How Much Money Can You Make With Matched Betting? – SPOILER ALERT… A Lot…

Matched betting may seem to be a very short term income generater for the inexperienced or skeptical people among. Other out there might even think that this while matched betting thing is a farce, merely a scam. Well firstly the myth that matched betting is a scam is false and secondly to learn the answer to how much money can you make with matched betting, keep reading and you’ll find out. 


If you don’t know what matched betting is then allow me to explain. Its a method through which people like you and I can make risk free money through exploiting free bet offers that bookmakers provide to us. With these free bet offers, as long as you understand the method necessary to do matched betting, you should be make a decent bit income on the side. 

On top of that all money made through bookmakers in the UK is tax free so you also won’t need to worry about and tax problems. 


So how do you actually do matched betting? The basic strategy requires for you to place bets in 2 websites, one bet in a bookmaker and another in a exchange site. By placing bets like this you should be able to cancel out any losses you make on any one bet. 

The actual term for both bets are a back bet and a lay bet. A back bet is placed on an actual bookmakers site which include the likes Coral, William hill etc whilst a lay bet will be placed in an exchange site like Betfair exchange, Smarkets and so on. 

In order to cancel any single bet you will need to place a bet on an event to win on the bookmakers, for example you placed £10 on Liverpool to win against arsenal. This means that if arsenal wins or they both draw, you lose the initial stake you put into the bet, of course if the bet wins you make money multipled by the odds of the outcome. 

In order to cover all the options so that you can cancel out any of the losses you make ( generally it will be reduced to an absolute minimum loss) you will want to lay the bet. By laying a bet you will cover all the alternate outcomes of the match. 

In regards to the example match you would lay the bet on liverpool to win. This means that if Liverpool loses or the match ends in a draw, your bet in the exchange site will and the bookmaker bet will have lost. If the math is done correctly if either outcome comes, whether Liverpool win or don’t win, you will have canceled out the loss. 

Basically you follow this method to qualify for a free bet and then redo the same thing again when you’ve received the free bet to make risk free money. Although it’s possible to do this without a matched betting calculator, I find that it saves a lot of time by actually using a calculator. 

I’ve got more in depth post on how to do matched betting so if you want to check that out and see how to do matched with images to guide you click here. 


So now that you understand that it’s actually possible to make money through matched betting, you are probably wondering how much can you make through it so, allow me not to explain. 

We live in a society where getting rich quick or making money very quickly by doing some course takes priority over doing something that takes a longer initial investment to start seeing results (for the most part) so,  for those of you that want to make a quick buck,  matched betting is the way to go. 

The amount of money that you make through matched betting varies, essentially the principle is the more time you invest in it the larger the payout will be. 

I know that it is very possible to make £1000 a month doing this but , in my personal experience trying to make this much every month can be a lot more time consuming and harder to achieve. So a more realistic and achievable figure to strive for in my experience would be between £300-£600 every month. 

By consistently doing matched betting until now, I’ve managed to make exactly £4,330.65 (which is the accumalation of profits in a little over a year worth of risk free matched betting) and still to this day continue to make around £50-£100 a week with minimal effort. 

I’ve seen other matched betters stating that they’ve made £20k within thier first year and I can tell you wholeheartedly that these numbers are entirely possible for anyone to achieve, especially for those who have a relatively large bank balance to do the matched betting offer with. On the other hand, people who are starting off with an initial investment of £200 or lower, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll be reaching these figures anytime soon. 

If you remain consistent and don’t touch the initial investment in your matched betting bank (if you can help it),  overtime your matched betting bank will increase and the amount of money you can make through it should also begin to increase and within a few months you should have made around £1000. With this you should be able to increase the amount you’ll start making on a monthly basis

Of course with a larger investment in the beggining, reaching £1000 in the first month shouldn’t be too big a problem. 

It’s good and all knowing that it’s possible to make this kind of money through matched betting but, how do you go about finding offers to do and in turn profit from them. The first option is obviously to manually search for them, a few easy offers to try out include bookmaker’s sign up offers from popular bookies such as coral and Betfred. 

You can research the Internet on your own to find reasonable offers to try out but after doing the sign up offers, the next hurdle you might discover is where to go from the sign up offers and ultimately continue profiting? 

That’s where the service I use and highly recommend comes in. 


As I’ve said, it is entirely possible to do matched betting for free through manual labour or by using free matched betting tools online but, it comes as no surprise that doing it this way can be very time consuming for you. In order to simplify the process for a beginner such as yourself I’d definitely recommend investing in a service to help you out.. 

The service that I recommend is Profit accumulator. 

What profit accumulator has done for me as well as for other people who have delved into matched betting is simplify the whole process behind it. This is done by providing you with an organised structure on offers that are available to you such as sign up offers, Reload offers, Casino offers etc. 

All the necessary tools are provided within the package such as the matched betting calculator, oddsmatching tool (helps you find matches to bet on really easy) as well as video instructions to guide you on exactly how to do the offers. 

As a matter of fact if you sign up to the free membership, you will be offered a video guide on how to do 2 different Sign  up offers that can net you a profit of around £40. This Profit can then be invested into the service if you feel like doing so. If you do decide to invest,  I can assure you that you will at least quadruple the money you spent on the service within the first month if you do the offers. 

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Hopefully this post has helped you understand that it’s very possible to make money through matched betting with a basic outline of what you could look to be making on a monthly basis. If you do decide to jump on this ship then I’m certain that as long as you follow the instructions on how to do the offers, you should be looking to make a tidy bit of profit every month. 

If you would like to ask me an questions, leave them down below in the comments and I will answer them as soon as possible! 

All the best 


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