Earn Money By Affiliate Marketing – How You Can Start Earning Online Today

Earn Money By Affiliate Marketing – How You Can Start Earning Online Today

Affiliate marketing has been around for a while, you’ve probably heard of people actually making a part time if not a full time income through it. You know that it works but aren’t sure on how you earn money by affiliate marketing.

In this article I will be showing you methods that you can use to start earning some money thorough affiliate marketing today or within the near future



If you don’t already know what affiliate marketing is, allow me to explain. Affiliate marketing is a method through which companies authentically advertise their product through other people’s reviews.

Individuals initially either review or recommend a product to their audience or friends and in the end of the recommendation,  provide their unique link (affiliate link). This affiliate link in turn redirects the audience to the page in which the recommended product or service is.

If the redirected consumer/traffic decides to buy the product through the unique link,  the reviewer will receive a commission.

The amount of commission you receive is dependent on the affiliate program, some only give very low commissions, around 5-6% whilst others may give you 40-50% commission per sale.

Some might give you a recurring commission as long as the consumer that bought through you continues to remain subscribed to the service. On the other other affiliate programs give you extra commission if the consumer who bought through you also buys an up sell.

The cool thing about affiliate marketing is that there is literally an affiliate program out there for everything.  This can range from motorcycle programs to affiliate programs based around cat clothing.

So in short affiliate marketing is a way in which someone recommends a product to traffic and if the targeted traffic buys the product through your link,  you receive a commission.



Affiliate marketing can be done in many ways. For example you may have noticed that some YouTube figureheads put links of certain things in their description bars. These links if you haven’t guessed are affiliate links, namely amazon affiliate links.

The YouTubers that tend do this are either influencers who unbox or review products or those who are just recommending products that they like they making it easier for the audience  to find the product that’s being recommended but the influencer is also getting paid a commission for each sale they make through the link.

The cool think amazons affiliate program is that as long as someone clicks on affiliate link buys any product within 24 hours you’ll receive a commission meaning that you’ll get commissions for things you didn’t even suggest  which is pretty darn awesome.

You guys may now be thinking that only big channels can actually make sustainable income through their affiliate links but, let me tell you something, that isn’t necessarily true.

Yes the bigger channels do get more views which leads to more clicks generally leading the channels owner getting paid more handsomely than smaller channels however,  it’s also more than  possible for newer and smaller channels to make good income through affiliate marketing too.

This can be done by leveraging the benefits of SEO and keyword research. Through using SEO you should be able to better rank your posts and videos and overtime generate affiliate income.


A great service and a service that I recommend for keyword research is Jaaxy. If you want a comprehensive and streamlined keyword research experience then I would look no further than Jaaxy. They offer you 30 free keyword searches if you sign up so at the very least you can get some free quality keywords to write content on.

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So how do you actually do affiliate marketing, it’s actually a very simple thing to understand, basically you’ve gotta write a post and or make video talking about a product, place your unique affiliate link within the post or description of the video of the video and eventually, if you content is quality content you should receive some commissions.

Granted, it could take a while before you gain any income but If you make quality contnent and have done SEO and keyword research, you should be on your way to making commissions.


You may have already guessed a couple ways that you could look to start doing affiliate marketing. One of the methods is through video marketing.

Video Marketing/Youtube


The biggest video sharing platform out there is YouTube, moreover YouTube is a platform that anyone can be a part of and be active on for free (if you have an Internet connection). Through it you could review products or services that people may want to see and then redirect them to the affiliate product.

A great thing about video marketing is that it converts reasonably well, this is because consumers like to know how something looks and is judged by others. If you use the CIAO philosophy,  meaning you captivate, inform,be accurate and opinionated when you review a product.

If you use the philosophy, whether it be through text or video, you will gain trust through your audience and through this trust the click to conversion rate for each of your affiliate links will increase,  resulting in money for you.

Build Your Own Website 


The second method you can use is by posting products reviews on your website. As you will have done  with video marketing you will also look to use the CIAO philosophy for each review and article that you posted on your website

A decade or so ago, it was certainly difficult to build a website because you needed to know how to code and what not but, today it is as easy as it’s ever been to create a website.

A site that actually allows you to create a WordPress website for free and one that I’ve personally used to build my own website is wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate teaches you how to build and run your first affiliate website from scratch for free so I’d recommend you check it out.

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Once you’ve created a website, found some good solid keywords that are search engine optimized and create continuous quality content, you should begin to see traffic building up on your website

Social Media Marketing 


The other way that you could utilize affiliate marketing social media. This include Facebook, Instagram, twitter, pintrest etc.

If you can gain a following on anyone of these social media platforms, it can be possible for you to recommend products to your audience using your affiliate just like with YouTube.

Of course in order to be successful and get conversions you’ll also need to be a trustworthy source so, if your audience does in fact trust you it will be a lot easier to get conversions through affiliate links.

Although it’s possible to make money through affiliate sales using only one of these methods on their own, if combined I’m pretty certain that you’d get even better results.

This is because if you were to combine the social media, video and website into one, you will gain traffic to your affiliate link from all three of these sources opposed to doing them separately and getting only a third of your potential traffic.

It’s a given that through more clicks you’ll have a chance of making more money because more people clicking on the product or service you’re recommending means more opportunity to make a sale which is exactly what we are aiming for.


Hopefully this article has taught soem cool ways you can do affiliate marketing and that through affiliate marketing it is totally possible to make a decent income through it.

Moreove, you’ll have also learned that building your own online business isn’t easy or quick as some gurus online might tell you. Instead, I hope that you’ll more in the mindset that it takes motivation and perseverance to actually achieve success in this field.

The more time you put into researching quality keywords and writing quality content, the more likely it will be that you’ll actually reap the positive benefits of this online business venture.

If you’ve decided to pursue the freedom of passive income through affiliate marketing and live on your own clock and not the clock of someone elsec, I wish you the best of luck and I do hope to see you find the success you are searching for.

If you have any questions that you’ll like to ask me, feel free to ask it done below in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to answer any of your queries. If you have any other feedback or just your helpful info on affiliate marketing, feel free to leave it below too!

All the best






4 thoughts on “Earn Money By Affiliate Marketing – How You Can Start Earning Online Today”

  1. I just recently decided to try affiliate marketing for myself. Just like you mentioned in your post, I have heard of people making passive income by doing this and I thought I would try it. Your description seems very accurate and I think you did a really good job of describing what is involved with affiliate marketing. Now that I am much more aware, I see Amazon affiliate disclosures all over the place. I would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate. Is this a good training tool? How long have you been using Wealthy Affiliate?

    • I’ve been a premium member for just around a year now and honestly I’ve gotta say, it’s a really solid, streamlined tool to assist in creating websites that can make you passive income. 

      Its certainly makes it a lot easier to get involved in affiliate marketing than if you started 10 odd years ago due to its easy to follow start up guide. 

      On top of that the community in wealthy affiliate provides with these occasional sprinkles of gold that can help better your website. 

      Thanks for the comment Steve & Kris 

      All the best 


  2. Your post has explained affiliate marketing really clearly. I have been doing affiliate marketing through my blog for about a year now and I have to say it took me ages in the beginning to understand what exactly it is. I could not understand the concept! If only I had found your article then! It could have made the process a lot simpler:)

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