Affiliate Marketing Site – The Only Service You Need To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing Is…

Affiliate Marketing Site – The Only Service You Need To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing Is…

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get into the online business world but, although it’s possible to get into the business, it isn’t anywhere near as easy to find success in it.

That can all change,  if you decide to use this one specific affiliate marketing site to help you.

If you are curious about this one affiliate marketing service that will help you (in a lots of ways)  to find a solid streamlined guide in assisting you on your affiliate marketing business, stay tuned.


What is affiliate marketing

Let me break it down for you…

Affiliate marketing is the process in which companies pay out commissions to a person. The person gets paid in accordance to the rules of the affiliate program after a sale has been made.

This sale must be made through the use of a person’s unique affiliate link. What the affiliate link does is track that the sale came through the right person therefore,  making sure that the distributor of the link gets their commission for any sale made.

It should be pointed out that all companies that utilise affiliate programs to sell their own products,  also have different rates for their commissions. Some companies give a one time commission for a sale whilst other companies pay commissions on a monthly basis i.e residual income.

Of course, if you want to know the actual rates of an affiliate program, then you’ll need to do your own research.

So now that you know what affiliate marketing is, I’m sure you’re itching to know what actually is the ‘only service you need to succeed in affiliate marketing, ‘ well… I’ll tell you down below


It is the only service that I have been using for over a year now,  to understand the mechanics and structure of affiliate marketing. It is a service that includes within it’s subscription plan, the option to buy domain names as well as having the ability to host the websites you have bought.

It is a service that provides you with weekly interactive webinars that provides a insane amount of value as well as an essential tool that could be sold separately (a keyword research tool) for the same price if not more than the actual service I’m talking about.

And better yet, the service can be signed up to completely free (with a few limitations obviously) without the need to input any of your credit card details.

The service that I am talking about is…


Wealthy Affiliate logo

I’ve told you a few of the great things about wealthy affiliate but, I’m sure you’ll want a more in depth look into the said features.

Firstly,  how has it made me understand the mechanics and structure of afiliate marketing?

The great thing about the structure of Wealthy Affiliate itself, is that it’s organised in a manner that makes everything easy to follow.

The way it organises it’s courses is very intuitive, it does this by splitting the teaching courses into to an easy to follow streamlined structure.

It does this by starting of with the basics before gradually moving onto the more advanced elements found within the affiliate marketing business.

The great thing about this is that it’s actually free to sign up to and utilise the benefits of the service  however, the main downside is that only a limited amount of value is given away for free.  I’ll tell you what that is now…

When you sign up to the free membership, you are given the opportunity to study and learn from course 1 and phase 1 of the bootcamp and online entrepreneurship certification without any limitations. Course 1 and phase 1 of both of these training provide the same essential information with only one fundamental difference between the two.

This difference is dependant on what you want to base your blog or website around. Course 1 looks at assisting you on how to build a website around a unique niche that you feel can be profitable or is something you are passionate about.

Phase 1 on the other hand is the option you will take if you are unsure of what niche to base your website around so instead wealthy affiliate will show you how to create a website that promotes the wealthy affiliate affiliate program.

Obviously course 1 will be the better option out of the two. This is due to the fact that it is possible for you to make a website that won’t have a lot of competition and will likely be profitable a lot quicker (within a year if you put in the work) but, phase 1 of the bootcamp training can still lead to a profitable affiliate business though it’s likely to take a bit longer before it takes off.

Contents Of Course 1 

In the beginning of the course,  you will be advised on how you could go about finding the niche to mold your website around. As I’ve already stated before it, can be either a passion project or a project you feel may be profitable.

After you know of what niche to mold your website around, you’ll need a functioning website. Well thankfully,  Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the resources and instructions on how to go about doing that.

Every free member is given the option of having 2 of thier own websites under a free domain name.

If you’re unsure of how you’re going to host your website or what hosting service to use,

Stop worrying!

This is because, not only do you not have to worry about creating a website from scratch,  Wealthy Affiliate will also host your website for free.

After your site has been created you will be walked through the correct way to write quality content,  how to put affiliate links onto your posts as well as how to find keywords you can write about that will rank on Google.

The keyword research is done through the use of a tool. Recently Wealthy affiliate has implemented, in my opinion, the best keyword research and SEO tool directly into its software, further turning Wealthy Affiliate into an all in one affiliate marketing teaching service.

The keyword research tool that I’m talking about is…



Firstly if you’re wondering, yes jaaxy is also free to use however, there is a limit to how much you can actually use it for free.

The limit is only 30 searches for free members, which should honestly provide you with enough keywords to write content for a decent while before going premium.

Course 1 should provide you with the core principles on how to use the tool but, I find that only a couple of the columns (for newbie affiliate marketers) are actually useful.

The two columns that I feel are the most useful are the QSR and monthly searches columns.

The QSR column is where you will be shown numbers that will define the competition you would face if you were to decide in using the keyword. The basic principle behind this is,  the lower the better when starting out.  It’s s best to stay within the 30-50 range but obviously it should come as no surprise that the lower the competition, the better.

The monthly searches section has a completely opposing approach in terms of the numbers to the QSR. The difference is that in the case the higher the number the better.

Usually though, keywords that have higher monthly searches tend to be more competitive kewords therefore, to get the best balance between the two, I would suggest that you look for searches at 100+ a month combined with the 30-50 on the QSR too.

I know that there are a lot more columns to look at but, as a beginner I wouldn’t really worry about them.

Premium Membership

Wealthy Affiliate premium membership

Everything that I’ve told you about wealthy affiliate currently, is completely free, with no strings attached.  Besides the limit of 30 free searches on Jaaxy, you have the option of utilising the free membership with wealthy affiliate for as long as you want to.

There is absolutely no time limit on how often you can watch the tutorial videos, if you so desire, you can repeatedly study the free course for years to come.

You and I both must agree on the fact that that’s really awesome but, in order to get the maximum value out of Wealthy Affiliate, I would definitely advise you to get the premium membership.

If you do that you’ll have access to all the tutorials, the ability to use the extra awesome functions within siterubix such as the sitecomments and site feedback options, unlimited access to the live chat access to upcoming webinars and much much more.

And if you decide to sign up within 7 days through my affiliate link down below, you’ll even get a discount for the first month.

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I’ve written an even more thorough review on the premium function on wealthy affiliate. if you would like to check out my comprehensive and detailed review on wealthy affiliate, click here.


Hopefully by now you understand why I believe this to be the only service you’ll need in order to succeed in affiliate marketing.

In terms of pure value and the abundance of brilliant information nuggets it provides,  I personally believe that there isn’t a more complete service you can find out there.  I’m sure a lot of other members in Wealthy Affiliate think the same too!

So if you haven’t already taken the leap into at least the free membership, then I suggest you take that leap today!

 ==>Click Here To Sign Up<==

If you have any questions that you feel need answering then please write them down below in the comments section and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

All the best





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