How Much Can You Make With Matched Betting?

Matched betting, it is a form of betting that has been going on for many years, practiced by many people who have found that it actually works. Although it does work, newbies are still confused about it, they are conflicted on it. If it does happen to work, will it be sustainable? If it’s sustainable how much can you make with matched betting? In this post I will hope to answer these questions and possibly help fast track your decision towards trying it out.


matched betting is a form of risk free betting that customers can utilise to earn some cash from the bookmakers. This is done through the use of a very simple strategy.

Essentially what you do is back a bet in a bookmaker whilst also laying the same bet in an exchange site immediately. This is so that you can cancel out any major losses you might incur if your entire back bet were to lose.

You do bets in this manner in accordance with a bonus offer. This can be through the sign up offers bookmakers give to new players or through the use of reload offer for existing players.

How it works is once you’ve placed your initial bets (the qualifying bets) you will qualify to receive the free bet. You then place the free bet and lay it on an exchange site


A back bet is a bet that you place on a bookmaker such as the likes of Coral, William hill etc. It’s essentially placing a bet on a particular to come through for example, placing a bet on Manchester United to win over Man city. If the bet wins you’ll win back your initial stake and some extra cash depending on the odds if it’s loses then you just lose stake.

A lay bet is a little different to that and is done on a number exchange site. A couple sites that offer the exchange option include Smarkets, Betfair, Matchbook etc. So what a lay bet does is that instead of wanting a certain outcome to come through, it is a bet that is placed so that a particular outcome does not happen. This means if you were to lay a bet for a draw on the Manchester Derby, you will be hoping for a result other than the draw to come through, you’d want either city to win or united to win.

The other difference between the two betting options is that instead of getting your money back multiplied by the odds, in a lay bet you win the amount that you’ve staked if your lay bet wins. However, if your lay bet loses you lose more than the initial stake, you lose extra money in the form of liability.

This info load may be a little difficult to grasp and leave you with some doubt but, trust me in my personal experience it is 100% risk free!

For a more in depth look on how to do matched betting, click here


Well that depends. I can guarantee you that there is money to be made in this but the amount of money any individual may make form this can vary.

I all depends on whether or not you are actually consistent in your approach. There is a misconception with matched betting that all the money that can be made through it is via the sign up offers. So you may think that if you have already signed up to a bookmaker you won’t be able to make any more money.

That is simply NOT TRUE!

To be honest with you, the sign up offers (for the most part) are the easiest offers to complete and have a lot of value attached to them but, to think that they’re the only risk free money making opportunity is just nonsense!

In my personal experience I’ve managed to make just over 650 quid thorough it however, it definitely isn’t all I’ve made by implementing this betting method.

There are many other ways that you can continue to profit from it if you are serious. One of the main sources of income after completing all the sign up offers are reload offers. These are offers that bookmakers provide their members so that they can entice their customers to continue betting. If you do have a problem with gambling this may seem like a snakey  ( know what I mean…) move from the bookmakers however, for people that do matched betting these are a great way to continue bringing in profits after the initial offers are done.

There are many other offers such as accumulator and casino offers that you can continue to profit with In the long terms but, these aren’t beginner friendly so they should only be looked at after you’ve become a little bit more advanced at matched betting.

How much can you actually make via matched betting?

I have personally accumalated over £4000 in the last year which for me has been very very helpful. There are others other who managed to make way wayyy more than I have,we’re talking like 20-30k or so. What I’m saying is that the amount you make varies per person.

If you put in a decent amount of time into it you could be looking to make a lot more than I have. I personally now spend upto 3 hours a week and I still continue to make anywhere between £50-£100 a week, if I were to spend more time on it I could probably do a lot better so, in the end of the day it’s purely up to how much time you’re willing to invest in it with the more you out in the better the results.


Short answer is yes, it will be pretty darn complicated to do this without the right tools (although it’s still possible…)
That’s why I’m gonna recommend a service that I continue to use today. The tool I’m talking about is Profit Accumulator.

Profit accumulator is a service that makes matched betting very easy,it has every offer worth doing organised into different sections with each offer given instructions on how to do it. What it does is make it very easy for anyone to do any offer worth doing.

Moreover, it provides you with tools to assist you in the process such as the matched betting calculator, the oddsmatching software (which provides you with good bets to place without needing to do your own research in the bookmakers and exchanges) as well as providing a structured plan to make 1k every month on the profit accumulator forum.

The cool thing about the service is that they provide you with information on how to do two sign up offers if you sign up as a free member. The free offers pay put about the 30-40 quid which will be enough to be for a month of Profit accumulator if you choose to invest in it.

Its essentially like getting a free monthly membership that if used correctly should be able to pay ten to twenty times its value in the first month.

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If you’re sold on this risk free method to make money then what are you waiting for just do

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Matched betting can make a fair bit of cash, as I said I have only madw 4 grand but that’s only because I didn’t but as much as some other ls who have made 10k or even 20k in there first year.

This is generally the situation with any money making venture online. If you’re smart about it and put a lot more productive work into a system that already works, you are in turn more likely to be rewarded a bigger chunk of the pie than another person who puts in far less work.

If you have any questions regarding this post that I haven’t answered, feel free to comment the question down below and I will be more than willing to answer them as soon as possible.

thanks for reading the article and I hope it’s helped you out!

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  1. This review sounds very interesting and enlightening. You have walked a person through step by step with instructions on how the process works.
    I like that you compared the I’m come level of someone doing this part time and someone doing this full time. You didn’t give me false expectations that with this system I would make 20K a year with little work. You were very honest and I thank you for that.

    • I appreciate that comment, yeah there’s is defenitly a difference between making 20k or 5k a year altho in reality the time taken to do them is likely gonna be a lot less than the average minimum pay job. If you’re still intrigued about matched betting and profit accumulator give me a message 


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