How Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work – 5 Reasons As To Why It Works So Well

If you’ve somehow stunned into this post, you may be wondering how does wealthy affiliate really work. The good news for you is that I’m going to tell you how it works and 5 reason as to why it works so well.


Wealthy affiliate is an academy, an online academy that teaches people how to effectively and efficiently do affiliate marketing. It does this by providing its members with content and all the tools needed to prosper in this field but more importantly with the use of its tools, it aims to help all of its members achieve financial success.


The first reason as to wealthy affiliate is an awesome service is because its very easy to understand and friendly user experience for new members and veteran members alike.

The reason as to why thats the case is because it lays its instruction in a very cohesive and structured man. Because of this structure throughout the entire service and the use of task based system, it allows its members to not be overwhelmed by the information present to them.

The structure to this service is what makes it very easy to understand and therefore make it beginner friendly. Within the community I’ve seen the older generations understand how to set up a website and run their own online business due to the beginner friendly instructions found within this course.


Other courses out there offer a full course for a one time fee but, sometimes the information provided within the course isn’t updated regularly, this can result in some information provided in the course to become redundant.

This is where wealthy affiliate once again shines. The important information provided in this service constantly updates in order to find the best method to partake in a  successful affiliate marketing business.

Moreover, live videos teaching you how to do certain within you websites and affiliate marketing in general are added to wealthy affiliate on weekly basis. In this manner premium members will get a lot of valuable information from the service every week as opposed to getting a one time deal from another marketers course.


Yep, the community within wealthy affiliate is without a doubt one of the best things about the service if not the best thing on offer. The community section within wealthy affiliate is  section dedicated to blogging your progress and /or commenting on other members blogs to support them and network with them.

Moreover, a live chat feature is also present within the community where you can converse with the community, ask questions on things you’re struggling or help others out if you have a problem.

On top of that, you even have extra training available to you from other successful members within the community. These training can teach you how to effectively optimise your articles on the search engines (SEO), how to write write a quality article, how to use social media and a lot of other tid bits of good information to support your website.

Most of these training articles are covered pretty deeply within the actual course section within wealthy affiliate but, I definitely see these training’s from other successful affiliate marketers and their perspective on a certain area within this whole affiliate marketing thing provide a extra bit of reassurance.


So why is it an all inclusive affiliate marketing service? Firstly it offers you training on how to do affiliate marketing starting with the free way to do it moving on to how to improve the reach it has to traffic through ppc.

It has its own web builder and Web managing tool provided in wealthy affiliate under the siterubix names  as well as a very good website hosting service.

Along with this it has a built in keyword research tool to further assist you in building your website, the option to communicate with with multiple successful affiliate marketers in the community, a plethora of great information to help out tremendously on your journey in this field.

And all of this is sustained within one package, one place! This should satisfy your every need in regards to affiliate marketing and wealthy seems to provide this all in one awesome inclusive package.


Considering all the features provided within wealthy affiliate, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the price would be high right? Well the reality is that it isn’t that expensive at all whatsoever.

It will only set you back $49 a month or $349 a year. When you think about all the content that wealthy affiliate is providing you this price tag almost seems like a steal.

There are coursed out there that charge you up to a thousand bucks to learn about how to do affiliate marketing and these courses don’t update their information after a short while. Wealthy affiliate on the other hand updates the information whilst keeping the price to purchase the service very minimal.


Now to answer the questions on why wealthy affiliate works so well, it’s because of all the features included within the package. Without the training it wouldn’t be as good as it but, without the community it wouldn’t be anywhere near as enjoyable a service to use.

It only works so well because it manages to fuse the practical elements with a sprinkle of fun mixed in. I know that it’s because of these reasons I’ve  continued to us this service for over a year now and look forward to using it for years to come.

If you’re interested in the service yourself or you just want to check what all the fuss is about regarding wealthy affiliate, you can try it out for free, no strings attached. Through that offer you can dabble in some of the cool features provided within wealthy and if you ever feel like upgrading you can!

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If there’s questions that you want to ask, feel free to do so in the comments section and I will look to answer them as soon as possible!


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