of your older posts and implementing these tips.

If you’ve already implemented all of these tips, well, what can I say…  you probably are already on your way to building a successful affiliate online business.

If you have any questions that you’d like me to answer, feel free to leave them down below and I’ll be happy to answer them. if you have any other tips that you’d like to tell people, also feel free to comment them below.








6 thoughts on “How To Build A Successful Affiliate Marketing Website – 5 Tips That Will Help You Succeed On Your Affiliate Marketing Website”

  1. Thank you for the informative article Amhil. I myself used to pump out content 2 times a day, but after not seeing any organic results, I kind of got discouraged. I even went for low QSR keywords, but I never backlinked any of my posts, that is something new I will try. Maybe what I should do is focus on social marketing, since I don’t work on that very much.

    • Yes social marketing is definitely going to be a major component in your content going forward and that’s why it’s great that you’re working on it now. Back links are definitely worth doing. 

      If wish you all the best  in running your website Jacob 


  2. This is some really insightful information as I am just starting with building my website. The hardest thing for me to understand was choosing a niche to write about. I wasn’t exactly what a niche was and how to pick the right one. You have definitely helped me out in understanding it more. Thanks!

    • I’m glad I was able to help you in this regard

      Goodluck on further developing your website and hope that you find success through it


  3. Thank you for making such a nice handy list of things to do for affiliate marketing. I started out with email funnels to do online marketing and found that it really didnt work for me without a website, so now I am putting up a website and looking more into affiliate work. Just one question, the back links you talk about are to other things you write yourself or to the same product in another article on your site?

    • I’m glad you found it useful Dr. Doug. To answer you question the back links that I am talking about in this context are links that redirect you back to a post you’ve previously written. 

      I hope this answers your question 


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